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Cinderella Solution Review – is this weight loss guide by Carly Donovan really worth the money? Is it a scam or does it really work? In today’s review we will be answering all your questions regarding the course.

Most women care about their physical appearance, because it often determines their inner emotions. All women want to feel beautiful and attractive, however it can be hard to maintain your looks amidst the hustle and bustle of daily life. If you have to balance your job with being a parent and wife, personal grooming might not be top of your priorities. The Cinderella Solution is a new product that shows you how to slim down quickly, while avoiding harmful side effects, vigorous exercise and drugs. This Cinderella Solution review will take a closer look at this innovative program, and explain how it could help you achieve your ideal weight by following an easy two step process.

Features of the Course

Designed specifically for women, the Cinderella Solution uses a practical, straightforward flavor paring technique that makes calorie counting redundant. This course is aimed at women of every age, from those approaching their thirties to those in their sixties (and older), and guides them through a simple, repeatable method that will get them down to a healthy body weight and transform the way others see them.

The flavor pairing technique that is taught in the course takes its’ inspiration from the Shokuiku diet program from Japan, which was devised to assist people with weight loss, without the drawbacks of conventional diets. The diverse combinations of foods are a proven way to burn fat naturally, with no need to count calories. This makes it a delicious and fun way to slim down, in contrast to complex diets based on calories.

The course comes in digital format, with numerous video tutorials and eBooks, all downloadable online with nothing sent through the post. The workout and diet plans help users to replenish their levels of key hormones like cortisol, estrogen and insulin, which counteracts aging and stimulates their metabolism. Women who have struggled to sustain diets in the past, and who want a realistic weight loss strategy that they can repeat in cycles as needed, will enjoy this course immensely.

How the Program Works

The slimming program runs for four weeks and is separated into a couple of two week stages, the ‘Launch’ and ‘Ignite’ stages, although you can keep doing it until you have achieved your desired body weight. Each stage features fourteen different meals to eat every day, so there is no ambiguity. Additional recipes are included to make the main meals more interesting. The two stages work a bit differently to each other: During the Launch stage you have to eat four meals per day, whereas during the Ignite stage you are meant to consume three daily meals.

Although the Cinderella Solution has a straightforward methodology, the implementation process is spelled out in great detail, with clearly described meal plans that tell you exactly what to consume on all twenty-eight days. Also, the program author has helpfully included alternative meals for vegans, vegetarians, lacto, ovo and pescatarians in every combination.

Exercise is non compulsory and involves ten to twenty minute sessions of gentle movements, intended to boost metabolism in women. You do not need to join a gym or buy special equipment, because you can do everything at home using small dumbbells and body weight exercises.

Background on the Author

Carly Donovan is the creator of this course. Similar to other American women, she found it hard to achieve a healthy body weight for a long time. Prior to launching this program, she worked at her local leisure center as a keep fit instructor, offering weekly aerobics classes. Notwithstanding, Donovan was still overweight and people often mentioned the fact that her body was not particularly toned, even though she worked out regularly.

After gaining nearly 100 pounds in weight, Donovan visited the doctor who tested her and discovered she had diabetes. This gave her all the motivation she needed to find a way to lose weight permanently. She realized that women who lived in countries like Spain and Japan did not struggle with obesity like American women do. So, she set out to determine why this was the case. The results of her research are included in the Cinderella Solution, which other women can use to live a more healthy life.

Why People Like the Course

Thanks to the innovative way this course has been put together, it has something to suit all women. Here’s some of the main advantages it offers:

-Female Orientated: Weight loss for women requires a unique approach, because their hormonal function and body composition is different to men. The Cinderella Solution takes all of these things into account, so users are sure to see good results.

-Includes Comprehensive Details: From macro nutrition to your body’s hormonal functions and other useful subjects, this course provides all the scientific information you need to lose your surplus body fat permanently.

-Features Simple Workouts: It can be difficult for working mums and housewives alike to visit the gym and schedule time for exercise. In contrast to other weight loss courses, the workouts recommended in the Cinderella Solution are light intensity and extremely manageable.

-A Value Investment: For a course that is so detailed and customized to the needs of women, the price it sells for represents a great deal. Unlike other products, like slimming shakes that you have to keep buying periodically, this course is a one off purchase that will help all middle aged women who wish to slim down safely.

-Helpful Tools: You can monitor everything you eat throughout the day using the two week calendar. Furthermore, the tasty recipe ideas will spice up your usual routine.

-Customer Support: Carly Donovan, the course author, provides the additional option of round the clock customer support, which includes access to her personally.

-Refund Guarantee: This course comes with a two month, no questions asked refund guarantee. If it does not assist you in reaching your slimming goals sufficiently, you can get your money back.

The Price of the Course

You can purchase the Cinderella Program for only $37 from the website This gives you access to the complete program as follows:

-The Main Instruction Manual — This guide covers the scientific principles of losing weight. Also, it details the role of hormones in the weight loss process.
-University Manual — This guide covers the causes of obesity and weight gain.
-Quick Start Manual — This summarizes the steps outlined in the course. If you just want an overview of everything, without having to read the whole manual, you can skim through the Quick Start Manual and begin losing weight immediately.
-Daily Nutritional Plan — This is a bonus guide where the author explains, in great detail, all the steps she took to lose eighty-four pounds.
-Movement Sequencing Manual — The course has optional exercise routines. This manual goes into these in detail, so you can start working out if you wish.


-User friendly slimming program for women.
-Uses a straightforward food pairing technique to facilitate fat burning.
-Calorie counting is unnecessary.
-Lots of positive feedback to verify the plan’s effectiveness.
-Female author, who knows exactly what her clients are going through, having been through similar situations herself.
-The course is suitable for women of every age, especially middle aged women who find that their metabolism has slowed down.
-The course includes non compulsory workouts with video tutorials, geared towards women. These only last about ten minutes, and can be completed with no special equipment at home.
-Two month refund guarantee.
-Cost effective.


-Results are not evident immediately: If you expect to look like a supermodel within sixty days, this course is not the best option for you. Because the diet plan has to be followed for a minimum of four weeks, you will only start to notice results after this time period.

-Dedication is needed: To get visible, long term results from this course, you will need to ditch some of your bad habits and avoid making unhealthy lifestyle choices in future.

What Other People are Saying

There are plenty of authentic, positive testimonials for the Cinderella Solution, because all the photos showing how women looked before and after using the course are program specific, rather than stock photographs featured on lots of other sites — which is frequently what happens with phony courses. The testimonials exist because the course has been on sale for some time, and has attracted a decent number of happy customers.

Final Verdict

The Cinderella Solution offers an easy and enjoyable approach to female weight loss, with clearly explained advice about food, but with no tedious calorie counting. It works well due to its’ innovative food pairing strategy, which satiates users quickly and balances their hormones. This stops people from overeating too often.

The optional workout plan to use at home makes this course a viable slimming regimen for women, who need a practical diet to use without any complex calorie counting or intense workouts that are more suitable for men. Therefore, this course is highly recommended and we would have to rate it five out of five stars.



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