Top 10 Best Hiking Socks for 2022 Reviews


If you are planning on going for a hike or camping, then you probably want to have the best and comfortable attire. Having great socks can boost your energy and keep you motivated all day. This is because your feet won’t hurt or have blisters during the hike. Here are some of the best top hiking socks available in the market in 2020.

If you love hiking, then these socks will be a great addition to your hiking gears. The socks are great for any outdoor activity from hiking, trail running, mountain biking, camping, and trekking. The socks are made from durable materials that are properly blended for strength and durability. The socks are made from spandex, cotton and polyester; these materials are great for keeping your feet warm during cold days.

Additionally, the material absorbs sweat and keeps your feet dry enough during those hot summer days. For added comfort, while you are hiking or carrying out any outdoor activity, the socks are padded with additional cushioning and support. This gives you comfort while you are walking and hiking. They are designed to fit your foot and fit the design and size of your foot. From how your ankle is shaped to the arch of your foot. They are made from high-quality fibre material that gives your foot that extra support.

• Made from durable materials
• Constructed to give support and protect your ankle, arch and foot
• Have a padded underfoot area for extra comfort

• They are long, and you have to arch them a little if you prefer a medium height

2. DANISH ENDURANCE Merino Wool Hiking Socks Crew for spring and summer

DANISH ENDURANCE Merino Wool Hiking Socks Crew for spring and summer

Everybody loves hiking during summer and spring since it feels nice being outdoors. Add colour and fun by getting this new pair of hiking socks. They come in bright colours like yellow, red and green; they are mixed with some dull colours in there to keep the balance. They are made from merino wool, acrylic, polyamide and elastane to give them that great strength and durability. The materials allow the socks to keep your feet warm during winter and cool during summer. The material can absorb sweat and keep your feet comfortable. They are designed with a unique style that keeps your feet comfortable and endures long walks, hikes and trekking. The navy seal recommends the socks as they offer the perfect comfort you can ever want from socks. They have a very fashionable style that makes you look great whether you are wearing them while carrying out an outdoor activity or just lazing around all day.

• Highly fashionable
• Unique design to fit your feet
• Offer great comfort
• Thermal socks that warm your feet

• They can be a bit large if you have small feet,

3. Innotree 3 Pairs Men’s Hiking Socks

Innotree 3 Pairs Men's Hiking Socks

These hiking and trekking socks are made from strong and durable materials. The materials are perfectly blended to obtain that unique look and feel of the socks. They have a full thickness and extra cushioning on the underfoot which gives you comfort. They are designed in a way that they can arch and support your ankle and heels for that added comfort and protection. They have a compressed top which prevents them from sliding, and they stay in place no matter how far, and long you walk. They have a great performance as they prevent you from getting blisters after a long walk. They absorb sweat and keep your feet cool during summer and keep your feet warm during cold winters. Their 100% satisfaction guarantee you can return the product if it does not fit your need.

• Great performance
• Long lasting
• Comfortable for hiking

• They are medium length and not suitable to a person who prefers long socks

4. Darn Tough Merino Wool Boot Sock Full Cushion

Darn Tough Merino Wool Boot Sock Full Cushion

The socks are made from durable materials that are greatly blended to form an amazing material which is strong and durable. The socks have a high density knit which makes them more durable and strong to withstand the long walks and hikes. They are very comfortable and have no added bulkiness which means you can walk with them for hours. The material protects your feet from blisters, and your feet won't hurt even after taking very long walks. The underfoot is cushioned to give your feet that extra comfort that allows you to walk for hours and your feet will still be okay. Additionally, they have a ribbed design which aims at providing extra support to your feet. This ensures that the socks do not slip when you wear them and they remain in one position while you are carrying out all the activities.

• Have a ribbed support
• They have that extra cushioning for comfort
• Have a high density knit that protects your feet

• They are not thermo socks

5. SEOULSTORY7 5pack Men’s Bio Climbing DryCool Cushion Hiking

SEOULSTORY7 5pack Men's Bio Climbing DryCool Cushion Hiking

The tracking and hiking socks have a moisture wick which helps contain the odour and keep your feet fresh. They have a natural anti-bacterial which ensures that your feet won't suffer from any foot disease and have a bad odour. They are made from very strong and durable material that ensure they last longer. They have a seamless toe finish which ensures that your toes don't rip off the socks while they are still new. They have a dry, cool effect which allows you to wear them during hot summers and your feet will remain cool and dry. Additionally, you can wear them on the cold winters, and your feet will remain warm. They are padded on the underfoot which gives them that extra comfort needed if you are planning to walk for a long distance.

