Easy Cellar Review


Easy Cellar Review – is this guide by Tom Griffith really worth the money? Is it a scam or does it actually work? Find out the truth in this review article.

Many people never stop to consider what it would be like, if they had to live without electricity, mobile phones or the Internet. These things have become so integral to daily life, it is easy to take them for granted. Nonetheless, it is worth remembering that governments spend more money on military weapons than schools, and – as global warming takes effect – severe weather conditions are increasingly common. Therefore, there is a reasonable chance that your normal life could be disrupted, due to drought, hurricanes, floods or military conflict. In such situations, you would want to ensure the survival of yourself and your loved ones. This is why you should prepare, by mastering the vital skills required to cope with these events.

The ‘Easy Cellar’ ebook guide, by Tom Griffith, claims to teach techniques that protected our forefathers or great grandparents from famine, economic turmoil and other unwelcome catastrophes. The guide shows readers how to create a backyard bunker or root cellar, without any professional assistance. The author is a sixty year old former nuclear safety official, who worked on projects linked to nuclear energy throughout his career. The materials recommended in the guide for building a bunker are said to be extremely affordable, and the methods simple to execute. This Easy Cellar review will look closely at this course, to determine whether it is a worthy investment.

Features of the Course

Easy Cellar has been written to help people safeguard their lives when disaster strikes, by equipping them with the knowledge to build durable shelters to preserve food supplies. If you follow the manual’s instructions, you should be able to construct your own bunker – with fresh, nutritious food to feed your family – in your backyard or property’s foundation. The guide teaches you how to create a bunker that can withstand the harshest of elements, such as nuclear explosions and other large scale carnage. In addition, it explains fifteen different ways to shield your bunker from nuclear radiation, if a nuclear missile lands near you.

Similar to the bunkers our forefathers used, the bunkers created with this guide preserve water and food supplies throughout the year. The course covers in great depth how to keep a sizable quantity of food and water in your bunker, and ensure it stays fresh and healthy. Because bunkers have restricted space, the course shows you how to make best use of your space to store supplies safely for months at a time. Furthermore, the manual explains how an odorless toilet can be built with a dependable sink, in under sixty minutes.

The author offers helpful advice on how to find the right location for a bunker on your premises. He discusses how to build it without ruining the appearance of your backyard, or the surrounding landscape. As well as being helpful during a natural catastrophe, a bunker can be an ideal place to hide with your supplies, if looters turn up to ransack your property during a recession.

A couple of free courses are offered with the main program, which sell normally for $27. The first course covers fifty-six different products to store in your bunker. These items will significantly boost your survival chances during times of crisis. The author explains why it is vital to include these items in your supplies, to keep your loved ones safe. The recommended foods do not expire quickly, and provide your body with enough sustenance to tide you over.

The second guide talks about the different nuclear bunkers across the US. The aim of this course is to prepare people properly, so they know what to do straightaway if a nuclear war starts in America. A significant quantity of bunkers are situated in different areas of the country. This guide is something you should keep close to hand, because it will help you locate the closest bunker if a nuclear conflict occurred in your state. You just have to search for your state in the guide, and it will give you the details about finding a bunker local to your workplace or home.

As well as the free courses, customers receive access to a member’s area. Here, they can raise questions or request further information about the Easy Cellar guide. The author attempts to respond to all queries promptly.

Benefits of the Course

Having been a nuclear safety inspector for many years, Tom Griffith is an expert in his field. He has produced an easy to follow guide that contains genuinely helpful information. This makes it ideal for all types of people, regardless of whether they have any previous experience of bunkers. The method explained in the guide is extremely straightforward, with clear instructions on how to build a bunker that suits your needs perfectly.

Once you implement the steps outlined in this course, you will create your own survival bunker without any external assistance. This den will be available to you, every hour of the day and night. The list of materials required to build the bunker can be purchased cheaply. Moreover, the author is happy to communicate with customers regularly, and address any concerns they might have.

Compared to other survival strategies, building your own bunker is the most effective way to protect yourself from the unexpected. The structure you create following the program instructions is totally waterproof, so there’s no need to fret about any water pipes in the vicinity. All you require is fifty square feet of space that can be used as the bunker site.

The Pricing

This course costs a mere $37, which is an extremely low amount – given that it can save the lives of your loved ones. This price is also good value, compared to what other vendors are charging for similar courses on the market. Better still, it is backed by a two month refund guarantee, which allows you sufficient time to study the guide and determine its’ usefulness.

PROs & CONs Listing


-Limited outlay needed: The materials required to build your own bunker are cheap and simple to find in stores. The course does not expect customers to front up large sums of cash to get started.

-Clearly explained guide: Tom Griffith uses straightforward language in this course, to ensure that customers grasp everything he says with no issues.

-Fantastic customer service: As already stated, you are given access to a member’s area, where you can raise any concerns or questions you have about the guide. Customer support is offered round the clock, 365 days a year.

-Refund guarantee: The course has a two month refund guarantee, which demonstrates how confident the vendor is in it. You can go through the guide at your leisure and decide whether it’s for you, before committing to purchase it.

-Cost effective: Easy Cellar is an easy to use guide that costs just $37. This is much less than many other survival courses being sold.


-An online connection is required: You will need reliable broadband to enjoy the advantages of this innovative course.

-Not available offline: Unlike most books, the Easy Cellar guide can not be purchased in brick and mortar stores. Instead, this program is sold exclusively as a digital course online.

What Other People are Saying

Upon reading the numerous comments published by Easy Cellar customers on different online platforms, it is clear that most people are happy with the course. On Goodreads it is highly rated, with many customers praising the concise nature of the guide, and the helpful diagrams that are included. Typically, customers find the content to be educational and packed with useful advice. Lots of customers appreciate the clear explanations provided, along with the creative rescue strategies that will keep them sheltered and ensure their survival when disastrous events occur. In light of this, it is fair to say that this guide is extremely effective and will work well for people of all kinds.

Final Thoughts

Easy Cellar is a fantastic course that reveals the lost art of building bunkers and staying safe from natural catastrophes. It tells you how to store generous supplies of water and food in a survival den, and how to use these when an emergency arises. Lots of people are concerned about nuclear warfare in today’s uncertain world. This guide shows you the location of the most vulnerable targets, and explains where to go to escape these attacks. This information is priceless, and once you have absorbed all the course content, you will be able to safeguard your loved ones.

Better still, this course has a two month refund guarantee, which takes any risk to the buyer out of the equation. On that basis, it is highly recommended and deserving of a 5/5 star rating. Although the course instructions are clearly explained, you still need to work hard to gather supplies and put everything together. Otherwise, you will not get the desired results. Notwithstanding, the guide is definitely worth reading, so if you want to give the people you love additional protection, purchase the Easy Cellar course today.



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