The Lost Ways 2 Review


Life truly comes to a standstill when there is no food, electricity, various other essentials, etc. at your disposal at any given point in time. During times of war and natural disasters, communities across the globe have had to go through such difficult circumstances. Quite a few don’t live through to tell the tale. And the ones who do survive are plagued by some major health conditions for life. If these people have had been a bit prepared for such unforeseen circumstances, they would have most likely come through the period safe and less troubled.

The Lost Ways 2 is a survival program that intends to guide people on how to be prepared for life-threatening scenarios. Keep reading this The Lost Ways 2 review to learn more about the program and how it may truly turn out to be your savior during times of extreme external distress.

The Lost Ways 2 – A Brief Overview

Created by Claude Davis, The Lost Ways 2 is a digital guide that spills the beans on ancient practices and secrets that our ancestors used to get through harsh living conditions caused by financial crisis, pandemics, wars, drought, etc. As the title indicates, it’s the second edition of its namesake predecessor.

This second version is yet another comprehensive guide that comprises scientifically-tested and approved survival methods and techniques that could save lives during testing times. The book primarily talks about a nutrient-rich superfood that comes in extremely handy during food shortage.

The secrets and techniques revealed in the book were used by primitive humans some six centuries ago. NASA rediscovered the secret diet and used it to supply food to their astronomers when they were out in the space for months together doing research. The food items mentioned are non-perishable. They, in fact, stay edible even when stored for years together. Besides food, the e-book talks about several other things that can be extremely useful when a crisis scenario sets in.

The Author

Claude Davis is the mind and soul behind this exhaustive survival guide. He is an extremely experienced survival expert and guide who has multiple other works to show in the same niche. The man has been in the ‘survival’ domain for more than three decades. One of the major reasons he came up with this guide and all his previous works is his concern for the modern generation that has wandered off traditional ways of living.

Highlight Features

The program is based on several years of research and effort. It is, therefore, one of the most extensive guides of its kind.

• Plant-Based Food

This disaster survival program would teach you how to make simple, yet delicious food using nothing but plants from your backyard. You will learn how to plant seeds, nurture and harvest them. The food you learn to make using regular plants would be both nutritious and calorie-rich, helping you survive for months together. The plants, as mentioned before, are “regular” plants, which means availability would not be an issue. They can grow in extremely harsh conditions and will not rot for years. Moreover, you would learn the correct techniques to store food and also how to set up makeshift underground houses.

• Safety Lessons

Besides food, the program teaches you different safety lessons so that you and your family members, particularly kids, can stay healthy and safe during disastrous periods, such as during a flood or when an earthquake strikes. You will also learn multiple other survival techniques which would come in extremely handy during emergency situations.

• Bonus Guides

Besides the main program, the author treats you to a couple of bonus guides as well, and for free. These guides discuss how to be self-sufficient on just four acres of land and survive nuclear disasters. With the three put together, the program truly turns into a rich source of valuable information needed to survive grave situations.

• Money-Back Guarantee

The program comes with a money-back guarantee. You may try this program for up to 60 days. If you, for some reason, feel the value offered was not worth the money or you were simply not able to learn anything truly valuable from the guide, you can seek a refund within the two-month period. Just send an email message to the email ID displayed on the official website. Upon receiving your request, your money would reach you at the earliest without any questions asked.

• Other Takeaways

Besides cooking food, storing them, and creating shelters, you would learn a host of other useful things. Those include collecting and storing water without spending anything; mastering the poultice art so that you could self-heal yourself; catching different animals; etc.

Main Benefits

The following are some of the major takeaways from this guide.

• Encourages Action

Unlike similar survival guides, this program pushes you to put theory into practice. It encourages you to venture outside, explore a technique, and keep trying until you truly succeed with it. There is a difference between learning how to do a thing and actually doing it. This practice ensures you do not panic or go blank when a situation that demands real action arrives. Also, topics have been neatly categorized into chapters so that you can quickly and easily find the information you need.

• Caters to All

The guide offers information that would be useful to different types of people. Even your kids will find this program handy if they know how to read. Your kids, however, would need your guidance or supervision when building or making things based on what they learn from this guide. It’s important your kids, wife, and other family members learn a thing or two about survival too because you may not always be around when things actually go wrong. You could be in some other city, state, or country during the period. People who have never had any exposure to survival methods would find this guide as a solid starting point.

• Offers Valuable Skills

After having completely studied the program, you would have learned important life skills that you may not have learned or got the opportunity to learn otherwise. You would learn how to make non-perishable food, along with tricks and techniques to remain safe when the conditions outside turn extremely hostile. These skills would come in handy not just during difficult scenarios or emergency situations but also in routine life. Long story short, you would feel a lot more self-sufficient in life after having gone through this program.

• Extensive

The guide not just comprises techniques and tips that people would actually find valuable, but the information provided is also extremely detailed. There is no half-baked stuff, pushing you to look for information elsewhere. It’s a complete guide, like an actual course on a particular subject.

• Great Customer Support

The guide is backed by a solid team of customer support professionals. The team offers help not just when you’re contemplating a purchase or looking for a refund, but also when you are stuck at any point while reading the guide. They are more like your online tutors who are available for assistance 24/7. However, please give them some time to reflect on your queries or doubts and offer solutions.

• Diverse Techniques

The program teaches you the various things you could do to survive an apocalypse or war-like situation. It also lets you in on the different methods or ways to do them. If you are not comfortable with a particular method, you can always try out some of the other ways of doing it. This is why we believe the program caters to all kinds of people. If you are someone who doesn’t read much, you may have a difficult time finishing the guide. However, push yourself a bit so that you could thank yourself later.

PROs & CONs Listing


• Loads of useful content
• Simple language
• Extensive and exhaustive
• 60-day, money-back guarantee
• Solid customer service


• Entails extensive reading
• Internet connection needed to access and consume the guide


The guide would cost you $37 in total, taxes included. After you make your payment, a link to download the guide would be sent to you via email, which would include the two bonus guides as well. The $37 price is fairly affordable, particularly when you compare it to what others are charging for similar products. Not to mention, the money you save when you learn how to do things by yourself and not depend on corporations that look to milk you when dire situations beckon is infinite.


Life is about ups and downs. When you’re truly down and defeated by external elements, it’s imperative you are prepared to battle through the phase. The Lost Ways 2 guide helps you do just that. It’s a program that caters to no particular region, community, gender, or demographic. Therefore, we highly recommend the program to all. Though you are not getting the program for free, you can always avail the money-back guarantee provision if you end up not liking what you received. In other words, there is nothing to lose. If you are someone lacking survival instincts, this program would most likely cultivate the same.



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