• Have antibacterial which fights bad odour
• Great material that absorbs sweat and keeps your feet dry
• Warm enough to wear during summer

• They are not thermo socks

6. PEOPLE SOCKS Men’s Women’s Merino wool crew socks

PEOPLE SOCKS Men's Women's Merino wool crew socks

The hiking socks are made from long-lasting materials that offer great comfort to your feet. The material is strong and does not reap off easily ensuring that serves you for a long time. The socks are multi-purpose, and they serve you well whether you are hiking, walking, and mountain biking or working on a site. They give you great comfort that allows you to have a perfect day while taking part in any outdoor activity. They have a seamless toe which gives you comfort, and they do not rip off very easily. This ensures that the socks give you service for a very long time. They make a perfect gift as they are packed in a great package which is gorgeous and a great gift idea. The wool provides a comfortable feel to your feet while you are wearing the socks; this ensures that you have a great day while using the socks.

• Perfect gift idea
• Have a comfortable padding
• Absorbs sweat and keep your feet dry
• Keep your feet warm during winter
• Can be machine washed

• They are not thermo socks

7. AIvada 80% Merino Wool Socks

AIvada 80% Merino Wool Socks

The socks are made from merino wool, polyester, nylon and spandex which makes them durable and strong. The material is itch free for those with allergies, and you can wear the socks comfortably all day.

Additionally, if your feet tend to get cold during winter, then this is the perfect product for you. They have a thermal effect which warms your feet naturally and ensures that your feet are warm all day. Also, they have the most perfect cushioning underfoot that ensure that your feet are comfortable. This allows you to walk for hours in these socks and not get blisters. Moreover, it is very easy to clean them as they can be machine washed with cold water and they don't shrink in the machine. They absorb all the sweat and keep your feet cool and dry during the hot summer afternoons. Also, they keep your feet warm during winter.

• Thermal socks
• They are made from itch-free material
• Have superior cushioning for added comfort

• They only come in one colour 

8. DearMy 5 Pack of Women’s Multi-Performance socks

DearMy 5 Pack of Women's Multi-Performance socks

If you love a colourful wardrobe try this amazing product from the DearMy Company. The hiking socks are great and come in bright colours to show that joyous and bubbly personality you have. The socks are made from high-quality cotton which is perfectly blended with spandex, polyester and rubber. This materials make the socks last long and serve you for a lifetime without getting any rips or being worn out. They keep your feet warm, and they absorb all the sweat from your feet after a long walk. They are the perfect addition to your hiking gear since they provide immense comfort while you are hiking, walking, trekking, and mountain biking or taking part in any outdoor activities. They are the perfect gift to your daughter, wife or sister and introduce them to hiking in style. They are super fashionable, and any lady would love a pair in their closet.

• Super colourful and fun
• Very comfortable
• Have a cushion on the underfoot to provide extra comfort
• A perfect fit and they do not slide

• Not great if you love dull colours

9. YUEDGE 5 Pairs Women’s Wicking Cushion socks

YUEDGE 5 Pairs Women's Wicking Cushion socks

Are you looking for fashionable and stylish socks to add to your closet? Then you should try YUEDGE products. They have great products that will leave you feeling happy about the choice you made. Enjoy hiking, trekking, mountain biking and any other outdoor activity you might be having. This product is great as it has anti- blisters effect, this allows you to wear the socks for a very long time without having blisters.

Additionally, they have anti-microbial and deodorant fabric quality which allows you to wear them for hours and not have any odour in your feet. They have moisture control which allows you to walk for hours in them and your feet will remain dry even during the hot summers. During the cold winter days, they keep your feet warm and comfortable. Additionally, they are anti-skid which makes them comfortable to walk in and you can't slide easily. Also, they have the double ribbed cuff which ensures that they don't slide off when you are walking.

