The 3 Week Diet System Review


The 3 Week Diet System Review – is this guide by Brian Flatt really worth the money? Is it a scam or does it really work? In today’s review we will be answering all your questions regarding the course.

Our modern lifestyle encourages nonstop work and dependence on cheap fast food. We consume lots of grease and sugar every day. Hence, millions are struggling to recover from obesity and related health issues. Others may not be doing as bad but are still suffering from years of excess. Many of them would like to change their lives but are clueless as to how they could. They try the latest diet fads to get the promised results only to end up disappointed. Yet they continue to search for their much awaited breakthrough. Could “The 3 Week Diet” finally give them what they need?

What is The 3 Week Diet?

The creator, Brian Flatt, is a certified personal trainer and sport nutritionist according to his bio. He has been involved in the diet and fitness industry for two decades so he has a tremendous amount of experience on the subject. Having worked with people in a similar situation, he understands their difficulties and their frustrations. One of these is the slow process of shedding weight. A lot of them simply give up midway through their old programs because they could not see tangible results. Flatt created The 3 Week Diet as a way to help the masses achieve rapid transformation.

This diet program attacks the problem from different angles at the same time. It encourages the consumption of raw food, low fat, and low carb. It includes fasting and calorie counting. Aside from being meticulous about food intake, people are also taught to perform exercises that can help them burn more calories by boosting their metabolism. Lastly, they are given reminders about the proper mindset and motivation to get them through the tough 21-day program. It may be short but it is intense. It requires a deep commitment in order to achieve the weight goals.

Product Guarantees

Any product evaluation must start by listing its promises. This diet present some lofty goals, indeed, though it is not unusual for products in this category to do so. It is almost expected for them to outdo each other in terms of their pledges in order to get attention in this crowded space. Brian Flatt claims that this program can provide in 3 weeks what others can achieve in 3 months. These include measurable metrics like a body fat reduction of at least 9 lbs, a 2-3 drop in dress size, and a 2-4 inch loss around the waist. People have posted their own 3 Week Diet review so you can see whether they achieved these numbers.

Other claims are qualitative instead of quantitative so they are harder to gauge. He says that those who stick to the program can expect to see an increase in muscle tone, metabolism, and energy. There should also be a corresponding decrease in cellulite and cholesterol levels. The improvements don’t just stop at weight markers, however, as he also guarantees healthier hair and skin. The extent of these improvements was not specified. Perhaps it is best to assume modest gains given the timespan. The creator offers a 60-day money-back guarantee if the promised weight loss was not achieved.

Package Inclusions

1. Introduction Manual

This weight loss system is comprised of four parts, each with its own manual to guide the readers. People will start off with the Introduction Manual to get familiar with the diet plan. It explains the science of weight gain and weight loss so that there is a clear understanding of what’s going on inside the body. This is important as dieters need to know why they have to every step instead of just blindly following along. It is less likely for them to skip parts or cheat their way to the end. They will be able to appreciate the work that must be done to bust the fat that has clung to them for such a long time.

Since the creator is a nutritionist, it should not be a surprise that there is a lengthy discussion of vital nutrients. These can make or break the diet so people should be aware of how these affect the body. Each of these nutrients will be explained, including how they can help in losing fat and boosting metabolism. Their role in improving health and energy levels will also be examined. Although this is a general manual with no specific instructions, it can provide a solid foundation for the succeeding steps and should not be skipped.

2. Diet Manual

This is the central part of the system as the name suggests. It will guide the readers how they can achieve significant weight loss in a 3-week period. This could get tricky as the program calls for a tailored approach for each individual. It acknowledges that no single magic number exists for everyone when it comes to calories or nutrients. As such, it does not ask readers to stick to a pre-defined limit. Instead, people will be taught how to calculate their current fat percentage and lean mass percentage. Only after knowing their body type can they start to embark on a weight loss plan that is suitable for them.

The calculations will should guide them on the types of food and the amounts that they can eat each day. One of the good things about this system is that it eliminates the guesswork. Everything becomes automatic so it is easier to follow. It also provides a list of food that should be avoided as they can interfere with the fat-burning process. Remember that the goal is super fast weight loss. Anything that can get in the way must be eliminated. It is also interesting to note that the creator promises to include a plan to keep the weight off forever despite enjoying normal food.

3. Workout Manual

Let’s face it. Three weeks is just too fast to get massive improvements with just diet alone. In order to supercharge the results, you have to be doing extra work. The Workout Manual takes care of this part of the equation. The good news is that it doesn’t require trips to the gym, although people who go there should certainly keep at it. The exercise program is designed to last just 20 minutes a day so it should be easy to squeeze it into the daily schedule. It should be performed 3 to 4 days a week.

The creator is a proponent of high intensity exercise for fat burning. Instead of asking people to do cardio for long hours, he wants them to perform short but intense routines that make the whole body move. This is to activate every muscle and get them to boost metabolism. All of these will be taxing so it might be good for people to consult their doctors before starting the journey, especially if they have chronic ailments, joint problems, or previous injuries. It is also worth noting that this manual has a “Midsection Miracle Workout” for those who dream of six-pack abs. It’s best to take the name with a grain of salt.

4. Mindset & Motivation Manual

When faced with difficulties, the mind often quits before our body does. The most important of any weight loss program is not the diet or the exercise but the mindset. It’s great to see that this is tackled in a manual. You should understand what led you to the situation that you are facing today. You should also have a clear picture of what you want to achieve and why you want it. When things get hard, you will always come back to your why. That is your internal motivation to continue despite the hardship. It may just be 3 weeks but it’s a punishing program that will test will power.

The manual will provide you with mental tools that you can use to maintain your focus. You have to keep your eyes on the prize to reach your goals. Motivation has to be kept high while distractions are removed. Readers will find tips and tricks to stay focused. This is an important part to master as this could be the key towards keeping the weight off for life.

Pricing and Risk

The 3 Week Diet is available via online download in PDF form. It is thus possible to get it immediately after purchase. The asking price is $47 — a reasonable amount if it can deliver its life-changing promises. It’s not far off from monthly gym membership fees. Lots of diet pills and supplements cost much more. It also comes with a money-back guarantee that is in effect for 60 day after your purchase. This drastically reduces the risk and makes it worth a try. Before doing so, it would be helpful to do independent research on diets and weight loss from a scientific point of view.

Final Words

The 3 Week Diet clearly has a sensational name designed to turn heads. Its multi-pronged approach promises to deliver significant weight loss in a short span of time. On the other hand, experts recommend no more than 2-3 pounds of weight loss a week for safety and sustainability. If your doctor gives the green light, then go ahead and embark on this journey. Just remember to temper your expectations. Try to focus on the lessons rather than the results. After all, the three weeks is only the beginning. You have the rest of your life to apply what you learned in maintaining a healthy weight.



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