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Any self-respecting marketer will tell you that e-books are some of the best tools to maintain your presence online and build your business. E-books have helped many marketers, entrepreneurs, and authors break into a tough market and get their name and brand recognized. Unfortunately, not everyone is blessed with a gift for creative writing. Fortunately, there are programs that can help you create e-books in no time, such as Sqribble. Sqribble is currently becoming one of the leading products in the market designed to make the creation of e-books easier and faster. Learn more about the program in this Sqribble review before you buy.

What is Sqribble?

Sqribble is a cloud-based e-book creator. It comes pre-loaded with pre-made covers and templates that can be edited to create a customized finished product. It aims to help you produce an e-book without spending too much time and money. In its promotional materials, Sqribble promises to help you produce an e-book without even writing a single word. Intrigued? Let’s look at its features.

What Can Sqribble Offer You?

The designers of Sqribble wanted a program that made e-book creation a breeze. Writing is a scary task for many people and it does take time to come up with an idea, prepare an outline, and write a draft. And after all these things you nee to perform the editing, rewriting, and more editing before publication. Writing is not easy and this is recognized by Sqribble’s creators, hence the program.

To ensure that e-book creation is a breeze, Sqribble comes with a number of useful features, such as:

Automatic Content
Sqribble comes with pre-loaded expert content. It comes from a number of sources, such as Sqribble’s library that contains niche articles, content from websites, or extracts from word processing documents like Microsoft Word. When this content is put together, what you have is a comprehensive document that offers cohesive and highly relevant content with significantly less effort on your part.

E-Book Covers
Other than being a content generator, Sqribble can also assist in effective e-book design. It comes with ready-made templates that can be edited to use as your cover.

Automated Layout
With every e-book project you make, Sqribble creates automatic headers and footers, table of contents, and pages. This frees you from going back through pages to check their location and manually typing pages, headers, and footers.

What Do You Get With Sqribble?

Aside from the main software, you also receive a complete training program to help you get started immediately. With purchase, you receive agency rights, an agency website worth $997, limited offer Client Management Dashboard, and feedback engine at no additional cost. All commercial licenses for the products you produce belong to you.

Is Sqribble Easy to Use?

Aside from automatic content and layouting capability, Sqribble features a drag and drop interface. Simply choose the text/content you want to use, then drag it to a selected page, and drop it. You can also easily add and delete pages as you like.

In terms of design, Sqribble offers over 300 Google fonts to choose from. You can work with sans serif types such as Roboto, Spartan, Lato, and the modern Oxanium, or go for serif types such as Caladea, Merriweather, and Roboto Slab, among others. The fonts allow you to match your writing to your topic and create interest in your readers.

Sqribble also offers 10 types of e-book themes, so you can choose from businesslike to serious, from fun to quirky. You can change the color scheme with just one click. If you are targeting a certain niche, Sqribble offers 50 e-book templates that can be used for 15 types of niches.

If you do not want to use exclusively automated content, Sqribble lets you add your own manually. This is one of the main features that let you customize your e-book to produce a truly unique product. If you prefer, you can also add your very own media for added interest and personalized content.

So what about feedback? E-book creators often send their final draft to someone who can critique and approve their work. Sqribble has got you covered in this area as well. It features a 1-Click Feedback Engine that allows you to receive comments on your project. Once you have created an e-book, simply send it to your client through Sqribble and get the feedback you need.

We are taught never to judge a book by its cover. The truth is that we do, in spite of ourselves. You want e-books that stand out, ones that catch and retain attention. The blandest e-books are usually the most ignored. Due to his experience in internet marketing, Chowdhry understands this and this is why his product is capable of creating e-book designs that do not fit the mold.

The great thing about Sqribble is that it gives you full control of your product. Use text, graphics, infographics, images, tables, shapes, and colors that fit the type of information you have to offer. It frees you from the danger of pumping out generic, boring stuff. With its easy interface, you not only choose the type of content, but you also choose how it is presented.

Who Would Find Sqribble Useful?

The main section of the market that can truly use the features included in Sqribble are internet marketers and online entrepreneurs. Content is king in the industry and the race to provide relevant content has only intensified in the last few years. One of the main ways content is acquired is through e-books and reports. Marketers and entrepreneurs take advantage of these tools to reach their target market and ensure that they offer content that is useful and up-to-date.

Another section that can make use of Sqribble is the small business sector. E-books have been proven to be very effective for business owners who want to bring in leads. If these business owners can offer quality content, they can even convert these leads to paying customers.

E-books are also a popular medium for writers, especially those who want to break into publishing. Many self-published authors have found success through e-books and have built their following using nothing but online tools and electronic publishing.

If you are an internet marketer, entrepreneur, or author, and are looking for a way to bring your ideas to life, Sqribble may just be the tool for you. It is an affordable, simple option that you can use immediately without worrying about a steep learning curve. You can customize or automate it as much as you want, or manually provide your own content. Sqribble offers plenty of options for creative control and you can design your e-book exactly the way you want it to appear.

What’s the Catch?
The basic Sqribble pack is available for a one-time purchase price. There are, however, additional products you can purchase for an additional cost. These are: Sqribble Professional, Sqribble Prime, Sqribble Fantasia 3D, and Auto Job Finder.

Sqribble Pro features an additional 150 templates, more graphics, and more content options for a wide variety of niches. Sqribble Prime offers 15 limited edition premium templates that you can receive through your Sqribble dashboard monthly, allowing you to build a massive library of templates over time. Sqribble Fantasia 3D is a tool for the creation of e-book covers. With this program, you can create 3D images for your covers to make your concepts as lifelike as possible. Fantasia 3D also lets you create animated, interactive e-book pages. Lastly, Auto Job Finder lets you automate job searches in the most popular freelance websites so you can offer your services to potential clients.

About the Creator

Sqribble was created by Adeel Chowdhry, one of the rising stars in online entrepreneurship. The London-based online marketer has been building his reputation in digital marketing for more than 10 years and is known for his successful coaching of aspiring internet entrepreneurs.


Sqribble is priced at $67 for the main software. Additional products are sold separately.

PROs & CONs Listing

-Intuitive interface that makes e-book creation simple
-Allows easy creation of e-books in the shortest time possible
-Can also be used to create guides, manuals, information products, reports, and whitepapers
-Professional-grade designs and themes
-Cloud-based access and use, which means you can work on your project any time, anywhere
-Has a number of covers that can be edited
-Contains over 50 professional-looking templates that serve 15 niches
-Automates headers, page numbers, footers, and table of contents sections
-Includes over 300 types of Google fonts
-Includes a library of stock photos; allows import of other images
-Allows automation of content with one click
-Allows easy export of finished e-books to Kindle format

-Upsells that offer more features but have to be purchased separately; currently, there are four upsells on top of the main software

Is Sqribble a Win?

There are other e-book creation programs available but Sqribble is a standout in many ways. It is affordable and does not require additional purchase to access the main software. Although it comes with upsells, the main software itself will suffice for most e-book creation needs. The designs and themes, along with other features such as automatic layout settings, can get you started on your first project right away.

If you are an internet entrepreneur looking for a way to make writing much easier so you can focus on the business side of your endeavor, this is the perfect option for you. Of course, you could always rely on your own creative writing prowess or hire a freelancer to do the job. But why spend more time, money, and effort on something that you could do yourself at a fraction of the cost and time? Sqribble works very well as an e-book creation tool. More than just an e-book creation software, Sqribble is a solution.



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