• Have an anti-microbial effect which reduces odour
• They are anti-blisters
• Are comfortable to walk wear
• They don't slip off easily on your feet

• They are not thermal socks

10. Women’s Hiking Walking Socks

Women's Hiking Walking Socks

They have a perfect and great mesh ventilation zone which allows your feet to breath in the socks. Since your feet are breathing, they remain fresh all day, and you can carry out all your activities with ease. They allow you to be comfortable and they keep your feet dry the whole day. The underfoot is very cushioned which allows you to walk comfortably and have fun all day. There is more cushion on the heels and toes since this is the place where more pressure is applied. They have excellent elasticity which makes sure that they stay in place when you wear them.

Additionally, they allow your feet to have the perfect arch and stay in position on your ankles and sole. They are very comfortable to wear the whole day since they are not too tight and they are breathable which adds to your comfort. They have a great look which makes them fashionable and stylish and you can they can be styled with shorts or trousers.

• Have excellent elasticity
• They have mesh ventilation which allows breathability
• Made from durable material

• They are mid-length and not preferred if you love longer socks

Hiking Socks Selection Tips

These socks can make a huge difference between an uncomfortable hike and an enjoyable one. It is vital to invest time into selecting walking socks and think about which will be best suited for the type of walk you will be taking and the conditions that may be encountered. Some major features to consider include shock absorption, blister prevention, temperature regulation and promotion of good circulation.

Materials to Look For

Below are some of the best materials to look for when selecting hiking socks:

• Merino Wool

This quick-drying, static-resistant material is harvested from the Merino sheep and it makes great naturally-antimicrobial and breathable socks. This means the material does not hold on to odors like cotton and polyester. Additionally, it is softer than conventional wool.

• Spandex

This synthetic polyurethane-based fiber is renowned for its capacity to stretch and provide comfort while walking.

• Nylon

These fibers are made from lightweight and durable synthetic polymers.

• Elastane

This is a spandex variant that provides some of the same benefits.

• Polyester

This is a light, strong and shrink-resistant material made from a common plastic-based synthetic fiber, making it a remarkable material for hiking socks.

• Silk

This natural fiber is soft, strong, cool and smooth but not very stretchy.


The volume of cushioning determines the heaviness of hiking socks.


These socks keep the feet warm and toasty in cold temperatures. The additional cushioning makes them popular among hikers on extended backpacking trips.


These warm socks are ideal for cold to moderate condition and good for hiking year-round.


These have some amount of cushioning at the ball of the foot and the heel. They are designed to remain comfortable while wicking away moisture.

Very Light

These have no cushioning and are worn mainly to keep moisture away from the skin.

Types of Hiking Socks

• Crew Socks

These are the most common sock type. These socks are thick, mid-calf in length and typically have ribbing at the top.

• Double Layer Walking Socks

These very thick socks have a built-in lining that will assist in preventing blisters and adding comfort.

• Liner Socks

These thin liner socks can be worn under thicker socks. The primary function of these socks is to wick away friction-causing moisture that creates friction and could lead to blisters. They can also be used to ‘pad out’ boots to prevent them from moving up and down. Additionally, liner socks can be worn alone for shorter walks in or warmer conditions.

• Trainer Socks

These socks can be worn for short walks when the weather is warm; however, they are not suitable for long hikes along complex terrains.

Top Hiking Sock Brands

Darn Tough

Darn Tough is a $40 million business that sells roughly 5 million pairs of socks on a yearly basis. Their products are purchased by hikers, bikers, hunters and skiers. In addition, this brand also does business with all branches of the military services. They have become so popular among these tough and adventurous groups that the company has developed into a definite cult brand. This type of advertising and brand loyalty is impossible to pay for.


When they started making socks in 1994, this brand was constructed on the desire to provide comfort for outdoor adventures and go even farther to allow adventurers to experience even more from their explorations. This drive and desire are still fueling everything that the company does. From their Smartwool advocacy program to their Merino wool supply chain to how their socks and apparel are designed, the company exist to assist you in playing, living and laughing in the great outdoors as frequently as you would like.

