Top 10 Best Tent Stakes for 2022 Reviews


Finding the perfect tent stakes that fit within your budget and work greatly can be a challenge. There are some factors you have to consider before settling on any tent pegs. You have to consider how strong they are and get the pegs that don’t corrode easily.

Camping is fun if you have the right tools and gear for the activity. One thing that keeps on getting lost or bending is the stakes. Replacing them can be difficult if you don't have the right product in mind. These Eurmax stakes are one of the best in the market. They are made from long-lasting galvanised material. This material is resistant to rust and doesn't corrode easily which ensures that they last long and they survive the outdoor weather. This kit comes with 10 stakes, a 10 ft rope and a green stopper that is essential in pushing the camping stakes in the ground. The stakes are needed when you want to pitch a tent, patio and garden structures, canopies and landscape trim. They have pointy ends that penetrate easily to the hard ground making it easier for you to pitch your tent.

• Made from durable material that doesn't corrode easily
• The pack comes with a bonus 10ft rope
• Has pointed ends to make it easier to penetrate the ground

• It's not strong enough and bends easily

2. ALAZCO Galvanized Steel Tent Pegs

ALAZCO Galvanized Steel Tent Pegs

​The ALAZCO tent pegs can be used for anchoring your tents while camping or for garden settings. Also, the pegs can be used in landscaping and to secure any outdoor decorations tightly. This ensures that the decorations are set in place the whole time. The steel pegs have a dimension of a wide 4mm diameter which is enough for the task. They are made from a strong galvanised steel material which does not corrode or rust easily. This ensures that the pegs serve you for a long time before they get worn out.

Additionally, the tent pegs have a non-slip hook that is used to attach the rope used for anchoring. This ensures that the pegs offer more support to your camping tent or any landscape decoration. The tent pegs are very light which makes them portable and you can hike with them without feeling the weight. They are sold in a set of 20 pegs which ensures you have enough pairs in case you lose a few pieces while camping.

• They are lightweight
• They are made from stainless steel which does not corrode easily
• Packs have 20 pegs to ensure you have enough

• They are very thin and bend easily

3. All one tech Pack of 12, 7075 Aluminum Outdoors Tent Stakes Pegs

All one tech Pack of 12, 7075 Aluminum Outdoors Tent Stakes Pegs

When you want to go out camping, your backpack needs to be light but yet carry everything you need. This tent stakes are super lightweight which makes them portable and you can easily travel with them from one place to another. The tent pegs are made from strong and durable aluminium material which is not prone to rusting and corroding. This ensures that the pegs last for a long time and are can be reused. The tent pegs are 7 inches long which makes them strong enough to support your tent and secure it in place. The pegs are three-sided. This is to ensure that they are really strong and they can stay in one place. This will provide more anchor to your tent. The tent pegs are strong, and they don't bend easily, this ensures that they can hold your tent in place and secure it tightly.

• Long enough to hold your tent firmly
• They are three dimensions for added strength
• They have a pointy end to make it easier for them to penetrate the ground

• Not strong enough to be used on hard ground

4. IIT 71021 9 inch 30-Piece Galvanized Steel Tent Pegs-Garden Stakes

IIT 71021 9 inch 30-Piece Galvanized Steel Tent Pegs-Garden Stakes

The product is sleek and strong enough to hold your tent or secure your fence in place. The product is great if you want to anchor the netting, twine cloches, anchor garden fabrics, and secure any landscaping garden plants. The tent pegs come in handy if you want to secure a fence door to stop rabbits from getting to your garden. They are made from steel which is not prone to rust and corrosion and can withstand any weather condition. The tent pegs are 4mm in diameter which is a great size for gardening stakes and fencing stakes. They are heavy duty steel rods which makes them strong enough and not bend easily when in use. Moreover, they are 9 inches long which offers the extra needed anchor of your camping tent. Additionally, they have 1-inch hooking that is used to attach ropes for added anchorage and support.

