My Boat Plans Review


My Boat Plans Review – is this guide by Martin Reid really worth the money? Is it a scam or does it really work? In today’s review we will be answering all your questions regarding the course.

Building a boat, let alone a ship, and all that on your own sounds rather overwhelming. Granting that DIY projects have become highly popular in recent times, but building a complete, fully operative boat, even a smaller one, the DIY fashion—that sounds rather fantastic, doesn’t it (and especially when you have little to NO experience in this niche)?

Well, to tell you the truth, it does have the ring of wishful thinking. Which is why many people who have come to hear of the My Boat Plans from Martin Reid tend to be more than a little skeptical about the usefulness of this product.

So is this ‘Build Your Own Boat Course’ really going to help you? Or are you going to end up with a couple (or more) unfinished projects that, apart from the time and costs involved therein, will leave you even more discouraged about the possibility of building a boat on your own?

Well, let’s review this course in detail and see if we can find an answer to this question.

My Boat Plans Review


To begin with, the course has been designed and developed by the master boat builder Martin Reid, also a registered member of the American Boat Builders Association. The main guide of the course consists of a rather staggering collection of 518 different boat plans, explained in detailed step-by-step manner; 40 how-to videos spanning more than 10 hours; scores of 3D photos and illustrations; a design software if you want to custom design your plans; and a whole bunch of other useful bonuses. Most crucially, however, the course designer claims that with the help of this guide, you can build your own boat even if you have ZERO experience in this kind of projects.

The Review Proper
Before we go on to discuss the various features and the benefits of the course, let’s give you a little back story, as related to us by Mr. Reid himself.

According to Mr. Reid, back in the early days when he was only starting out as a hobbyist ship-builder, he had invested a good deal of money, effort and time in building his first boat that he was making following instructions from a boat building manual that he had come across. That first project ended in a failure.

However, as he was not prepared to give up as of yet, he started on another project. Unfortunately enough, the second project met with the same fate as of the first. And it was then that the whole thing started to turn out rather ‘inconvenient’. His wife was not happy with those aborted projects as those incomplete structures (meant to be real boats!) took up a lot of space in the garage. More importantly perhaps, Reid himself was feeling that his ‘hobby’ is actually STRESSING HIM OUT.

It was then that he met with a stroke of good fortune when he got acquainted with an elderly man who was a master in boat-building. And it so happened that this gentleman took an interest in young Mr. Reid’s projects and having inspected his handiwork in the form of those two incomplete boats, he summarily detected what the issues were.

There were gaps in some essential knowledge on Reid’s part and the man was kind enough to carefully explain them to him. From there on, it was ‘plain sailing’ and Reid finished his aborted projects in no time.

Now, the reason we relate this story is to make you see that the designer of the course knows all about (and has himself experienced) the obstacles that a rookie or a first-time boat builder may stumble upon. As such, it is only reasonable to expect that the guide prepared by him would pay special attention particularly to those details so others would not have to go through the same disappointments and hardships that he did during the initial phases of his career as a boat builder.

Course Features & Benefits

 The main guide of MY Boat Plans course includes plans for 518 boats (from simple kayaks and dinghies to advanced projects such as cabin cruisers, and even a submarine!!). The plans include thorough and plentiful details in terms of cutting patterns, building techniques, schematics and lists of materials required for ALL manner of boats.
 The guide includes a host of three-dimensional pictures (color pictures when relevant) that makes it easy to understand the instructions (provided both in metric and imperial units).
 The book also shows an easy method to plan and navigate cross-reference quickly.
 Then there is the invaluable (in a manner of speaking; in fact, according to Mr. Reid, he is planning to put up each of these videos up for sale at $30 apiece) collection of 40 VIDEO LESSONS that covers all the essential know-hows of boat and ship building.

Here is a short list of some of the topics included in this video series that altogether spans over a whopping 10 HOURS:

– Complete Boat-Building Process Narrated
– Building Great Fishing Boats
– Building Sail Boat and a Simple Canoe
– Boat Construction Techniques: Comprehensive Overview
– Placing Forms and Making Rivets
– Handling Different Materials
– Applying Plywood Skins to Boat Frames
– Boat Repair/Rebuilding

…and there are many more.

 You’ll also find plenty of useful tips from other professional boat builders. These tips include useful how-to knowledge regarding building and refurbishing hulls, decks and superstructures, the methods to resist corrosion and many more.

In short, the central guide provides comprehensive knowledge in construction for wooden boats and for ship building.

Also, here’s a partial list of the different types of boat designs included in the guide:
34 Sailboats; 46 Kayaks, Canoes, and Rowboats; 12 Paddle Wheel Boats; Runabout Boats (36 Outboard and 7 Inboard); 5 House Boats; 9 Novelty Boats; 19 Hydroplanes; 12 Cabin Cruisers.


You also get to grab 5 highly useful bonus features when you buy the My Boat Plans course. These are:

1. CAD Software: This 3D design software will come handy when you want to make custom designs for your boats.
2. A Boat Safety & Regulation Guide: This e-book guide will provide you with all the necessary information regarding covering regulations for your type of boat, its usage, length, engine, and so on.
3. Boat Builder’s Complete Guide: Actually, the tips from other professionals that we mentioned before are contained in this bulky 600-page guide.
4. Boat building Secrets: Even more plans, ideas, tips and technique will be found in this mammoth program spread across as many as 16 BOOKS!
5. Lifetime access to the MY Boat Plans’ Members Q&A Forum.
6. Lifetime access to all future updates

Finally, you can download all these materials from over the internet. But, there are also physical copies available, so you can order the books and DVD pack if that is more convenient for you.

What Other People Are Saying

From what we can glean from testimonials posted on the official website for the course,, different users are satisfied about many different aspects of the guide, understandably about those that are most relevant to their purpose.
Jacob from Brighton, UK, for example, is excited about the taped seam plywood and glued plywood techniques that Reid has shared in the guide on top of other traditional construction techniques.

Again, Eric from New Zealand is happy about the stitch and glue technique that has helped him immensely in making his rowboat.
In general, however, almost all users praise the guide for its detailed, step-by-step instructions that leave virtually nothing out.
To skim through the full list of testimonials, please visit the site’s Testimonial page here:


Currently, the whole package is available from the official website of the course at an incredibly affordable $47 and we do believe that this easy price is one of the great features of the course. Not just because it is highly affordable, but because of all the wealth of QUALITY materials that you obtain at this price.

For example, other courses may also offer a whole host of materials at similar (or higher) prices, but unless those materials really enable you to make your own boat from the scratch, the whole deal will be pretty useless.

So, to repeat, it is not only the amount of materials you get, but the QUALITY of the same that makes the difference.


As many users mention, Martin Reid’s My Boat Plans is the ‘real deal’ and we are highly inclined to concur.
As for the Pros & Cons, we believe we’ve already mentioned in detail all the benefits that you receive from obtaining this guide. Nevertheless, to recap:


• Detailed, easy to understand step-by-step guide construction guide for 518 different ships and boats
• The guide complemented by many useful color and 3D illustrations and a collection of 40 VIDEO LESSONS.
• Useful for advanced builders as well as for COMPLETE FIRST-TIMERS
• Free lifetime updates
• Whole range of useful bonuses
• Extremely affordable

• The only thing that we feel could make the course richer and even more useful is a direct contact and consultation opportunity with Mr. Reid. Of course, the users have access to the active Members Q & A Forum where they can put up their queries, but direct guidance (if you still required any) from the master builder himself would surely have been more useful.

Rating: 5/5



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