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Toonly Review – is Toonly the best animated whiteboard creator software on the market? Find out the truth about the Toonly software. Listing of features and benefits.

Content was king and shall remain to be so. However, the past decade or so9 has seen the emergence of short animated videos, also known as “explainer videos,” whose duration are of 30 to 90 seconds. These videos grab the attention of the users much more effectively than content does. Although professionals have been using software from Adobe to create animated videos for quite some time, these programs have a steep, learning curve. The user has to spend several weeks to learn the basics of such software and take two to three years to master them. Expect to spend several hours to create a short-duration animated video with them, especially if you do not have in-depth knowledge about them. Additionally, these programs are quite expensive and require the latest generation processor and lots of memory to render a video once the user has completed making it. Be prepared to spend a lot of time if the client requests you to make changes to the prepared video. Does this mean that there is no option for you apart from depending on the programs by Adobe and taking several years to master it before you can start making quality animated videos?

Good News

The good news is that several companies nowadays offer programs that allow you to create animated videos with ease. Most of them will run perfectly on a decently configured computer. In addition, some of them also boast of whiteboard facilities. This means that the viewer sees an animated hand create the video including text and graphics. These types of animated videos grab the attention of the viewer immediately. Thanks to this whiteboard effect, viewers do not mind spending time watching the video rendering on their computer’s screen. For the uninitiated, Google ranks websites containing videos higher than those that contain just text. The next generation animated video program allows you to add background music and voiceovers effortlessly. With a few days of practice, you can start creating outstanding videos with these programs.

Bad News

The bad news is that not all such animated video making software works equally well. In fact, a couple of them too demand that you tinker with them for a couple of weeks before you can start creating decent videos. In addition, most such programs are available only in a subscription form. This means that you have to shell out a certain amount of cash per month, or per quarter, or per year in order to be able to use them. However, Toonly is one such program that stands apart from the rest as it is available for a one-off price. You can use the program and the assets (graphic elements and music tracks) for a lifetime for a one-off pocket-friendly price. Unlike other explainer programs, this software does not sketch the created video. On the contrary, it makes use of animated characters and text to create eye-catching videos. The program is affordable and easy to master and you start creating professional explainer videos in a couple of minutes after studying online tutorial videos. You will also find lots of video tutorials on the vendor’s website. Find below the details of this program in my Toonly review.

Course Features

The program includes 79 background scenes, 30 character images, and 20 audio tracks. In addition, you also get an additional 200 characters, 10 characters with 20 poses each. This huge collection of images, soundtracks, and backgrounds allow you to create explainer ads in different niches effortlessly. You can use this program to effortlessly add a voiceover to your video. You can also include audio exported from a different program. Unlike many other programs of this type that are web-based, Toonly is a desktop program, meaning you just need to purchase it, download it, install it on your computer and start creating stunning explainer videos. This program exports high-resolution videos in various MP4 file sizes, meaning they are ready to use on the net. You need not worry if you are using a Mac computer since this program runs perfectly on both the Windows and Mac operating systems. The vendors are regularly updating the software and adding new functionalities to it. They will inform you each time they release a new version. You can download and use the new version free of charge. The creator is so confident about his software that he offers a 30-day money-back guarantee. In case you do not like the program within this duration, contact their support staff for a no-question asked full refund. However, judging from my own experience, I doubt whether you will return this awesome video creation software once you have purchased it.


If you have ever used PowerPoint to make explainer videos, you ought to be aware of the numerous tweaks to need to do to create an eye-catching video. In Toonly, all of the main features of PowerPoint are inbuilt into the software. You only need to drag and drop the background and other graphic elements in place, add background music and voiceover, and export the video. Once you have mastered the program (it should not take more than a week), you can start creating professional quality videos in just a few minutes.

It is a well-known fact that explainer videos are entertaining and work like crazy. They provide the same amount of information in 90 seconds that a full page of text would provide. Based on research, a staggering 68% of online purchasers prefer short explainer videos of products and services compared to text and image-based descriptions. You might know about the adage that one picture is worth a thousand words. In the case of explainer videos, this ratio shoots up to 1.8 million words. Why bother waste time and money hiring a professional to create content for your product and services when you can use Toonly to get across the message in a minute or a bit more? Another important point with videos is that they are shareable. If a viewer likes the content he or she sees on an online video, they will surely share it with their friends. This translates into more followers and customers for your brand.

Tell a Story

Why bore potential clients with thousands of words of text when you can get the message across in a minute or so with the help of animated videos. The cartoon-like effect of these videos makes sure that the viewer views them till the end. People find it interesting and engaging to view animated props and characters rather than read a page full of text and graphics. Research also shows that people view a properly created animated ad until the end, increasing the chances of converting them to clients. Videos improve your Google search ranking too. As an online marketer, you should know that websites featuring videos have a greater chance to make it to the first page of the search engine results page. The subconscious mind is more likely to remember a video than a page full of text. This is why you should start promoting your products and services with unforgettable videos made with Toonly. If leading companies around the world depend on explainer videos to promote their business successfully, there is no reason why you too should not follow suit.

Why Toonly?

It is a different story if you want to pay video makers a whopping $5,000 and more to create one explainer video. However, does it not make sense to purchase Toonly for a low price of $67 and create as many awesome animated explainer videos as you want? Unlike other costlier software that takes months to master, you can depend on Toonly to create similar videos in a couple of minutes. You do not need to be a video designer to use this program. Select a background and click-and-drag characters and props on it, add matching audio, and render the video. You can also use their premade scene option, containing matching background, props, and characters to complete your video in a few minutes. The icing on the cake is that you can install Toonly on multiple computers with a single license. Toonly allows you to create the most engaging and animated explainer videos for any niche and industry. You can use it to create videos for your website’s home pages and landing pages and on Facebook and other social media channels. You can also use it to create fascinating presentations and training videos. Once you purchase Toonly, you get access to its Facebook page and gain insights into creating compelling videos with the help of experienced members of the group.

The founder

Toonly is the brainchild of Brad Callen, the founder of Doodly, yet another animated video creation software.


Considering the features that this software has to offer, you might expect to pay hundreds of dollars for it. In fact, the software is costly and you have to pay $469 per year for it. However, the creator is offering a special discount. Act fast and get this awesome explainer video creating program for a one-time payment of $67.

What other users are saying

Kevin Anderson: “I was amazed to see my ten-year son creating awesome videos with Toonly after using it for two weeks.”

Joe Hamlin: “I wished the developers launched `Toonly’ earlier. It would have saved me thousands of dollars spent on other similar programs that I can hardly use.”

Sue Mason: “I am now able to create professional-quality explainer videos effortlessly, thanks to Toonly.”

Nigel Klatt: “I have been using Doodly and have found out that Toonly compliments it perfectly.”


Purchase Toonly if you want to create compelling and eye-catching videos. It hardly requires any training and will prove to be an integral part of your explainer video creating arsenal. However, there is no guarantee that the creator will keep the low introductory price of $67 for a long time. Buy it today before he changes it to an annual subscription-based program.



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