• They are made from strong, durable material
• They are made from a non-corrosive material

• They are thin and preferred to be used as gardening stakes to camping stakes

5. BareFour Tent Stakes, Heavy Duty Camping Stakes

BareFour Tent Stakes, Heavy Duty Camping Stakes

This tent pegs are about 12 inches long which is fairly long for any tent stake. This makes them more stable and stronger and can hold any tent in place. They have a diameter of 0.4 inches which makes them strong. Also, they can't bend easily. They are made from strong, durable material the S45C steel which is a great material that does not bend easily and rarely snaps. They have a very sharp end which easily penetrates the hard and rocky grounds. The large head makes it easier for you to knock it in place with a harmer to ensure that it is secured. The tent pegs have a hook that makes it easier for you to pull them out of the ground after camping. Additionally, the hooks prevent the stake from getting too deep in the ground. The pegs come with two storage bags which ensures that if one storage bag gets lost always have a back-up plan.

• They are very strong
• Made from durable material
• Come with two storage bags

• They are a bit expensive

6. MSR Groundhog Tent Stake Kit, 6-Pack

MSR Groundhog Tent Stake Kit, 6-Pack

The MSR tent stakes are very strong and durable. They are a three-dimensional product which makes them stronger and have better anchorage when you pitch your tent. They are made from durable, lightweight material, and a peg weighs around 0.46 ounces. This means you can easily carry them from one location to another. They are convenient especially when you have to walk for long before getting to your designed campsite. The three-sided Y beam allows the pegs to penetrate on the ground easily and stay anchored in any soil type.

Additionally, they have a notch on top of the pegs to ensure that you can safely secure them with a rope. They are constructed from aluminium which is super light and rust-resistant. The pack comes with six tent stakes which are enough to secure any camping tent.

• Made from durable material
• It is light and easily portable
• Strong enough that you can pound on it without bending

• The tips get blunt when they hit the underground rocks
• The notches are not straight, and this makes them less secure when you fix a rope

7. ABCCANOPY Tent Stake Pegs

ABCCANOPY Tent Stake Pegs

The tent stakes are super easy to use, and they work perfectly to add Anchorage to your tents, gardening landscape and fence. The tent pegs are great when you want to set up a canopy. They offer great support and anchorage and ensure that your canopy is in place. The diameter of the pegs is 4mm which is wide enough and makes the pegs strong, and they don't bend easily. The tent pegs are easily portable since they are lightweight and you can travel with them for a long time without getting tired. They are 9 inches long which means you can drive them to the ground until they are stable enough to hold your tent in place.

Additionally, they have a hook to attach your rope and make it easier for you to pull them out of the ground. Additionally, the rope adds more anchorage to your camping tent. The stakes can be used in many areas apart from pitching a camping tent; they can be used to secure your fence and close rabbit gates.

• They are lightweight
• They are long enough
• They have hooks to attach your rope

• Their tips get blunt when they hit the underground rocks

8. IUME 10 Pack Black Heavy Duty High Strength Steel Camping Tent Stakes

IUME 10 Pack Black Heavy Duty High Strength Steel Camping Tent Stakes

The tent stakes come in a pack with 10 pieces which ensures that you have enough pegs to secure your tent. The stakes are 11.8 inches long which means they can be driven deep into the ground to attain a stable anchorage.

Additionally, they are 0.39 mm in diameter which makes them strong and they don't bend easily. They can penetrate easily on any ground even rocky and hard grounds. They are made from a very strong and durable steel material which does not bend easily. The pegs can be used for multiple purposes like forming anchorage on your fence, canopies and tarps. They are long and strong which ensures that they can support a big tent with ease.

• They are super strong
• Can be used in hard and rocky grounds
• They can be used for multiple purposes

• They are slightly expensive

9. KUNGIX Tent Stakes, 7″ Aluminium Tent Stakes

KUNGIX Tent Stakes, 7

If you like having a colourful tent peg? Then you might want to consider the KUNGIX Company since they have tent pegs in different colours to choose from. You can choose your favourite colour and which suits your personality from black, blue, gold, red and silver.

Additionally, the pegs have a reflective pull cord which makes it easier for you to pull and pack your tent at night. This ensures that you can pack your tent faster during the night or when it is foggy. The tent pegs come with a storage package which ensures that you are organised. The storage package ensures that your stakes are properly stored and you can retrieve them easily if you want to. The tent stakes are very light and can easily be transported. This makes it easier for you to hike with all your camping gear to the camping site.

