Relationship Rewrite Method Review


Many women are looking for advice on how to deal with love life issues, and the Relationship Rewrite Method aims to help them in this regard. This online dating guide contains a number of psychological strategies that are proven to fix damaged relationships. Therefore, if you need a failsafe way to win back the love of your life, or simply want to sustain your existing healthy relationship, pay attention to this Relationship Rewrite Method review.

Features of the Course

Written by James Bauer, who also wrote the acclaimed ‘Be Irresistible’ program, this downloadable course takes you through the steps required to make up with your ex. It is clearly written and explains tactics that you can employ to stimulate his emotions. A good thing about this course is that it is intended for a broad range of problems – from the boyfriend who finds it difficult to express himself, to a full blown relationship breakdown. As well as this, it can work well even if he ignores your texts and calls initially.

If you have a stubborn ex partner, the author details how to trigger his feelings to erase negative past memories, and focus his mind on the wonderful times you experienced together. In addition, the author reveals how you can break his wall of silence with one simple text. You will learn the precise words to use that will make him respond, be more open minded, and position yourself as the woman of his dreams. Here are some the ideas that the course covers:

-Using flattery to make him interested – This chapter talks about heuristic techniques, like reciprocal motivation. The author explains how living for today and being optimistic will help to win back your ex. Also, you are taught how to praise your partner, without appearing insincere or desperate. A bit of praise can trigger a raft of uplifting feelings, which make him see you in a more positive light. If you stay humble and show regret for past mistakes, you can talk him round and make him want you again.

-Altering his beliefs about where your relationship is headed – This chapter shows you how to make him regard a future with you as a positive thing, and dispel any negative thoughts he has. While it is impossible to change what happened before, it is possible to change the way he sees it. Then, you can redefine his mental picture of your long term relationship.

-Requesting that he does something for you — Telling your ex that you need his help can trigger his protective instincts, and strengthen your personal connection. The author also covers why maintaining eye contact can make a big difference.

-Appealing to his better nature with stories — This chapter teaches you how to influence your ex by building anticipation through story telling. Turning your relationship into a good story will bring out the romantic in him, and encourage him to make it work.

-Making progress without being confrontational — In this chapter, you are taught why arguing with your ex is counterproductive, and how to improve your interpersonal skills to save your relationship. You will find out how to highlight the advantages you offer and dispel any doubts he has.

-Gauging the right parameters – Obviously, when trying to win back your ex, you are still both free agents, so he should know that as well. You need to make him realize that you are an independent person with other options. The author tells you how to maintain an appropriate distance, until you talk to your ex properly about what your future relationship will look like.

Benefits of the Course

The Relationship Rewrite Method does not only cover the steps needed to fix your relationship, it also provides many practical ideas that will enhance your self esteem and future relationships. The course is packed with real life examples to support the advice offered. This makes it enjoyable to read and gives you confidence that the techniques work well. The strategies taught are based on several psychological and neuroscientific studies.

The author does not advocate a manipulative approach. Rather, he encourages you to understand how men think, then use this knowledge to create a better relationship at the second time of asking. You are advised to be disciplined, use the right emotional triggers and bide your time, to avoid sabotaging your efforts. Take a long term view, and don’t try to do too much too soon. The author also emphasizes the importance of having fun while trying to reunite with your ex.


It costs $47 to purchase The Relationship Rewrite Method. This is a reasonable price, considering the depth of information you receive. Both Paypal and credit card payments are accepted. The course will be sent to you via email, as soon as your payment is processed. The course comes with a two month refund guarantee as well.

PROs & CONs Listing


-The author bases his teachings on years of painstaking research into male behavior.
-The techniques taught are simple to grasp and implement.
-Women can learn how to get back with their ex boyfriends, by erasing painful past experiences that could otherwise prevent them from doing this.
-The principles of the course are logical and offer a solid foundation for establishing healthy relationships in future.


-Some of the techniques described require women to be quite assertive. This might be a challenge for women who are less confident.

What Other People are Saying

There are a number of testimonials published online that confirm how effective the course strategies are. One reviewer said that her boyfriend used to get angry, when she went out with her friends without informing him. Nonetheless, he would go out with his friends without informing her either. This made the reviewer angry, not because her boyfriend didn’t tell her he was going out, but because he was being hypocritical. Before purchasing the course, the reviewer used to argue a lot with her boyfriend, which only inflamed the situation. Once she had been through the course, she spoke to him calmly one day, and told him that she was unhappy with his double standards. Using the techniques explained by James Bauer, she got him to agree that they should both follow the same rules, and tell each other whenever they go out. This enabled her to sustain her relationship with the man she loved, while still enjoying an active social life.

In the introduction to the course, the author himself also mentions some clients of his who attended a counseling session. From the outset, it was obvious that the woman had sought professional assistance, and that the man was skeptical about the whole thing. Notwithstanding, after a couple of sessions, the man changed his attitude once the author applied the principles taught in the course. This saved the relationship and rekindled the man’s interest in his partner, which had deserted him previously due to the bitterness he harbored about her past behavior.

About the Course Creator

James Bauer is an internationally renown dating and relationship expert, who has helped lots of people over the past decade. He has spent a number of years researching human relationships, and aims to help women form more passionate, meaningful and deeper connections with their partners. He wanted to put the methods detailed in his course to the test, to find out how effective they are for women who are experiencing major relationship problems, and who are close to breaking up with their boyfriends. He managed to prove, with the help of his clients who were on the brink of divorce, that his tactics work well – even for relationships that look impossible to save on the face of it. One significant advantage of James’ methods is that they are backed by research, and men will not suspect that they are being psychologically influenced to change their attitudes towards their partners.

Final Thoughts

All things considered, the Relationship Rewrite Method should be mandatory reading for all women, who wish to do everything they can to retain the interest and loyalty of their boyfriends for many years. In contrast to most other relationship courses available, this one uses scientific research as the basis for its’ advice. It can benefit the average woman in a number of ways, and the techniques work on most men. You do not have to alter your personality, physical appearance or moral values to use this course. You just have to follow and implement simple methods that can improve the circumstances of your present relationship.

With the two month refund guarantee, there is no reason not to test the course. You can give it a try, in the knowledge that – if it is no good and doesn’t rectify your relationship problems – you can get all of your cash back. For this reason, the course comes highly recommended, with a 5/5 star rating. If you want a simple but powerful way to maintain a good relationship, this course represents an outstanding investment.



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