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TestoGen Review – is the TestoGen pill a scam? Or does it really work as described to increase male testosterone levels & stamina . Today we reveal the truth.


Are you experiencing a lack of sex drive, or are you feeling tired after a short workout? The chances are bright that your body is no longer producing the same quantity of testosterone used to create before. The human body secretes several types of hormones including testosterone, which has many functions such as factors related to appearance, growth of hair, deepening of the voice, as well as the development of the muscles and bones. However, the amount of testosterone secreted decreases as one grows older. Males, having a low level of testosterone, face symptoms such as reduced sex drive, reduced bone mass, and erectile dysfunction. It is in such situations that one needs to take supplements that contain testosterone to regain their energy and sex drive. A quick online search will provide you with details of many companies that sell testosterone supplements. However, a majority of them source their products from third world countries in which they are manufactured in labs that have no quality control. Such supplements do more harm to your body. However, things are different when you opt for TestoGen; an American made testosterone supplement.

I have been facing a lack of sex drive as well that plagued my sexual and physical health for several years and had tried several supplements without any success. I informed this information to one of my close friends who too was suffering from the same problem but found a way to overcome it. He suggested that I try TestoGen. Manufactured by Wolfson Berg, it is a specially developed supplement, which claims to boost the production of the testosterone hormone in the human body via a potent and unique mixture of selected natural ingredients. The company manufacturing this supplement is famous all over the world for producing top quality and extremely potent health supplements. They are so confident about the quality of their supplement that they offer a 60-day money-back policy. If you feel that this supplement is not working as it should, complain to the manufacturers, and return all unused bottles of the supplement. They will refund you your money. By the way, this supplement is also useful for athletes and bodybuilders, assisting them to enhance and improve their physical features. For example, this supplement:

• Reduces the adverse effects caused by the drop of androgen (a male sex hormone, like testosterone) levels
• Improves self-esteem
• Reduces body fat
• Boosts libido function
• Increases testosterone levels in the body
• Increases rate of muscle recovery
• Improves sleeping patterns by relaxing body and mind
• Improves skin health, making it firmer and healthy
• Increases the rate of metabolism, allowing users to work harder and burn their excess fat


Unlike other similar supplements available on the market, TestoGen boasts of a unique formula, made with some of the most potent organic ingredients that boost the rate of metabolism immediately. Its ingredients include:

• Extract of Tribulus Terrestris fruit: This testosterone booster is famous for its libido enhancing capabilities as well as works towards lessening inflammation in the body. It is also used to treat depression as it helps to manage mood swings.
• D-Aspartic acid: This ingredient plays a considerable role in boosting the production of free testosterone in the human body. It also enhances the athletic prowess of the body as well as increases overall physical strength.
• Extract of Nettle leaf: Testosterone loses most of its effects and potency because of its tendency to bind with SBHG (Sex Binding Hormone Globulin). The extract of Nettle leaf prevents this binding, allowing the testosterone to move freely in the user’s body and have their full effect on their system, which also helps to maximize the impact of the newly produced testosterone in their body.
• Fenugreek Extract: This extract contains numerous vital minerals like phosphorus, manganese, magnesium, and iron. All of them supports as well as enhances libido and promotes the healthy functioning of our body’s organs. It also blocks DTC, an estrogen compound that can cause enlargement of the male mammary gland.
• Panax Ginesing: Ginesing has been used since ancient times in Chinese medications. This powerful aphrodisiac is famous for its ability to boost libido as well as improve the sexual performance of the user by helping them to achieve harder and longer-lasting erections. It also helps to increase overall physical strength and improve concentration.
• Bioperine: Rather than affecting your system directly, this ingredient enhances the bioavailability of your body, improving its capability and capacity to absorb essential minerals and vitamins better as well as sufficient quantities to ensure that they could have their full effects.
• Selenium: The human body requires selenium in small quantities. However, it stall plays a significant role in preventing the invasion of free radicals into the user’s system as well as metabolism. For the uninitiated, free radicals accelerate the ageing process and weaken the human body as well.
• Vitamin D3: It boosts the ability of the body to assimilate and absorb calcium, hence facilitating and improving bone development. It further promotes the growth of muscles, strength, as well as balance.
• Vitamin K1: It enhances the capacity of the body to absorb additional vitamin D, which impacts the production of testosterone directly.
• Vitamin K6: It increases the production of various androgens in the human body, thereby increasing the production of testosterone. It also helps in keeping the level of estrogen of the male body low.
• Magnesium: It increases the level of testosterone in the body by 24% to 30%.
• Zinc and Boron: Both these elements are famous for their ability to boost the production of testosterone in the human body and maximize its effects.

How to use TestoGen

Each bottle of this supplement contains 120 capsules. The recommended dosage is four capsules per day, approximately 20 minutes before breakfast. Never attempt to exceed the recommended dosage as this could lead to adverse effects. TestoGen is suitable for males who are 18 years of age or above. Although this product is made using organic products, you should consult your physician if you are taking any other medicines to help prevent contraindications.

Side effects

All the ingredients used in the manufacture of this supplement are safe for human consumption. Therefore, you need not worry about side effects if you take it according to directions. I have been using this supplement for more than a year and have yet to face any adverse effects. Unlike other supplements promoted online, this one does not have any steroids, and this is the main reason you will not suffer any side effects associated with steroids. Consult your physician before taking this steroid if you are allergic or sensitive to the ingredients it contains. TestoGen is recommended for males only and should not be used by women.

Other details of TestoGen

The user will not face any side effects while taking TestoGen supplements as it is made using organic extracts and vitamins. Never purchase this supplement from any other website other than that of the manufacturer. You can pay for this supplement via PayPal or all major credit cards. A bottle of this supplement containing 120 capsules costs only $59.99. You can save money by purchasing three month’s supply as it costs only $179.99 plus you get an additional two months’ worth of capsules free. The manufacturer offers a free training and nutrition guide with every purchase. Be careful when purchasing TestoGen online as many websites, taking advantage of the huge popularity of this supplement are marketing phoney versions of it. You should start observing results within two weeks of taking this supplement, as long as you do not cheat on your exercise and diet. TestoGen is a potent supplement. Even though the manufacturers recommend taking four capsules every day, I observed positive results by taking only two capsules.

PROs & CONs Listing

• 60-day money-back guarantee
• Helps build muscles
• Boosts moods and increases energy
• Boosts the production of testosterone
• Enhances libido
• Contains only organic ingredients
• Free training and nutrition guide with every purchase

• Bit expensive if you purchase only one bottle
• Only available from the official website

TestoGen is a definite winner for me as it has increased my sex drive as well as my overall well-being and energy. By boosting the levels of testosterone, it also helps improve cardiovascular health and muscle gain. I have tried many other supplements in the past, and none of them delivered what they promised. Athletes can use TestoGen to improve their performance without worrying about being trapped by the anti-doping tests carried out by the WADA, as it only contains natural ingredients. It would be unfair to conclude this review without stating that it also leads to a good mood as well as mental health.

What others are saying

George Mahoney: “I have taken many other supplements in the past without any positive results. Now that I have tried TestoGen, I shall not settle for anything else. I noticed an improvement in my mood, focus, and vitality within a week.”

Robert Green: “As a professional athlete, I need supplements to replenish my dipping levels of testosterone. I am grateful to TestoGen for helping me rediscover my energy levels.”

Purchase a bottle today and try the supplement for a week. The positive results will surprise you. You have nothing to lose as the 60-days money-back guarantee of the manufacturer is there to protect you in case you are unsatisfied.



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