Wigwam Mills

Wigwam has been dedicated to their employees, community and knitting top-quality socks for adventurers since 1905. Their state-of-the-art manufacturing facility is getting more environmentally-friendly all the time. They have been and are still working with local utility companies to advance their efficiency and cut down on their carbon footprint. They do this through the installation of solar panels that are used to heat water and motion-sensory lighting to limit wasted power. In addition, they use responsible waste management systems to re-use, renew and recycle as much as possible.


Injinji is essentially a toesock company based in California and dedicated to the performance and health of the feet. They have an original, five-toe sock design that assists in enhancing the natural function and freedom of your feet inside any shoes. This means you will spend more time thinking about or actually enjoying your next adventure and less time being focused on discomfort. Wherever your spirit of adventure takes you, there is a toesock to provide you with assistance along the way.

Average Pricing

The price of hiking socks range from roughly $7 to $40 and can appear to be quite expensive at first glance. This is particularly true when compared to cotton socks that can be purchased for under $10 in packs of 10 or 12. However, similar to all pieces of outdoor equipment, hiking socks are meant to perform. They are designed to be comfortable, to keep your feet warm while allowing them to breathe and to avoid blisters. Manufacturers of these socks use merino wool and other technical materials to make each sock with hybrid knit patterns and hidden seams to create different degrees of stretch.

In addition, they take careful consideration when applying compression to various areas of the feet. All of these features are factored into the price of decent hiking socks that are designed to tackle the rigors of the trail. If you are serious about your outdoor adventures, they are well worth the cost.

Question and Answer Section

What kinds of socks are best for hiking?

To select the best hiking for your trek, considering the four features below is tremendously important:

• Cushioning

Comfort and warmth are impacted by the amount of cushioning.

• Sock Height

Socks with the right height will safeguard your legs and feet against grazing with your footwear.

• Fit

A pair of socks that fit well will fend off blisters.

• Fabric

The majority of hiking socks has merino wool as the main component; however, some are made from mostly nylon or polyester.

The socks below have all the features that make hiking socks desirable:

• Darn Tough Hiker Boot Sock Cushion

These socks are unmatched in their durability and come with a lifetime warranty. They are warm and comfortable and also remarkable for long-distance and multi-day hiking. They are sufficiently tall to accommodate supportive trekking boots and are made from a merino wool blend to prevent them from going sour while spending long days on the trail.

• Stance Divide Hike

These hiking socks are constructed with a blend of wool, cotton, nylon and polyester. They are engineered with targeted cushion and compression zones and a mesh top designed for improved breathability.

• Smartwool Trekking Heavy Crew Socks

This plush trekking model is incredibly comfortable and has full cushioning to deliver support over miles and miles.

• Farm to Feet Damascus Lightweight Crew Socks

These technical hiking socks are made with targeted compression and cushioning that is great for both long and short hikes. In addition, the socks are available in a quarter-length version.

• FITS Light Performance Trail Quarter

These new Light Performance Trail socks are unbeatable. They feature a marginally taller hybrid cuff that is built out a little to safeguard your ankles and interior of the shoe against rocks, sticks, snow and other fragments that might be kicked up as you hike along the trail. In addition to that, these socks provide an incredible fit.

How many pairs of socks should you wear hiking?

Whether you opt to wear a single pair of socks or go for two pairs is largely due to personal preference. During a hike, individuals who are prone to getting blisters may decide on wearing two pairs; for example, a thicker cushioning pair of socks might be worn over a dedicated liner pair. This will assist in reducing friction and removing the moisture from the feet, keeping them drier for a more comfortable hiking experience.

Should you wear thick socks with hiking boots?

A number of hikers prefer to wear thick socks even during the summer months. For extended, arduous hikes, wearing thick socks that are well made and fairly new can add loads of comfort to the trek. However, the features and quality of the socks are what make them more desirable and comfortable to wear.

What are the best summer hiking socks?

During the summertime, the best hiking socks to wear should be made of highly breathable material. They must be specifically made to maximize the wicking away of moisture from the feet while adapting to changing temperature. The socks you buy should ideally be lined, highly breathable, quick drying and have the capacity to keep your feet cool for the duration of the hike. You can consider Darn Tough Hiker Micro Crew, SmartWool PhD Outdoor Approach, REI Lightweight Merino Wool Hiking Crew and Farm to Feet Damascus when you are selecting hiking socks for the summertime.



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