Nomad Power System Review


Nomad Power System Review – is this guide by Hank Tharp really worth the money? Is it a scam or does it really work? In today’s review we will be answering all your questions regarding the course.

The Nomad Power System is essentially an online program that helps you prepare for the worst of uncertainties in life — be it wars, economic collapse, natural disasters, a zombie apocalypse or anything else you could think of. The program teaches you necessary steps to create your own energy source and how you should use it during times of an emergency. In other words, you would learn to survive and progress even when traditional electricity supply is not available. Let’s take a detailed look at the program in this Nomad Power System review article.

Why Does Nomad Power System Exist?

Emergency situations can arise any time. You might be residing in the most urban settings, but that doesn’t mean complete immunity from power cuts. Invariably, power goes when you’re least prepared for it or when you need it the most. The modern-day era is a period where humans depend on electricity for pretty much everything. Almost all devices and appliances you use need electricity — be it your smartphones, computers, wearables, home appliances, etc.

Some of them come with their own built-in batteries, but even those batteries need traditional electricity to recharge themselves once they run out of juice. You need to charge your phone almost every day. During winter, an electric heating system is needed to warm your home. Moreover, electric stoves have become more common than ever, which means even more dependency on electricity.

Things are fine until there is uninterrupted power supply. However, when the electricity supply is cut, things change dramatically. Tasks that were routine suddenly become an uphill task. There are certain sources of electricity backup that you may use, such as a solar panel and generator. However, a generator may cost you several hundred dollars. Also, you’ll need petrol to power it. And depending on your region, fuel prices could burn your pocket if you use these generators for days together.

A solar panel, on the other hand, might not be ideal if you live in a place that doesn’t get adequate sunlight during the day. Moreover, installing a solar panel can be expensive and time-consuming. The Nomad Power System has been devised to overcome power scarcities and tough situations. During times of need, this system would be your primary or backup energy source.

Program Creator

Hank Tharp created the Nomad Power System after having personally experienced the most terrifying and longest blackout in the history of America. When he took it upon himself to change things, he started conducting loads of research (in conjunction with some experts) that led to him coming up with his own energy source system. The program is presented in a simplified version so that a miniature power plant can be built by anyone and everyone.

Basic Overview of the Program

Before we get into the specific features of the program, it’s important you have a brief overview of things. Before helping you create your own energy source, the program educates you on all things energy-related. Though not completely exhaustive, all the essentials and important aspects are covered. It also delves into certain potential threats that could happen, but the program’s major focus is on how energy works, creating your own energy source, and surviving in a range of scenarios. To set things up and stay prepared for the unforeseen, you’ll only have to source parts, which you can easily find for cheap in hardware stores.

Program Constituents

The program comprises a straightforward step-by-step user manual that would act as your installation guide. The guide not just gives you assembly instructions, but also details the basic materials you’ll require, which include biomass gasifiers, pinions, sprockets, ring gears and a stainless-steel shaft.

Salient Features

• Rotational conversion

The system uses rotational conversion that helps churn out significant amounts of energy. The premise basically maximizes waste material usage to create a gas that would get converted to electricity later. Ideas from different perspectives are combined to achieve this. The rotational conversion idea has been borrowed from certain rotation principles that are used in vehicles even now.

• No expensive tool/equipment needed

You do not require expensive tools or specific skill sets to get started with the program. Even people without an engineering or science background would able to build the power plant within a few hours, as the instructions are well laid out and clear.

• Program layout

The system has been broken down well to furnish all details you need. Throughout the program, there are step-by-step instructions, diagrams, and pictures. There are elaborate blueprints and a comprehensive guide on assembly process and materials, along with the instructions being illustrated in the visual format.

• No noise or harmful gases

Unlike several heavy-duty generators, the power plant you construct won’t emit loud noises during operation, thanks to the rotational principle it employs in its mechanism. Also, it will not produce harmful gases that could affect your health.

• Increased power generation

The Nomad Power System power plant can produce three times the power of traditional generators, thanks to the manner in which its parts have been made and put together. The plant can power small to large appliances in your house. And just because you are working on a borrowed or backup power source, you need not change the way you use or interact with your devices. Moreover, if you require more power supply, you can scale up the engine to churn out more power.

• Bonus features

As you move ahead with the adventure, you’ll receive multiple bonus programs and equipment at no additional charge. Though separate, the bonus coincides with the survivalist, self-sustainable theme. The bonus things include an emergency flashlight with a 10,000mAh battery capacity, learning material on building your own batteries and alternator, tips for making significant energy alterations in your home, etc.


• Easy to read, comprehend, and complete — no energy awareness or specific skill needed. Also, you can set up the entire project within four hours.
• Cost-effective, particularly when you consider the cost of equipment required for complete installation.
• The program is digital which means you can access it anywhere and anytime you want.
• Decreased power consumption. Expect your energy bills to go down by a maximum of 60 percent.
• The maintenance expenses are low. The money saved courtesy low maintenance and energy savings could be used elsewhere.
• Available at an affordable price, which makes it accessible to all.
• Can be used in all seasons — anywhere, anytime.
• Two-month money back guarantee.


• Online-only mode means you would need Internet access at all times to access and use the program.
• The program doesn’t offer video tutorials, which could be a negative for people who prefer watching over reading.

Who is This Program For?

Anyone who uses electricity would need this program. Electricity supply has not been consistent in the recent past, thanks to the increasing demand and limited supply. This also means power is getting expensive by the day. People who are not okay paying a lot of money would find the Nomad Power System a godsend.

Most homeowners do everything within their might to bring down their energy expenses. They may try less energy ingestion; decrease their dependence or use of electrical devices; install smart and energy-efficient appliances; etc. However, none of these strategies would have worked. Such people would need this program badly.

If the area you live in is susceptible to natural calamities or power cuts are a norm in your place, you should take a look at this program. If standard power supply in your place is erratic and you are someone who works from home on their computer, you would need this system to ensure no breaks in your workflow.

Is the Program Legit?

The program is certainly legit and works 100 percent at all times. Many homeowners have bought this program in the past and have been happy with their purchase. Even the ones who were finding it difficult to comprehend the information at first were able to get over the initial hiccups and successfully create their own power plant. If this program wasn’t legit, it wouldn’t have had so many people raving about it. Also, another major indicator of the program’s legitimacy is the two-month money back guarantee promise it comes with. Hence, even if you think the program is fake or a scam, you have a maximum of 60 days to try it out and prove that for yourself.


Even if you are least inclined toward building things or have never changed a light bulb before, you should still be able to make a personal mini power plant using this program. The detailed instructions, diagrams and pictures simplify things considerably. And if, for some reason, you are still not able to complete the program or make the power plant, you can seek a refund as per the 60-day money back policy. In short, there is no harm in trying out the program. There are quite a few similar programs on the Internet — either for free or fee — but none actually come close to the simplicity and attention to details that the Nomad Power System brings to the table. If we had to rate the program, we’ll give it a solid 5 out of 5.



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