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Text Chemistry Review – is this guide by Amy North really worth the money? Is it a scam or does it really work? In today’s review we will be answering all your questions regarding the course.

The current era has revolutionized love and relationship to a greater extent. The use of letters is fading, and texts are taking center stage. Texting is now a key way to connect with those you’re dating. First meetings and dating encounters are now termed as successful only when you start receiving those hearty texts from your date.

It’s weird how we’ve let our phones do most of the dating for us. But hey! It’s a digital world, and we all want to play it safe and cool while avoiding embarrassments due to shy conversations and confessions. While many believe that sexual intimacy is the only way to create a love bond, textual chemistry is also very critical.

We all know couples out there whose relationships, whether close or long distance, are flourishing every day. You might be wondering what the secret behind that is. Well, that’s not rocket science. It is the power of love chemistry accompanied by flowing textual engagement.

In this Text Chemistry Review, we focus on reviewing an online dating course by Amy North that has everything you need to know about texting.

What is Text Chemistry?

Text Chemistry is an online modern-day dating program that focuses on letting you know all the secrets you need to attract your man of choice and draw them close to you, through a simple text. The program written by Amy North starts with the basics and progresses with more secrets you need to know.

The chemistry is on sending the texts. The program enables you to learn how to communicate with your man of interest through texts. There are varying approaches to use to ensure that the man gains interest in you.

Amy North has focused on what he has learned and understood for the many years she has been coaching on love and relationships. Especially during the start of dating, when things seem very challenging to the majority. The book is evidence of how communication is the fate of every relationship.

The book is targeted for women, and it is a perfect choice to help you during the dating phases. Before you send that text, this ultimate guide will help you incorporate care, love, affection, and desire.

About the Author: Amy North

Amy North has authored the program. She is an expert in relationship counseling and has been in the profession for quite some time. Being the best and top-selling author in Vancouver, Canada, Amy has helped multiple women to get the men of their dreams.

She is well known around the world for the various programs and her YouTube channel. With millions of followers, people celebrate her for valid, authentic, and working tips on dating and relationships. So far, she’s the most popular women coaches of this generation.

After researching much about couples, their communication patterns, and behaviors, Amy came up with this program to help readers use text communication as a tool for a stronger, happier, and healthier relationship.

Who Can Benefit From Text Chemistry?

The guide is meant to help every woman out there find love through crafting a simple text message. Days are gone when women had to wait for men to approach them. Things have changed, and women in the digital world are now making moves. So who can benefit from the program? Any woman who want the following:

• If you want the man to focus on you and nobody else
• To know the RULES of texting
• To capture the attention of a man through texts
• If you want your man to propose
• If you want your man to be passionate about you
• If you want him to miss you more
• If the relationship is no longer exciting like before
• If you want to know how to talk with the man over the phone

Features of Text Chemistry: What You Learn and the Benefits

You’ll learn a lot from the guide and this Text Chemistry Review. You can relate to having an expert relationship coach with you all the time you need guidance and consultation to commence, advance, or maneuver relationships to the level you desire. The following are things you’ll learn from this program.

The Basics
The basics are the initial part of the program. Here, you’re given the outline of the entire course, and the tools needed as you execute this course. With the outline, it becomes easy to follow the entire course and make every guy you desire to have respond to your texts promptly.

The E-Glow Text
The section teaches you how to make the man of your dreams adore and love you. It doesn’t matter the situation. The guide has the approach to use, and you’ll easily get the required attention from the man. Here, you’ll be working on the man’s brain and not focusing on your worries.

Revitalize a Previous Relationship
Rekindling a previous relationship, will, at times, make sense. With this program, you’ll know the strategy that can bring your ex within no time. For instance, you can use a Satellite text for him to regret. There is a section dedicated to that and much more. You’ll be surprised how they fight to be with you.

Restore an Uninteresting Relationship
There is much that can be done to reignite a stale and boring relationship. The program has that in mind, and you’ll learn how to revive those excitements that made your man crazy about you during the first encounters. You can use “Supernova” and “Game On” approaches.

Understand the Text Messages
This part of the program will help the readers to interpret the messages they receive. Every message has a particular meaning. Understanding the messages is the best way to know the man’s inner feelings and act appropriately through the right communication.

Make the Man Propose to You
This might seem exaggerated, but that how things are. The guide equips you with the knowledge and skills that will make your partner think about you all the time. Through this guide, you’ll know how to take advantage of your man’s feelings and let them propose.

Share the Appropriate Pictures
When flirting via texts, there are many things you need to know. For instance, the selfies you send bring about a lot of reactions. But, how do you know the right picture to share, and at what moments? Well, the program teaches you about the right pictures to opt for.

Learn How to Talk Via a Phone
At times, especially when dating and getting to know each other, talking to your man via phone is challenging. It happens because of shyness or lack of things to talk about. The program helps you know what to do to keep an active and engaging conversation.

Make the Guy Miss You
There are diverse ways to get your man to miss you every time. The program lets you know about the techniques you can use to raise the quality of the texts and make the man very close. They’ll always crave to have you close.

Create a Felt Impact
The ‘bang his head’ technique tells you more about the strategies that you’ll use to chat your man, and they’ll never get you out of their mind. You’ll be able to create an impact that they feel from the very first time you start texting.

Employ the “Shooting for the Stars” Strategy
The section, as it reads, “Shooting for the Stars” helps you to have control over your relationship. When you have the upper hand, your man can hear you, and they’ll stick to you, without their focus being disrupted.

Does Text Chemistry Really Work?

With the many positive reviews out there, it is evident that the course works. The course is based on advanced human psychology, and you’ll know the psychological triggers that attract a man. All males have a similarity in psychological characteristics.

That makes the program a perfect choice because it will apply to all males out there. Understanding their psychology simplifies how you create an engaging and productive textual communication that gives a man intense interest in you.

In this book, you get to understand the men’s thoughts towards ladies when it comes to dating. With that, you can take advantage and make moves that win you the man of your choice. Besides, the program guides women. They get to know how to interpret complex texts, when to send emoji’s, when to accept some requests, and much more.

Pricing, Guarantee, and Bonuses

The initial cost of this program is $349. With the current special lunch promotion, it is now at $49.95, and the price will fluctuate anytime. Keep checking the official website, add to the cart, make a purchase, and enjoy the 100% satisfaction.

You make a onetime purchase and get the entire program. It comes with 13 Videos series, bonuses, and a 60 days money-back guarantee. The bonuses include the following eBooks:

• Phone Game
• Why Men Leave
• Quality Men On Tinder

Pros and Cons Listing

• The program enhances reader confidence.
• You enjoy 24/7 guidance.
• There is a money-back guarantee for 60 days.
• Transparent, easy to read, and follow guide with minimal effort.
• You learn how to remove love insecurities and boost the chances of finding love.
• The program comes with bonuses and videos.

• Just like any good thing out there, results require patience and dedication.
• A digital product — It is available for online purchase only.

Final Opinion and Rating

Are you living in fear of expressing yourself to the man of your dreams? Don’t worry anymore. The Text Chemistry Review has given you a chance to acquire this top-rated program (5/5 rated).

We recommend the program fully. Acquire it today, and let the man treat you like a queen. All the videos, eBooks, and texts help you to have a quality, fun, comfortable, and exciting dating that proceeds with maximum confidence.



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