Meladerm Review


Meladerm Review – is the Meladerm skin cream really worth the money? Is it a scam or does it actually work? Find out the truth in this review article.

The skincare industry has become increasingly focused on skin lightening in recent years, however it is still rarely mentioned in the mainstream media. Generally speaking, this is due to confusion over the purpose of skin lightening. Basically, this treatment is used to address problems like stretch marks, uneven complexion and scarring.

Currently, Meladerm is a popular skin lightening product, because it does not need strong bleaching agents to work. This cream is an effective, organic product formulated to lighten discolored skin, dark spots and hyperpigmentation from stretch marks and scars. Whereas most other products of this kind use hydroquinone to whiten and lighten, Meladerm avoids this ingredient completely. In addition, this cream does not contain any steroids, parabens or other harsh compounds – yet it delivers fast results. The following Meladerm review will look at how this product works, what it contains, and why lots of people are raving about it.

Features of the Product

There are more than ten powerful ingredients in Meladerm cream, which are intended to nourish and lighten your skin. These ingredients counteract any skin hyperpigmentation. The cream is suitable for all types of skin, however the results vary from one user to the next. For example, the severity of sunburn and degree of pigmentation normally differ. In severe cases, results could take longer to materialize. On most skin types, the lightening process occurs in stages and you ought to see some improvement within a few months, if you apply the cream correctly. That is fairly quick, in comparison to other creams available for sale.

The product is packaged in an airtight dispensing bottle. This bottle blocks out all light and air, which are proven to make ingredients like kojic acid less effective. The bottle containing the cream weighs 1.7 ounces, and this should last a couple of months if you use it everyday.

It is extremely easy to use Meladerm, because no complex routines are required to make it work (excluding exfoliation, which is fairly straightforward). The first step is to rinse your face to clean your pores, and remove all the muck from your skin. This allows the cream to be absorbed into the skin properly for superior results.

The next step is to rub the cream across your skin, until it is completely absorbed. Be careful while doing this, because if the moisturizing and brightening agents are not totally absorbed, they will not work. If you only need the cream for your face, you do not need much of it and a single pump will suffice. If you apply it frugally, this skincare lotion will not run out quickly, although it will need replacing regularly if you use it on several areas of your body. Apply it twice daily — ideally in the morning and evening — and, if you encounter any skin irritation or allergic reactions, don’t use it again.

Benefits of the Product

Meladerm is a product that actually delivers on what it advertises. It is a highly effective form of skin treatment, because it only contains natural ingredients that are known to lighten skin discoloration, dark spots and hyperpigmentation. The active ingredients are stored and handled with great care by the manufacturer, to ensure that the product works as promised. The majority of similar products depend on chemical compounds that produce a number of side effects. In contrast, Meladerm lightens the skin from the inside naturally, controlling the development of melanin without causing any damage. This product can be used by women and men, and it is equally as effective on all types of skin — irrespective of ethnicity and color.

The Product Ingredients

Meladerm contains vital amino acids and organic plant extracts that nourish and lighten the skin. It provides the skin with large quantities of wholesome minerals and vitamins. The core product ingredients are designed to keep the skin moist and healthy. In addition, the cream can be used to treat blemishes, sores and acne. This product depends on a number of key ingredients to deal with dark spots and hyperpigmentation. These include:

-Bearberry Extract
-Alpha Arbutin
-Emblica Fruit Extract
-Lactic Acid
-Kojic Acid
-Vitamin C
-Licorice Extract
-Lemon Juice Extract
-Mulberry Extract

Bearberry extract, sometimes called beta arbutin, is derived from Uva Ursi plants. It is the natural version of hydroquinone, and functions by obstructing tyrosinase — an enzyme that produces melanin. Alpha arbutin comes from bearberry tree leaves. This biosynthetic ingredient is commonly found in skin lightening creams, because it obstructs melanin production. Research has proven its’ safety and merit for use in skin lightening products . It works well on all types of skin, and is faster and better than several other skin lightening agents, such as kojic acid.

Gigawhite is a mixture of seven plants from the Swiss alps. This natural skin lightening extract is free of preservatives, and known to reduce the appearance of dark spots in less than three months when topically applied. Emblica fruit extract and vitamin C contain many antioxidants that give them skin lightening properties. Kojic Acid is used in numerous skin lightening products, because it reduces age spots and hyperpigmentation on the skin.

In contrast to other ingredients on this list, lemon juice extract can irritate the skin. However, it does lighten the skin significantly, when used in the right dosage. Licorice root extract, mulberry extract and lactic acid all brighten the skin effectively, while at the same time being suitable for sensitive skin sufferers.

Sepiwhite is a molecule that makes dark spots less visible, when applied regularly. Niacinamide is simply another word for Vitamin B3. This ingredient works with kojic acid and arbutin to brighten and lighten the skin. SymWhite is derived from pine tree molecules and is extremely powerful. Packed with antioxidants, it is known to lighten the skin significantly.

Pricing Options

To buy Meladerm, you should visit the vendor’s official website: This is a secure payment platform, so you can order the product any time of day or night. Paypal and all the major credit cards are accepted.

Each bottle of Meladerm costs $49.99. Ceviant, the manufacturer, also sells many additional products to ‘enhance’ your shopping experience. These products include antioxidant facial cleansers, purifying facial toners, and various serums and moisturizers that are said to facilitate skin lightening.

For orders of more than $200, no shipping fee is applied. However, if you buy something for under $200, you have to pay a fee of $8.99. When you make a purchase of at least $200 from Civant, you receive an eye complex free of charge, which can reduce dark circles and puffiness around your eyes. Meladerm comes with a one month refund guarantee, which you can take advantage of if the product does not deliver the promised results. This is only available to new customers, who are making their first purchase.

PROs & CONs Listing


-Doesn’t contain steroids, hydroquinone, parabens, mercury or artificial fragrances.
-Works on all types of skin, including normal, dry, greasy, dark or light.
-The number of skin lightening ingredients it contains outnumbers other brands.
-Doesn’t have an unpleasant smell or sticky texture.
-It can treat old scarring and stains effectively, albeit over a longer period.
-It starts working within a short timeframe.
-Packaged well to keep the ingredients potent and fresh.
-Comes with a no quibble, one month refund guarantee.


-It could take several months for improvements to be noticed in extremely dark areas.
-Costs more than many other brands, although this is unsurprising given the caliber of the ingredients.

What Others are Saying

At the time of writing, Meladerm is rated an impressive 4.4 stars out of five on Amazon, based on ‎493 reviews. The majority of feedback about the product is positive. Customers highlight how it has improved their skin by clearing acne scars and lightening spots, and made them feel more confident in their appearance. Some customers say that it is the only cream they have used that lightens their melasma. Many women say that they don’t require as much concealer, since they started using the cream.

Other customers offer similar praise. Some report that they noticed their dark spots lighten after seven days of use, even though Civant states that it takes longer than this most of the time. Customers who were put off by the price at first, were happy after they discovered that the cream enhanced their skin and made it smoother. Even some customers who have sensitive skin say that the cream works well for them.

Final Thoughts

If you find it difficult to get rid of dark spots or scars on your skin, Meladerm could be the perfect solution. As well as being among the most natural products available in the skincare market, there are numerous reviews from customers that reveal how well it works. You can be confident that the cream will make your skin healthier and more attractive. Civant has a reputation for producing products that nourish and protect the skin, and this one is no exception. Suffice to say, Meladerm comes highly recommended, and deserves a 5/5 star rating.



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