Wood Profits Review


What would you say if I told you that you could easily make anything in the range of $90,000 to $150,000 by purchasing a course that costs just $37? Most people have a passion for working with wood but do not know that with proper training, they can earn lots of dollars per month. In fact, despite the slumping market, there is an ever-growing demand for quality woodworkers. If you have any doubts about it, go through my Wood Profits review. It is about an eBook authored by Jim Morgan, a home-based woodworking business owner and enthusiast. This course is also excellent for those who have a full-time job, as it can help them supplement their income by providing them with an awesome part-time income source. The course, available in the form of a .pdf eBook, will reveal secrets that only a few woodworkers know, which will help you earn money through woodworking within a week.


Does this sound too good to be true? I also thought the same. However, considering that the author was offering a money-back guarantee, I decided to purchase the course and was pleasantly surprised by the contents of the eBook. The author offers several upsells to the course, and it is up to you to decide whether you want to purchase them or not. You will find lots of details about the course and how it can help you earn money full-time or in your spare time. My review of this course is unbiased and honest. I would have never recommended this woodworking course to you if I did not believe that it is worth its price.

What is it all about?

It is a comprehensive manual for all individuals who want to earn money through woodworking. It is also a valuable resource for professional woodworkers. It consists of details of everything you need to start, run, and grow a carpentry business. The package of the product, which includes videos along with an eBook, will provide you with some fantastic carpentry business ideas that are extremely easy to follow as well as to implement. The author of this course guides you step-by-step on how to start your profitable carpentry course.

About the author

Jim Morgan, the author, lost his full-time job during 1995. After searching unsuccessfully for other jobs to support his family, he decided to start his carpentry business in a small workshop of 10’x20′. He began with making furniture extends and then selling them to the market. It was not long before his company increased rapidly. Today he has a workshop that has over 1400′ of space. As the author is knowledgeable about the basics together with every nook and cranny of starting a carpentry business, you can rest assured that you will gain a lot of insight about woodworking from his course. The author has taken care to guide the budding entrepreneur from the basics to the conclusion and then help them grow their own efficient wood carving business. Unlike other courses on woodworking, this unique course also contains videos so that you can read a section of the course and then see it being implemented by Jim through the video.

Details about the course along with benefits

This course consists of a 242 page long eBook in .pdf format. While purchasing it, you will also get an option to buy a physical copy (printed version) of the same as well as .mp3 audio files. I loved the bonus chapter on Etsy, the craft-selling website, which helps individuals studying the course sell their woodwork. It also includes handy tips and answers to frequently asked questions that you might have before starting your business. The guide informs you how much you can earn from the industry as well as how to set up a proper business plan. It shows how you can turn your garage into a woodshop. Do not worry if you do not know how to find different kinds of specialized niches to get into as the guide covers this too. People, delving into woodworking for the first time, face problems in understanding their costs and the way to control them, how to find customers, and identifying their target market. They can find answers to these issues in this excellent woodworking guide. The chapter on Etsy informs you of the best methods that professional carpenters utilize to dominate Etsy and get five-star reviews. You will also learn how to price your work as well as selling your work in your local community. You will learn how to develop relationships with the supplier of materials plus using woodworking plans to build your piece faster. Creating your personal sales channels is a piece of cake, thanks to the informative instructions provided in the guide. You will understand how to negotiate commercial contracts in such a manner so that you always end up bagging the deal. The .pdf guide enlightens you about outsourcing along with tips on accounting and bookkeeping. All of these details will help you to become a master carpenter and start a profitable business by selling your woodwork on Etsy.

Course price and additional plans

This Wood Profits review would be incomplete without informing you about the upsells offered by the author. The first course costing $37 contains the eBook together with a bonus containing 500+ woodworking plans, which is enough for you to get started. During checkout, you have the option to add a business plan template that costs an additional $7.95. I strongly recommend that you buy it. Following this, you are led to another page offering the VIP upgrade package whose price is $29.95. You will find details of what you get with it on the sales page. Click on the `no’ button if you do not want to purchase it. It does not matter whether you are buying this offer or ignore it, as you are led to another page offering Woodprofits Accelerator that costs $39. As before, you have the option to include it with the original course or ignore it. You are then led to another page offering woodworking magazines that contains woodworking magazines published for several years in digital format. The price of this upsell is $49. I leave the option of understanding what the author offers with each upsell, but I recommend you to purchase the “business plan.” I shall concentrate on the initial module that contains several chapters worth their weight in gold. The first chapter itself is of 20 pages and is chock full of dependable business as well as marketing ideas, from market research to pricing, the difference between working as a hobbyist versus working as a professional, how to hire skilled labor, how to choose wood species, and finding a niche to specialize in. You will also find details of the following:

The amount of money you can earn

The author provides excellent examples of selling specific crafts at realistic prices and how much you can earn from them. You will also find an example of a real Etsy shop, making a fortune by doing simple projects. I recommend that you go through this section carefully, as it shows the amount of money you can earn from woodworking via the Etsy platform alone. You can also earn more money by selling your completed woodwork to local clients.

Setting up your workshop in a garage
The author provides details of how he started his woodworking business in his garage and how you can implement the same strategy to set up your workshop in your garage. You will be surprised to know the amount of woodwork you can do from a small garage.

Controlling the costs of your wood business
The author provides several cost-saving strategies regarding purchasing material and tools. You will find a list of tools that a woodworking beginner needs to have when setting up a shop. You will also find slid advice on how to cut costs by following the author’s opinion on getting better prices for lumber.

Specializing in a niche and Etsy training
Specializing in a specific niche is necessary for woodworking, as there are many competitors in this business. The author explores different types of ideas and niches to specialize in. He offers you in-depth details of 12 different niches. Once you go through this chapter, you will have a pretty good idea of what you need to research and also understand the niche in which you would like to specialize. You will find details of the ten best niches. The section on Etsy training is worth more than the cost of the entire book. You will find three different chapters that include this information. No doubt, you can find Etsy training courses online, but the one provided with this eBook is geared specifically for woodworkers.

Final Words

You need not worry if you are searching for an additional source of income. You can earn a lot of money by purchasing the Wood Profits course, studying it, and then use the information gained to set up your woodworking factory in your garage. This course offers you a way to expand beyond earning on wood projects and crafts you make. It gives you another income stream. You can save $10 on the course by moving your mouse cursor away from the vendor’s page towards the address bar. You will see a popup window containing a button. Clicking on that button helps you get $10 discount.



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