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Teds Woodworking Review – is this woodworking course by Ted McGrath really worth the money? Is it a scam or is legit? In today’s review we will be answering all your questions regarding the guide.

Most woodworking plans are complete garbage. They assume you are a master craftsman, they require expensive tools and a large workshop, and they have instructions that are too complex for beginners.

Some plans merely have a few simple images and you are expected to figure out everything else. They don’t have lists, 3D drawings, or diagrams. No wonder many exceptionally talented people end up giving up after trying these plans.

Online sites and magazines sell bogus plans each for $20-$30. In most cases, you will not get what you want. Therefore, you will end up trying to make do with what you get or you can just give up. You can spend 4 to 5 times more on an overpriced product.

Say Goodbye To Your Woodworking Struggles!

Here comes Teds Woodworking -the #1 woodworking resource with over 16,000 plans. This is your one-stop portal for a lifetime of woodworking plans. It will save you hundreds of dollars and cut down on wasted time and frustration. Read this Teds woodworking review to discover more.

You can create something beautiful with your hands. You don’t need a large workshop or expensive tools to do that. Teds woodworking plans take the guesswork out of woodworking. They will guide you by hand until you complete your woodworking project. Having these plans is like having a master woodworker by your side who will guide you through the entire project.

About Ted McGrath

Ted McGrath has spent the last 25 years putting together the most comprehensive collection of woodworking plans. He is a certified master woodworker, an author, and a trainer.

Ted runs a woodworking technical class and he has published several articles and books on woodworking. Ted discovered that many of his students struggled to find detailed plans for building their dream projects. These are the same problems that he faced when he started woodworking. To address these challenges, Ted decided to create the earth’s largest database of woodworking projects.


1. Ted takes the Guesswork out of Woodworking

Woodworking is not rocket science. Unfortunately, many plans make it to appear so. With his comprehensive plans, Ted leaves nothing to guesswork. You will obtain complete instructions for creating your projects from start to finish.

There are A to Z instructions that will make your projects super fun, super easy, and super fast. Therefore, you will complete your projects in a fraction of the time.

2. Ted’s Plans Practically Build Themselves

Ted’s plans are so detailed that they practically build themselves. They come with highly detailed schematics that will eliminate the need for guesswork.

Each plan has sharp and colourful schematics. With his clear cut instructions, Ted makes all the pieces to just “click” in place.

You will obtain intricate details of every joint, every corner, and every angle. Therefore, you will not have to guess or scratch your head over any detail.

3. 16,000 Plans

Teds Woodworking will give you a complete package of woodworking resources that will empower you to get projects done right, the first time.

In addition to the 16,000 plans that you can download right away, Ted normally releases new plans every month. You will obtain lifetime access to a membership area where you can download new plans released every month. You can request a plan to be custom made for you.

4. Suitable for Professionals and Beginners

Teds Woodworking has plans that cover all skill levels. You don’t have to be an expert or possess expensive machinery to use Ted’s plans.

Whether you are a seasoned professional or an amateur woodworker, you will find thousands of plans that suit your skill level.

The “hold-you-by-the-hand” instructions provided by Ted and a wealth of other resources will make it easy to complete furniture projects even if you lack woodworking experience.

5. Affordable

Most people fail to realize their woodworking talents because they think that projects are going to cost them a lot. With Teds Woodworking, you will obtain proven woodworking strategies at a fraction of the cost.


1. You will Need to Diligently Follow the Plans

You have to strictly follow the step by step plans. You must not create your own instructions. You can easily understand the instructions in a few minutes.


• 16,000 Plans

These are “done for you” plans with easy to follow instructions and step-by-step blueprints. These blueprints will make the most challenging woodworking projects to be a walk in the park.

• Lifetime Monthly Plans + Support

Ted usually drafts new plans every month. You will download them for free. Ted’s team will offer you all the help you need to complete your project. You can seek assistance through email or on the support forum.

• 60-Day Iron-Clad Money-Back Guarantee! No Questions Asked

Ted is offering the most complete woodworking guide. If within 60 days from the date of purchase you feel that this is not the most complete woodworking resource you have ever seen, you are free to send Ted an email and request for a full refund.

• Everything you Require in a Plan

Each plan has detailed instructions, 3D diagrams, photos, cutting lists, and bill of materials among other things. This will save you from making multiple trips to the store and investing in the wrong materials.

• Instant Online Access + DVDs

Within minutes of accessing the member’s area, you can download all the plans. You will get lifetime access to the membership area. You can request DVDs for all your plans. This will be shipped to your physical address.

• 150 Premium Videos

You will receive lifetime access to over 150 woodworking videos on a wide range of woodworking topics. These videos have been created by veteran woodworkers.

The detailed videos have been designed to enhance your skills. You can browse the huge selection of videos. These high-quality videos are worth $77 if sold separately. However, you will obtain them for free after you sign up for the course.

• Free Book on Starting a Woodworking Business

You can make some extra money by selling your woodwork. This book will help you to turn your passion into profits. This is a step-by-step guide that will offer you with valuable insights on how to sell your custom woodwork.

This book will teach you how to market your services. You will learn tax, accounting, and licensing issues. You will be taught how to locate suppliers and how to scale up your business.

• CAD/DWG Plan Viewer

You don’t have to purchase expensive software. Most CAD software cost over $2,000.

For a limited time, Ted is offering an award-winning CAD/DWG plan viewer for free to all new customers. This will help you to modify and edit plans. It will save you hundreds of dollars.

• Complete Woodworking Guides

You will obtain over 200 pages of woodworking tricks and tips. These will offer you with solid and straightforward advice. The guides cover all the bases from cutting dovetails to working with hand tools. You will learn from the woodworking masters.

What Customers are saying

There are thousands of satisfied customers. They all have good things to say about Ted’s plans. Brian Pally experienced an enormous feeling of pride and accomplishment after being able to make bookshelves using Ted’s instructions.

In just two days, Eddy LeBlanc was able to accomplish a lot using these plans. He was amazed by the large variety of projects. There are big, small, simple, and intricate projects.

Ted saved Andrew Furman tons of money. Andrew almost bought an overpriced side table until he saw Ted’s plans. He obtained many great ideas from these plans that have kept him occupied for a long time.


For only $67, you will get instant access to over 16,000 projects. This is a one-time purchase. There are no monthly fees.

For the price of a night out, you will take all headaches out of creating top-notch woodworking projects. Think about all the cost, energy and time that this one-time investment of $67 will save you. Even better, you get instant access to all the plans. You won’t wait for shipping.

For only $67, you will have the complete freedom to build any woodworking project that you desire. You will never again have to spend a single cent on over-priced furniture or worthless DIY magazines.

Ted is offering the course at only $67 to celebrate the launch of the product. This is a great bargain considering that the real worth of the product is $297. This price will not last long. Ted is going to raise the price soon.

The Bottom-Line

Product Rating: 5/5

TedsWoodworking.Com offers the smartest, quickest, and easiest way to build a woodworking project that you desire.

Why start from scratch? Why reinvent the wheel when you have a step-by-step guide for almost any woodworking project that you can dream of? Sign up for this course today!

With thousands of satisfied customers, it is time for you to get in on the action. Don’t waste any time! Sign up today for the course! You will surely become the next success story.



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