Best Tree Climbing Gear for Arborists


Most tree surgeons or arborists will often say there’s a lot riding on your tree climbing and fall protection equipment equipment. Tree climbing can be life threatening, which is why it is necessary that you buy your climbing equipment from a brand that is known for producing quality equipment. When it comes to tree climbing, you have access to endless combinations of tools that can be used to produce a variety of systems and methods for climbing trees.

We saw the need to put together a list comprising of the equipment that we recommend to be very important as shown in the infographic below. As an arborist, you realise that after a number of years, you would have come up with your own style, picked out an equipment that you prefer, one that makes climbing a lot easier and select the gear that makes whichever technique you adopt comfortable and efficient.
We took the liberty to also compile a list of the most commonly used tree climbing parts suitable for all the different levels of experience in tree climbing. You should know that any work or activity that has to do with heights is dangerous and requires the use of important safety equipment like helmet, eye/ear protection and durable shoes.

Remember it is crucial to take your time to research and purchase a kit of supreme quality that would last you for a long time. Below is a list of the most common and important components of a tree climbing kit, completely safe and used by professionals. Please take note that this kit does not come with other personal safety equipment like; helmet, shoes, and eye/ear protection.


Carabiners, being widely used in the professional climbing industry, are very strong connectors and clips made of metal used to ensure all that all the different climbing parts are safely connected together and are most popular due to their wide range shapes and sizes. Most quality carabiners use a triple action locking mechanism and comprises of either lightweight aluminium or hefty steel.

Work positioning lanyard

This tough lanyard, also referred to as lineman’s rope, secures your body safely to a tree or pole and makes it easy for you to carry out rigorous work and still maintain balance and coordination. The complete set comes with; carabiner, rope grab adjuster, steel snap hook, protective rubberized cover and thimble.

Rope Grab

This adjuster and rope positioning device made in such a way that it can be used on 3 strand rope lifelines, fall arrest systems and climbing ropes. It follows you automatically and gives you ample space with your hands entirely free for use. You also have the allowance to fix the rope grab in place making it suitable for work positioning applications.

Climbing Rope

Normally very strong and tough, has low stretch, UV and abrasion resistant and designed specifically for climbing of trees. They are made of double braided polyester, polyethylene and polypropylene.

Swivel Snap hook

Designed specifically for rigging, climbing and rescue operations. And are the best for fall protection if the need arises. Comprises of heavy duty, high tensile, double action locking and self-locking mechanism.


Spurs and spikes allow you to set yourself on the trunks of the tree and walk up while using a flip line. They are mostly used during removal of trees.


In order for you to descend and ascend the tree at will you need a prusik. It is like a friction hitch that is used to create a loop of cord that you will attach round a climbing rope so you can easily adjust your position of the rope.

New climbers always ask this question, “do you have a starter kit that has everything, like an all-in-one?” as much as it is very possible to purchase tree climbing components individually, for a beginner it isn’t advisable because he or she may spend a lot of time doing research as to which parts are best to buy. And following recommendations from others you could end up buying a set of different components that can’t be used together. In this type of scenario, it is best to get an all-in-one flipline kit and you should be good to go. is one of the few manufacturers that is able to build full kits with top grade and durable components in house. You can purchase an array of full lightweight kits with quality parts to allow climbers to have the best possible experience.

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