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Progentra Review – is the Progentra pill a scam? Or does it really work as described to improve stamina and help you last longer . Today we reveal the truth.

If you are looking for an effective male enhancement solution, technically, you do not need a drug. What you need is a supplement made from natural ingredients without all the dangerous side effects you get from certain drugs and injections. Now, this is where Progentra comes into the picture. This wonderful supplement ticks all the right boxes because it is safe, effective and works like a charm. Read this Progentra review and you will understand why millions of smart men (young and not so young) are using this supplement.

What is Progentra?
This is a good question because it is important to know exactly what this supplement is and why it is good for you. Technically, Progentra is not a drug. It is a purely natural male enhancement supplement. The purpose of this drug is to help men who are struggling with all or some of the conditions below:

Erectile dysfunction
Low libido
Premature ejaculation
Lack of confidence in bed
Temporary loss of libido

Understanding How Progentra Can Help You
In case you have the impression that Progentra manufacturers are making wild claims, you have to think again. Progentra targets and resolves all the conditions above in an efficient way. Now, let us look how Progentra can help you.

Erectile Dysfunction
In simple English, erectile dysfunction means the inability to maintain and sustain a full erection during the sex act. Erectile dysfunction (ED) affects millions of men in different parts of the world. The causes of ED include stress, poor diet, age, medical conditions like diabetes and insufficient flow of blood to the penis. In some cases, erectile dysfunction might be a result of drugs used to treat certain medical conditions.

In cases where ED is caused by insufficient flow of blood to the penis and lack of nutrients that boost libido, Progentra is just right for you. Even in cases where erectile dysfunction results from stress and medical conditions, a lifestyle change and the right medication along with Progentra usually works wonders for the man involved. This is because Progentra contains all the nutrients and natural ingredients that boost erection and increase the desire for sex.

Low Libido and Premature Ejaculation
These two conditions go together in many cases. When the testes do not produce enough healthy sperms, the desire for sex may reduce drastically. This leads to a situation where the sex act becomes nothing but an inconvenient chore. As a result, the man in question ejaculates prematurely without putting in a good performance. The good news is that the ingredients in Progentra will boost the production of healthy sperm cells and increase sex drive. This translates to confidence in bed and the ability to last long during the sex act. As a result, the man does an excellent job in bed and the woman is happy with the award-winning performance.

Lack of confidence in Bed
Sometimes, the problem may be psychological and not physical. You are strong and healthy and you have always been able to do your homework properly in bed. Now, you notice you are no longer as virile as you used to be. This creates anxiety and tension in the bedroom. You are reluctant to try because you might not be able to deliver the goods. Now, this anxiety will lead to a vicious cycle where the man in question begins to avoid sex and the condition becomes even worse. In this scenario, all you need is a confidence boost. Take Progentra and put in one superlative performance and you simply rediscover your Mojo (pun fully intended).

Temporary Loss of Libido
We live in a world that is full of stress-inducing factors. Pressures at work, fear of failure and marital problems are all sources of stress. Now, you need to be happy and relaxed to enjoy sex. This mean that if you are battling with stress on many fronts, your libido is likely to head south. When this happens, you should two things to solve the problem. First, you give yourself a bit of anti-stress therapy by dealing with the underlying causes of stress. This could mean getting more sleep, talking things over with your spouse, analyzing the stress-causing conditions and taking remedial action. Next, you should take the right dose of Progentra. This move ensures that the temporary loss of libido does not become permanent.

Clearly, Progentra can benefit you greatly but we have to take an objective look at the ingredients of this wonderful supplement. What does Progentra have that other supplements do not have? What makes it possible for this supplement to deliver the goods? To answer these questions, we should look at the company behind the product and the ingredients of Progentra.

The Company behind the Product
The company behind Progentra has been in business for many years. Progentra is not the first male enhancement supplement produced by this reputable firm. Prior to manufacturing Progentra, this firm had produced the likes of Formula 41, Biomanix and Tengenix. The important thing is that after the introduction of Progentra into the market, former users of these products simply switched to Progentra. The reason for this switch is quite simple. This new product (Progentra) was in a different class entirely and had many benefits the other products (great products in their own right) did not have.

Progentra Ingredients
A male enhancement supplement is nothing if it does not have the right ingredients. Below are the ingredients that have made this supplement the wonderful product it is today.

This ingredient has a dual mandate. It increases the supply of blood to the pelvic region so that you have a much bigger erection. It also increases the Nitric Oxide level and this boosts physical performance. In effect, this ingredient boosts the equipment (bigger and stronger erection) and enhances physical performance at the same time.

Xanthoparmelia Scabrosa
The great thing about this ingredient is that it boosts your libido in a safe and natural way. This means that even if you are not in the mood, Xanthoparmelia Scabrosa will put you in the mood and you will perform and even outdo yourself.

Maca Root
A great sexual performance has a lot to do with physical performance and stamina. Now, your partner will not enjoy sex with you if you do not make the effort to satisfy her. This is where Maca root can help you meet your obligations. This ingredient improves stamina, combats premature ejaculation and increases sex drive.

Horny Goat Weed
This is one of the best natural aphrodisiacs out there. This ingredient enhances libido and makes you want more sex most of the time. The Chinese have been using this ingredient for hundreds of years and this is why they are very productive people.

Butea Superba
This is one great aphrodisiac and this is why it has been used to treat erectile dysfunction for many years. It is guaranteed to boost your sex life because it works with near-perfect precision. Another advantage of this ingredient is that it gives you that positive aggression in bed that many women love.

Muira Purama
Many people are familiar with the benefits of this wonderful ingredient. It has many health benefits and it an excellent erection booster. It also boosts testosterone the natural way without any dangerous side effects.

Tongkat Ali
This extract has its origins in South East Asia but it now enjoys global recognition. It is a great testosterone booster but it also has vasodilation properties. This is just what you need to perform in bed and make your woman happy.

Damiana Leaf extract
This particular ingredient is a cognitive function herb among other things. It boosts both physical and mental performance so it guaranteed to make you active, creative and inventive in bed.

Tribulus Terrestris
Tribulus Terrestris is an excellent testosterone booster. It inhibits a particular enzyme called Aromatase. Since this enzyme (Aromatase) converts testosterone into estrogen, it follows that by inhibiting this enzyme, Tribulus Terrestris increases the availability of testosterone that you can use for other more important bedroom duties.

How to Use Progentra
Now that you know what Progentra is and what it contains, let us discuss how to use this supplement. The recommended dosage is two capsules per day. You can take two capsules half an hour before sex to enhance performance. In the alternative, you can take one capsule in the morning and one in the evening. For best results, you should take the capsule with plain water. However, the supplement is equally effective if you take it with a bit of juice. In cases of clinical ED, premature ejaculation and permanent loss of libido, the right dosage is two tablets daily for 45-90 days.

Progentra Review Pros and Cons:

This supplement is generally well-tolerated
Very few side effects have been reported
Users of Progentra claim it works wonders
The claims made by the manufacturers are not exaggerations
It is endorsed by the FDA.

It takes some time before results manifest
Some websites sell fake products
It does not always increase penis size.

Progentra Review Verdict
It is hard to find a male enhancement supplement that is both safe and highly effective but Progentra is an exception. This supplement has a lot of great qualities and very few disadvantages. This writer has used the product and does not hesitate to recommend Progentra to all users and would-be users. Read Progentra review online and you will get more useful information.



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