My Shed Plans Review


My Shed Plans Review – is this woodworking course by Ryan Henderson really worth the money? Is it a scam or is legit? In today’s review we will be answering all your questions regarding the guide.

Is “My Shed Plans” better than other woodworking plans or is it just another scam? Will you be able to build something useful with Ryan Henderson’s plans? Can these plans be used by a beginner? Are they easy to use? What is the true value of this product? This My Shed Plans Overview will give your clear insight on the legitimacy of this product.

Most Woodworking Plans Don’t Work

Are you a beginner trying to figure out how to construct your first shed? Are you tired of complicated shed blueprints that are impossible to follow? Are you tired of plans with misleading instructions that end up wasting your time?

Most shed plans sold by big publishers don’t work because they have not been written by experienced woodworkers. Instead, they have been ghostwritten by people who have never touched a piece of wood in their life.

Ryan Henderson claims to offer a perfect alternative for the bogus woodworking plans out there. He claims to have created a product that even a complete novice can use to successfully create an outdoor shed. This review examines the truth behind Ryan’s claims.

About the Product Creator: Ryan Henderson

Ryan Henderson has over two decades of woodworking experience. Therefore, he is one of the best people who can guide you on getting started with woodworking.

Ryan Henderson encountered difficulties when he tried to build a shed for the first time. He made several blunders including following incorrect techniques and using the wrong materials and measurements. He almost gave up.

Ryan took over six months to complete his first project. This drained him financially, emotionally, and mentally. He felt like a loser. He tried different solutions found in expensive woodworking books. Most of the solutions were complicated to follow and they didn’t deliver the intended results.

From all the shed plans that he bought, he was not able to find any valuable information. In fact, they made the problem worse. It was then that Ryan decided to put aside all the misleading information and begin to find his own solutions. That was one of the best decisions that he has ever made.

In less than a month, Ryan was able to break through the impasse and create his first shed. Since then, he has never looked back. He has continued to improve his skills and plans.

Ryan has spent over 20 years creating one of the most comprehensive collections of woodworking plans. This is the most useful collection of wood projects that you can ever find.

If you are new to woodworking, you don’t have to struggle like most beginners usually do. Ryan Henderson is here to help you. He will make your work easier.

Ryan has taught many absolute novices without any prior woodworking experience and they were able to create the perfect shed, the first time. With the help of Ryan’s blueprint, you can be the next success story.


1. Thousands of Styles

You will obtain designs for different types of sheds. With these designs, you will be able to construct a shed of any size whether it is a small garden shed or a large outhouse shed.

2. Covers All Kinds of Roofs

These include pent roof, gable roof, flat roof, and pyramid roof among others.

3. Materials List

Ryan has included a complete materials list. He has precisely indicated what each material will be used for. Therefore, you will not need to guess what to buy.

This materials list makes it easy to plan for your project. You will be able to purchase everything once and proceed with your project without disruptions because a particular material is missing.

4. Step-by-Step Instructions

All plans come with step-by-step instructions that you will be able to systematically follow to create your shed. You will not feel lost on what to do next.

5. Woodworking Tips

Ryan has extensive woodworking experience. He has experimented with different techniques and worked with the leading woodworking experts in the industry. Ryan offers advanced woodworking tips with these plans. These tips will help you to transform from a novice to an expert.

6. Color Photos

These make the plans to be interactive.

7. Supplier Directory

This is the most comprehensive directory of woodworking suppliers. With this directory, you will know where to find rare exotic woods and you will also be able to locate the best bargains.

PROs & CONs Listing


• You Will Fall in Love with Woodworking

Most woodworking plans make beginners to dread woodworking. That is because they make woodworking projects to be intricate and challenging.

With Ryan’s plans, you will develop a real passion for woodworking. These plans have designed to make the woodworking process to be as enjoyable as possible.

• Your Woodworking Efforts will Be an Ego-Boosting Experience

A good percentage of woodworking blueprints lower the ego. They will make you to feel like a failure because you will spend a lot of time and effort and end up with nothing meaningful.

Ryan’s blueprints will reward your hard work and creativity. With these plans, you will create something great with your bare hands. That will be an ego-boosting experience.

• Detailed & Clear Instructions

Ryan’s plans have detailed instructions that even a kid can follow. You will not be confused by technical jargon. Everything has been written in clear language.

Because of the detailed instructions, your shed will build itself. You will just be putting the blocks together just like LEGO.

• No Experience Needed

You don’t need to know the fundamentals of woodworking to build a perfect shed with Ryan’s plans. Even if you have little knowledge about woodworking, Ryan will guide you by hand until you successfully build a shed. All that you need to do is to carefully follow the instructions. In case you encounter any difficulty, feel no hesitation to contact Ryan by email.


• Ryan’s Woodworking Plans are Not Free

Free woodworking plans are not worth it. They will completely waste your time because they have nothing meaningful to offer.

Your time is your most valuable asset. Therefore, don’t waste it with free plans. For only a small price, you will access all the high-quality plans offered by Ryan Henderson.

• Overnight Success is Not Possible

This product does not come with the promise of overnight success. Any product that claims to facilitate overnight success is a scam and you should avoid it.

That does not mean that you need to toil for months to create your dream shed with these plans. If you are a beginner, you will complete your first shed in less than a week. Subsequent sheds will take less time because you will be constantly improving your skills.


You will definitely love Ryan’s shed plans. You will also like the fact that this product is affordable. For a limited time, you only need to pay $37 to access over 12,000 projects.

There is no guarantee that the price will remain at $37. Ryan might decide to increase the price in the future. Therefore, it is advisable to purchase the product today to avoid future disappointments.

$37 is a great bargain considering that the real value of the product is over $1,000. At that price, you will also enjoy 4 special bonuses that are worth over $350.

The $37 is a one-time payment and there are no hidden charges. Once you pay the price, you will enjoy the product for life without any additional payments. All product upgrades are offered for free. You will also freely access the online support forum, where you will learn from the experiences of other woodworkers.

You take no risk by purchasing Ryan’s plans because there is a 100% money-back guarantee. If this product does not meet your expectations, you can request a total refund at any time.

What Others Are Saying About This Product

Joshua’s woodworking efforts have been thoroughly rewarding and enjoyable since he started this program. Before that, he used to dread woodworking. Ryan has made him to discover his woodworking passion. Every day, he continues to improve his woodworking skills because of the thousands of resources offered by Ryan Henderson.

Kent Church from Danielson, Connecticut, was impressed with the results. With the help of his son, he built a shed on his property using one of Ryan’s plans.

Linden Coleman from Winston-Salem, NC, says that this collection of shed plans is one of the best investments that he has made in a long time. It helped him to build an awesome garden shed for his family.

Perry from Racine, WI, loves the quality of directions. He commends Ryan for the simple and clear instructions that made his job easier.

Ivan from Medford, Oregon, completed a 12X20 garden shed in less than a day using this blueprint. He saved over $3,000.

Final Verdict

Rating: 5/5

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