Draft Dashboard Review


Draft Dashboard Review – is this fantasy sports dashboard really worth the money? Is it a scam or does it really work? In today’s review we will be answering all your questions regarding the software.

People who enjoy Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS) might be surprised to learn that there are numerous software programs available, which can help them to analyze data and make decisions. The Draft Dashboard is one such example. DFS games are based on real sports, like baseball and football, but in a fantasy online environment. After selecting a sport, you choose the league, sports team and players you want, then you manage the team and compete against other players. In contrast to other fantasy sports, which are played throughout an entire season, Daily Fantasy Sports are played across much shorter time periods. In the US, there are a couple of service providers that arrange the sporting competitions. The winners of these events are awarded prizes, which normally consist of part of the money invested into the competitions. In this way, DFS allows people to profit, while experiencing the enjoyment of a fantasy sporting event.

There has been much debate about whether or not DFS constitutes gambling. Many people argue that it shares a number of characteristics with traditional sports betting, however others say that it relies more on skill than chance. This review will not touch on this issue. A lot of DFS users enjoy playing the games, but hate the amount of preparation time involved. For this reason, software tools that can perform the grunt work, with regards to collecting and analyzing player statistics, are extremely useful. This technology allows users to spend less time doing tedious research, and more time choosing great team lineups. The Draft Dashboard streamlines player research, by arranging the most relevant data about players in order of priority. Having this work done for you means that you can focus your efforts on assembling the best squad possible, on a weekly basis. This Draft Dashboard review will cover how this software tool uses smart design features and patented analytics, to deliver a seamless DFS experience. After reading this review, you will appreciate how this software can be leveraged to produce successful team lineups, with a minimum of hassle.

Features of the Software

The accessibility of relevant data is what separates a successful fantasy team from a poor one. Data like the number of touches, sleeper potential and shots taken, etc all need to be factored in, prior to drafting players. The Draft Dashboard provides data that takes into account more than 1000 variables, to help you decide which players are best suited to your preferred team.

Certain players will do well immediately, and become an integral part of your first team straight after being drafted. Other players might show promise, but fail to live up to it right away. With these types of players, the best strategy is to keep them on standby, without putting them into the first team initially. They can be placed on a waiting list and stay there, until they fulfill their potential and become the caliber of players you think they can be. The software allows you to maintain this player waiting list, while you monitor their future performance. It sends you regular news about the players on this list, whenever there are developments to report. This way, you will be notified quickly if a player suddenly improves their game, so you can include them in your team from that point onwards.

Although raw statistical data is important, there are occasions when you require additional proof – aside from the numbers on a screen – to make a confident decision. This might consist of video footage, showing the performance of a player you are intending to draft. The Draft Dashboard gives you key visual information that will help you to determine whether to draft, or overlook, certain players. This can be crucial, when you have to take into account diverse variables, like dribbling ability or body type, which aren’t always evident from the raw data. As fresh information emerges, the software helps you to improve your team, by showing recommended drafts based on the latest news.

Including sleepers in your team can be a master stroke, or a total disaster, depending on how you choose them. Because these players are normally unheralded, when they are correctly identified, they significantly enhance your fantasy team’s performance. However, when the wrong sleeper players are picked, they can ruin your team’s winning chances. With the software’s innovative statistical analysis, you can find the right sleepers easily. The software evaluates a player’s past performances, to determine the probability of him having a breakout season. The data supporting this judgment will be displayed to you instantly as well.

Of course, there would be no pleasure in playing fantasy football, if you could not brag about your achievements to other people. Although some users are motivated by profit, the majority of them simply want the opportunity to tell their mates about the games they won. Moreover, talking about your team line up with somebody else might aid your decision making. The Draft Dashboard has its’ own social media platform, where you can discuss your latest team picks, line up, and other aspects of the game.

Benefits of the Software

The Draft Dashboard can be accessed round the clock, 365 days a year. This is handy for people who travel regularly through various time zones. These days, many online users are accessing the web through their smartphones, rather than their laptops or desktop computers. The software runs on computers, tablets and smartphones. Therefore, regardless of your location, you can access the app without limitations. The first thing that strikes you, after you purchase the software, is how user friendly it is. The design is completely intuitive, so you can find what you want instantly. You will become familiar with the platform in no time at all.

The player research feature gathers data in a matter of seconds. The software uses both ‘in house’ researchers and other, third party reputable sources. This allows you to get precisely what you require, at the click of a mouse. The calculations are accurate and the visual elements are second to none — The 3D Game Visualizer lets you watch upcoming matches from different angles.

The Pricing

With a monthly fee of only $39.95, the software is affordably priced, in comparison to other DFS apps. The optimization features and research tools are comparable to apps of a similar price. It is particularly good value if you take part in DFS competitions across numerous sports. For instance, for the same amount of support in multiple sports, the monthly subscription fee for RotoQL is $20 more than Draft Dashboard.

Fortunately, you can use the software for thirty days for just $1. This is more than enough time to familiarize yourself with the platform, and test it in different competitions to check that it produces good results. Of course, the subscription fees have to be deducted from any profit you make from DFS. Therefore, it is only sensible to find an app that is reasonably priced, and that gives you sufficient time to put the different features through their paces. These types of trials are extremely rare in this industry, so there’s no doubt that the vendor has confidence in this product — which is a good sign.

PROs & CONs Listing


-You can test the software for a month for just $1
-The software delivers an excellent user experience
-Players can be viewed in 3D
-You can generate a draft watch list for future reference
-Advanced and basic player statistics can be accessed easily from the main screens
-Outstanding customer service: Simply send them an email and receive an answer within hours
-Daily updates are provided
-Handy video tutorials are available to refer to


-Non American sports are not covered
-An Internet connection is required to access the software

What Others are Saying

The vast majority of customer feedback about this software on the Internet is positive. One customer reported that he used ten different websites for research previously, but the software has put an end to that. Another customer praised the software’s high quality statistics, because these have helped him to choose successful drafts. The app is best suited to novice players, who lack the knowledge to score well in online matches. Nonetheless, more experienced players can benefit from the software too, by using it to increase their score further.

Final Thoughts

Draft Dashboard is an impressive software application. The interface can be navigated easily, even by people who know little about fantasy sports. The clever, intuitive features enable anyone, regardless of their experience level, to get results quickly from their fantasy selections. Better still, the software can be accessed 24/7. A two month refund guarantee is offered, so customers who aren’t happy with their results don’t need to regret their purchase. Not many software programs available today embody the spirit of DFS like Draft Dashboard manages to. This software will boost your productivity straightaway, with fantastic picks, incredible statistics and an attractive interface. Our final rating is 5/5 stars, and we recommend that you sign up for it today.



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