TestoFuel Review


TestoFuel Review – is the TestoFuel pill a scam? Or does it really work as described to increase male testosterone levels & stamina . Today we reveal the truth.

If you make the time and effort to go to the gym, it is only natural to want to see some results — in the form of lean muscle gains. Many men have less energy, feel tired, struggle to build muscle, and have a lower sex drive when they age. While low testosterone often affects older men, there are other groups of men who have to boost their T levels too. Athletes, bodybuilders and gym goers who want an impressive physique need high levels of testosterone, to facilitate muscle development.

There are lots of supplements available that claim to raise testosterone levels. A significant number of these are steroids though, which damage your health over the long term and ought to be avoided. Testofuel is a product that purports to boost testosterone safely, because it contains ingredients that are completely natural. The following Testofuel review will assess this product, to determine whether it is worth spending money on.

What is Testofuel

Testofuel is a natural supplement designed to increase testosterone levels in bodybuilders and athletes. It is aimed at people who want good and quick results from their gym workouts. It can be used by anyone over the age of eighteen, including middle aged men who need a testosterone boost. The supplement claims to make muscles stronger, reduce body fat, stimulate sex drive, enhance the growth of lean muscle tissue, and produce testosterone efficiently.

Testofuel is advertised and produced by Roar Ambition Limited, situated in America and the United Kingdom. The manufacturer’s website sells this supplement with a three month refund guarantee. Although this product is relatively new to the market, the way it has been promoted has captured the imagination of many gym goers. It is an encouraging sign that the official website shows the supplement as GMP and FDA certified. This means that it is more likely to be high quality.

Benefits of the Product

Testofuel can help users in several ways. Here are the biggest advantages of taking this supplement:

-Build more muscle – The ingredients in Testofuel enable your body to generate more testosterone, which means that you can develop muscle quicker and tone your physique more successfully.

-Higher sex drive and improved sexual performance – Apart from increasing testosterone levels, which certainly helps you perform better in the bedroom, Testofuel contains numerous ingredients that boost your sexual prowess and libido. For instance, Zinc is a key nutrient to maintain sexual health. Research has proven that men who don’t include enough zinc in their diets are vulnerable to erectile dysfunction https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/8875519. Conversely, consuming a supplement that contains zinc, such as Testofuel, will benefit sexual function. In addition, Testofuel has magnesium in it, which relaxes the blood vessels – allowing blood to flow into the penis during an erection. Another supplement ingredient that helps the body to adapt to vigorous sexual activity is Ginseng extract.

-Counteracts fat buildup and muscle loss – Cortisol is a substance that is produced by the body to break down muscles. The energy generated from this is used for a number of things, such as coping with emotional turmoil. However, for bodybuilders, this is a major obstacle. Testofuel lowers the quantity of cortisol produced by the body, which limits the quantity of muscle tissue that can be lost.

-Greater stamina – Testofuel allows your muscles to access more oxygen, which improves your stamina considerably. It achieves this by increasing your red blood cell count. Numerous studies have proven that muscles require more oxygen during physical activity https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3824146/. Apart from breathing and resting, producing additional red blood cells is a way to fulfill this demand.

-Offers a safe alternative to harmful compounds – It is common knowledge that the majority of androgens and synthetic steroids are fairly harmful. Of course, they could offer you an impressive physique and fast muscle gains — however, you have to push your body way past its’ natural limitations to get this. Ultimately, this results in hazardous side effects, such as sexual dysfunction, heart disease and emotional instability.


There are a selection of herbs, minerals and vitamins in Testofuel, which work together to improve sexual performance, muscle gains and testosterone levels. The full list is below:

-D Aspartic Acid (2300 mg) – This amino acid and natural herb helps to reduce levels of estrogen in your body, and can treat male infertility. It facilitates the production of testosterone, which subsequently supports free testosterone and decreases SHBG (Sex Hormone Binding Globulin).

-Oysters — There is ten times the amount of zinc in an oyster than there is in any other food. Zinc is believed to increase testosterone levels significantly.

-Fenugreek (100 mg) — An Asian native herb that has been used traditionally to help men suffering from erectile dysfunction. While there is not a huge amount of data suggesting that fenugreek increases testosterone levels, it does make you healthier in other ways. For example, it regulates high cholesterol and insulin in your body.

-Vitamin B6 — Your body requires this vital mineral (macro nutrient) to support its’ immune system. It helps to transport oxygen through the bloodstream, and makes the heart function more efficiently.

-Red Panax Ginseng from Asia (100 mg) — The Chinese have used Ginseng as an aphrodisiac for hundreds of years. It offers a number of health benefits as well. For example, it is known to counteract erectile dysfunction and low libido in men.

-Zinc — This is a key substance to include in a testosterone supplement. It increases the amount of testosterone the body can generate, by lowering estrogen (aromatase) levels in the body. It boosts energy levels notably too.

-Magnesium Chelate — This is an important ingredient, because it helps to deliver stability and energy to the body. In addition, it helps the muscles to move and function properly.

How to use the Supplement

There are 120 capsules in each Testofuel bottle, which will last you for thirty days. You are supposed to consume four capsules each day with food. This supplement needs to be used consistently for a minimum of sixty days, before results are noticeable.

Further Information About the Supplement

The manufacturer of Testofuel states that the supplement does not produce any major side effects. Apparently, the only problem you might encounter with consuming the supplement is if you have allergies to any of its’ ingredients. Occasionally, users do complain of mild stomach issues and headaches.

This could be a consequence of consuming too many capsules, without enough food to accompany them. Or, it might be because the formula contains a large quantity of D aspartic acid. To prevent discomfort, headaches and tiredness, it is important to spread the dosing time evenly. Always speak to a medical professional, prior to consuming any supplements.

PROs & CONs Listing


-Boosts muscle mass and energy levels
-Helps the body to produce more testosterone
-A refund guarantee is offered
-Contains proven, natural ingredients
-Minimal side effects
-Price for purchasing three bottles is heavily discounted


-Fairly costly to buy, although understandable due to the quality of ingredients
-The refund guarantee is only valid for purchases of the ninety day supply

What Others are Saying

People in many different countries have used Testofuel, and the supplement is rated highly by customers overall. Customer approval levels for this testosterone booster are over ninety percent on average, and it normally receives a four star rating or more from store purchases. A reliable way to forecast what type of outcomes you will experience, after taking Testofuel, is to research the feedback that other customers have given. A good way to do this is to read unsolicited reviews from those who have used the supplement.

A brief perusal of the comments from confirmed buyers of the supplement reveals that typically, people enjoy the same benefits when they start using it. Sometimes, customers take this supplement because it helps them away from the gym. These customers say that they experience greater stamina in bed, that their levels of energy increase overall, and that tiredness does not affect them in the way it used to. A significant percentage of customers are amazed that they can get such great results from a supplement that only has natural ingredients in it. They report that they have plenty of energy and feel good, and that they can train at the gym for longer time periods.

Final Thoughts

If you are affected by problems related to muscle loss and substandard athletic performance, then you are like many men who reach middle age and start exercising, after being physically inactive. The effectiveness of Testofuel depends on numerous variables, which include lifestyle choices such as diet, and whether you smoke or drink alcohol. The key point here is that the supplement is not a magic potion. In order to benefit from it, you need to make an effort and be disciplined in other areas of your life. Nonetheless, if you can exercise regularly and eat a balanced, nutritious diet, Testofuel can have a positive impact on your health and improve your self esteem no end.



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