His Secret Obsession Review


His Secret Obsession Review – is this guide by James Bauer really worth the money? Is it a scam or does it really work? In today’s review we will be answering all your questions regarding the course.

His Secret Obsession Review refers to a book by James Bauer that explores the secrets men keep. Although the book targets women who want to understand men better, many men find the book enjoyable and revealing. Frankly, most men instantly realize that the obsession that Bauer thinks that most men share is accurate. In today’s society, people expect that sex, excitement, danger, money or kinky practices might be the obsession that men secretly obsess over, but the answer is simpler and more complex.

His Secret Obsession Review Targets a Classic Behavior

Unlike the target ads and long sales forms that wait until half of the article or more to reveal the obsession, this review will make quick work of it. The obsession is heroism. Everywhere you turn, heroism is celebrated, praised and feted. Captain Chesley “Sully” Sullenberger claimed an unforgettable place in American culture by saving his Airbus A320 passengers with one of the trickiest emergency landings ever made. [1]

Hundreds of television shows, spinoffs, remakes and movies explore the heroic acts of everyday people and superheroes. In a world that’s often short of physical action given today’s digital culture, heroic acts achieve a near-mythic status. Real heroes are rare, but there are everyday heroes that step up again and again when needed. These are the type of heroes that Bauer feels women seek, and instead of encouraging men to become more heroic, he disingenuously recommends that women encourage heroism by becoming more dependent and helpless.

His Secret Obsession Review: An Online Course and Popular Relationship Movement

The “Damsel in Distress” movement actually works, and people really do respond to people in trouble. Luke Skywalker responded quickly to Princess Leia’s message, “You’re our only hope.” More and more women are rediscovering the classic strategy of letting men take control in certain situations where there’s real-world danger. It’s not necessary to become a second-class citizen or lose any rights to encourage men to behave like heroes.

The book and companion course have generated unprecedented reviews throughout social media, book review sites, women’s discussion groups and even websites dedicated to psychology or psychological issues. For women, the key to building a successful relationship with a man is revealing a weakness that the man can help relieve in some way. It might be a physical, financial or emotional need, but relying on a man for protection against any problem secretly feeds the hero instinct.

The Hero Instinct in His Secret Obsession Review

James Bauer, author of His Secret Obsession and What Men Secretly Want courses, isn’t some social media star who developed a following based on coming up with a creative idea or signing up a bunch of followers. Bauer is actually a trained psychologist who understands terms like “hero instinct” and its power in emotional situations.

Men who understand heroism and practice the relevant behavior became exceedingly attractive to most women. Bauer’s motto, “be irresistible,” encourages women to show confidence, bravery, happiness and inner beauty, and the courses are designed to tap into that attitude and channel it.

According to Bauer, the Hero Instinct isn’t like other qualities that attract women like passion, sexual attraction or infatuation. The Hero Instinct works on a deeper level and taps into a basic biological drive – protecting the family and children from outside threats. If a man doesn’t have the Hero Instinct, a woman will never be his soul mate.

Biological drives are immensely powerful like hunger, thirst and sex. That’s one of the reasons why women fall for “bad boys,” who are often the polar opposite of heroes. Aggressive, alpha behavior often seems like heroism, but in truth, bad behavior is bad behavior. True heroism is purer and deeper than alpha pack behavior, and women can easily tell the difference when they have the right information.

Real-World Heroism Examples

There have been many examples of true heroism cited in the news in recent years, but quiet heroism occurs every day in hundreds of situations. In 2012, three women survived a mass shooting when their boyfriends shielded their bodies from bullets and were killed. [1] Heroism isn’t about surpassing the abilities of others at any cost but the decision to serve others at any cost. True heroism is quiet, confident and sober – a decision to do the right thing, regardless of consequences.

His Secret Obsession Review: Manipulation 101?

Many people dismiss self-help books and courses out of hand without really learning what they’re about. Although Bauer definitely has a manipulative overtones in his courses, most self-help programs follow a similar pattern based on the idea that a repetitive, clear pattern offers a more effective approach to success. Bauer introduces thoughtful arguments based on real psychological insights into behavior and biological drives.

The writing in top notch, and the course covers a detailed approach on masculinity, heroism and doing the right things in stressful situations. The interesting thing here is that Bauer isn’t supplying a checklist of characteristics that make men heroes. His approach is just the opposite – providing women with tips and tricks to bring out the latent heroism in men.

Everyone knows a woman who attracts men for reasons that aren’t always obvious. These women might be attractive but unexceptional, pleasant but not outgoing and more attuned to hearth and home than world politics. However, something in their behavior triggers the protective instinct in men. For example, consider this recent observation of a couple being seated in a busy restaurant. The woman wanted to sit at a bigger table than a two-seater, but the server explained there wasn’t room when people were waiting at the door. The woman turned to her partner and said,”Never mind. I have a sick headache.”

Under the circumstances, the server’s position was understandable, and the woman’s “sick headache” comment seemed over the top for a grown woman who didn’t get her way. However, maybe the customer got what she wanted: a minor show of heroism from her lunch partner, who quickly escorted her out of the “offending” restaurant.

Some of the traits that men pick up on in women clearly show that they expect this kind of heroic effort. Examples, according to Bauer, include:

The Private Island: This is where women create a private space that’s like a private island. The woman loves the space because it guarantees privacy with the man she wants to know.

The Ex-Back Signal: Frequent on-again, off-again relationships commonly have signals and phrases that have far deeper meanings than the surface word convey.

Damsel in Distress: Blanche Dubois always depended on the kindness of strangers, but real damsels in distress appear routinely in everyday life – such as women who can’t cover lunch for her kids or have cars broken down on the side of the road.
Surreptitious Glimpse: When a man spies a woman looking at his surreptitiously, the hormones rise.

Pricing for His Secret Obsession Course

The price for the course seem reasonable given the fact that people spend tons of money on wild self-help ideas that offer far fewer links to mainstream research than Bauer’s work. You can join the course for 60 days for just $197, $97 or $47. The course periodically offers special discounts, so you could join for as little as a one-time payment of $47. Bauer works as an influential relationship coach, and his viewpoint is distinctly masculine. Pauer admits that this is true, but he raises a good defense: Most men become bored with dishonest relationships that refuse to take into account basic biological mandates.

Showing off biological feminine charms can attract the right man to share your life – someone who values basic heroism and practices it every day in subtle ways. Women aren’t uninteresting or boring, but they deliberately sabotage relationships with inadvertent actions, such as making endless lists of passive/aggressive suggestions. Men are more focused on what they consider their “real-world” missions, such as financing and protecting a family.

His Secret Obsession Review Conclusion

Bauer knows his stuff, but he also knows how to apply his theories to real-world events and common social situations. That’s the beauty of these courses – they can work for both men and women by giving them expanded insights into common relationship problems and solutions that work to attract partners for life or, at least, for comfortable living.

His Secret Obsession Review earns a 5-star rating just on the basis of introducing a controversial topic to pundits, bloggers and relationship gurus. The information is basic enough to be understood by anyone, and the book and course raise new issues that seem obvious but are seldom addressed by today’s relationship experts.

However, those who enjoy pursuing complex ideas to their logical conclusions will find Bauer’s work intriguing and creative. Well written and thoughtfully considered, the course and book earn a proud 5 out of 5 stars for tackling a difficult and controversial subject.



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