• The stakes are lightweight
• They come in five different colours to choose from
• They have a reflective pull cord
• They come with a storage package

• Their tips become blunt when they hit the underground rocks

10. 10-Piece Galvanized Steel Tent Pegs – Garden Stakes

10-Piece Galvanized Steel Tent Pegs - Garden Stakes

The tent pegs are made from strong, durable aluminium which makes them strong, and they don't bend easily. They are perfect when you want to anchor a tent, canopy, tarps, landscaping and garden plants. This ensures that the garden plants and the tent are secured and anchored perfectly. The pegs also work great on securing rabbit gates in your garden. The stakes are 4mm diameter making the rod wide enough and strong, and they don't bend easily. Also, the pegs are lightweight, and they are easily portable. This allows you to travel with them and you won't realize they are part of your camping gear. They are 9 inches long which ensures that they can go deep in the ground to provide great anchorage. They are made from durable materials which are rust resistant and do not corrode easily. This makes them suitable to be used in any weather.

• They are lightweight
• They don't corrode easily and are rust resistant
• They are strong

• They are thin and bend easily

8 Tips for Buyers: Selecting a Tent Stake

When selecting a tent stake, buyers should take several factors into account. In addition to obvious concerns like price, it helps to consider the material the stake is made of, its weight, the seller’s reputation (especially for those buying online), and the length of the piece.

As is the case with buying a car or a bicycle, much of the decision depends on personal preference, the camper’s ability, the kind of tent you own and budget.

But overall, there are “good, better and best” products in this line and it’s wise to follow the advice of others who have vast experience with tent stakes. What should you keep in mind when selecting a tent stake, or when buying a set of stakes?

1. The stakes that come with your tent are not always of the best quality, so be ready to purchase additional items from another retailer.

2. Avoid buying from big-box retail stores when shopping for tent pegs. Specialty retailers, like top-of-the-line tent makers, tend to have the greatest variety and also have staff members who can give you free advice about what products will work best with your particular brand of tent.

3. Avoid cheap plastic pegs, even when weight and cost are factors in your decision. For a tiny bit more money, you can obtain reliable, lightweight aluminum stakes that get the job done.

4. Know your tent. This tip pertains specifically to measuring the exact size of your tent’s peg inserts. If the hole is too small for your pegs, then you’re out of luck.

5. Try to match the style of peg to your tent. In other words, if you have a very light backpacking tent, you’ll likely want lightweight aluminum stakes. For camping tents of heavier material, consider heavier pegs. It only makes sense that backpackers are highly sensitive to weight, especially when they need to carry perhaps a dozen tent pegs.

6. Learn about the different kinds of tent pegs (see section below for detailed information on this topic). As a general rule, avoid so-called “L-shaped” pegs and get “skewer” ones instead. The L pegs tend to bend, can’t be hammered into place and are just a lower-quality product than skewer stakes. Plus, the skewers are much better at holding tents firmly in place.

7. Do a dry-run with your tent pegs as soon as you get them. Use your back yard, a park or any plot of ground and hammer a few pegs into the dirt. Do they bend easily? If so, consider getting replacements that are stronger or made from more durable material. Do they go into the ground easily? Does your hammer work with the pegs? Do they wiggle around after being implanted? If so, they are of low quality and should be replaced.

If you have space where you can set up your tent, do a complete test and see how well the tent holds up with the stakes you bought, paying particular attention to the pegs’ ability to keep the tent in place even under windy conditions.

8. Always check to see if a particular brand of pegs comes with a money-back guarantee, has a warranty, and offers discounts for buying in groups of 6, 10, 12, or more.

Yes, there are multiple types of tent pegs, based upon size, shape, price and the material they’re made from. Size and price are not the most crucial distinctions. Price varies according to the seller, how many pegs you purchase at once, and the material the stake is composed of. The most important characteristics are material and shape.


In general, the four basic shapes, are L-shaped, V-shaped, U-shaped nail-style and skewer-type (screw-shaped) pegs. Shape is, in fact, as or more important than what the product is made of. For example, some shapes of pegs won’t work at all in sandy ground because they have no grip and are too straight and thin.

Putting a tent down in softer ground (typically gravel, loose soil or sand) calls for pegs with particular features and non-straight shapes.

Wire pegs that resemble thick wire are the most common kinds on the market. They are of generally low quality, are inexpensive and are susceptible to bending. But when the ground is sandy or consists of very loose dirt, a skewer stake is the way to go. Here’s a short description of each type:

-Nail-style: These tent pegs look like big nails and have an insertion head that resembles the tip of a nail. They are good for hard or otherwise challenging ground.

-U-shaped: For softer ground, these pegs have tip shaped like the letter “u.” Many aluminum products in this category are U-shaped and extremely lightweight.

-V-shaped: A combination between nail-style and U-shaped, these items have a tip that forms an inverted V but don’t have as fine of a point as a nail.

-L-shaped: The inexpensive items, mentioned above, are not recommended because they can’t be hammered in, tend to bend quite easily and are only suitable for very short-term or emergency situations when nothing else is available.

-Skewer-style: These pegs look like big screws and are excellent for soft ground and sand. They are inserted by twisting them in, just as you would a normal wood screw. They hold tight and, depending what they’re made of, can last a very long time.


There are many materials used in the manufacture of tent pegs, but plastic, titanium, steel and aluminum tend to be the best-sellers.

Aluminum pegs have advantages and disadvantages. The can snap in very cold weather and are susceptible to bending as well. But they are very light and get the job done in medium to soft ground.

Plastic tent stakes are to be avoided. Maybe keep a few in the trunk of your car for an emergency camping situation or to give to someone who needs a few extra pegs. They are very inexpensive and no serious campers use them.

Steel pegs pick up where aluminum ones leave off. Yes, they are heavier, but don’t bend easily and can be used in ground that is medium or very hard.

Titanium pegs are the costliest of the four common materials but work very well in all types of soil. They are lightweight, won’t bend, and offer just the right amount of flexibility during placement. Because they are usually very thin, they’re easy to drive into the ground. The one drawback of titanium pegs is cost. However, if you take proper care of them, they will last a lifetime.

Top Brands

Some of the top-rated and best-selling brands, in no particular order, include ABCCANOPY, All One Tech, Kungix, Orange Screw, MSR, BareFour, ALAZCO, Ram-Pro, Ashman, EXPLOMOS, Fanbx, RIY, Soterria, Gray Bunny, Adams Manufacturing, Coleman, REI Co-op, Cosmos, and Vargo.

Some brands specialize in certain kinds of stakes while others offer lots of different products at different price points. It’s a good idea for consumers to shop around and try out a few of the top brands when selecting a tent stake.

Pricing Information

Tent stakes range in price very cheap (and usually low quality) to pricey. Shoppers in online and brick-and-mortar stores will quickly realize that there are $1 products (generally to be avoided unless for a backyard overnight tent for children) and brands that will set you back $10 each. However, the vast majority of all products in the category fall in the $3-$6 price range.

Price is not always an indicator of quality except in extreme cases like the $1 stakes and the $10 ones for professional campers and outdoor enthusiasts. Within the common range of $3-$6, consumers will find both high- and low-quality products, so it’s mainly a question of knowing what product features you’re interested in, like brand, material, weight, etc.

Another price-related point to remember is that sometimes the slightly higher-priced items will last much longer, so there’s a need to take longevity into account. Look for warranties, guarantees and be sure to read online reviews of particular brands to get an idea of which stakes will last longest and thus deliver the best overall value.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What are the best tent stakes for sand?

Cosmos makes a “sand and snow” product that comes in packs of six. They are perfect for sand, are a foot long, feature an extra-wide body, and have six holes for all kinds of rigging styles.

What are tent pegs made of?

They’re made from all sorts of materials, some of the most common being carbon fiber, aluminum, steel, wood, generic metal, titanium, hardened plastic or metallic composites.

How do you get a tent peg in hard ground?

For centuries, campers have been using the “water trick” to get pegs into hardened ground. Pour a few ounces of water onto the area where you want to drive the peg. Wait between one and three minutes for the ground to absorb the water, maybe longer for super-hard ground.

Once the earth has taken the water in, simply drive the peg as you normally would. If necessary, use a hammering tool or just use your foot if the ground has softened enough.

What is the best tent stake hammer?

As is true for pegs themselves, there is no single “best” peg hammer. It depends on what the peg is made from, how solid the ground is, how deep the peg is driven into the ground and a few other factors. However, there are some best-selling hammers that will work for 99 percent of all campers.

For anywhere between $8 and $40, you can shop for brands like Hikemax, IUME, Liberty, Yoport, and Snow Peak. Be sure to compare features and know your needs before buying. Look for money-back guarantees and warranties when possible.



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