Top 10 Best Indoor Climbing Ropes for 2021 Reviews


With today’s busy lifestyles, outdoor activities are increasingly becoming common. People just want to get as far as possible from their homes or workplaces to engage in different activities in order to clear their heads. Some of the most common outdoor activities they indulge in today include rock climbing, mountain climbing, hiking, and caving. All these are dangerous endeavors and require the best-quality climbing ropes that guarantee comfort and safety. If you’re looking for a high-quality rope for your next outdoor venture, here is a rundown of the top climbing ropes of 2020.

When looking for a multipurpose rope, Xben outdoor climbing rope is the straightforward choice. Multipurpose means it can be used for various purposes, such as rescue operations, hiking, tree climbing, sky diving, ascending and descending loads as well as any other indoor and outdoor activity that requires the use of a rope. The price of this rope ranges from $17.89 to $89.99 on Amazon.


• It's strong and resilient, which is why it's used in many tough outdoor activities

• It's made of high-grade materials, no wonder it's durable and long lasting.

• The outside of the rope is rigged with heavy-duty stainless steel, meaning it can't be damaged by rocks. This guarantees your safety when climbing rocks or rescuing injured rock climbers.

• It's 8mm in diameter and light in weight to enable just about anyone to use it with ease.

• The two hooks at each end give it a tremendous level of safety

• It's static, which means it doesn't stretch much, which is an advantage, especially when lowering an injured rock climber.


• It's resilient enough to accommodate up to 300kg

• It's CE certificated, which means it's of high quality and safe to use

• It has a low sliding rate (below 0.05%) making it ideal for high mountain climbing

• Harsh external conditions, such as UV light and cold weather can compromise its safety and reduce its longevity

2. Aoneky Gym Climbing Ropes

Aoneky Gym Climbing Ropes

As the name suggests, Aoneky Gym Climbing Rope is specially designed for the fitness world. If you're a fitness enthusiast, then this climbing rope will not only help you build your body and muscles, but also help you burn excess fat. You can buy this rope on Amazon at a price range of $27 and $170.


• It's brown in color, but you can get white and multi-colored options

• Comes in a variety of thickness options, ranging from 1.18'' (which is ideal for kids) to 1.5'' (which is suitable for adults)

• They come in a wide range of length options beginning from 10 feet to 30 feet. That means there won't be shortage of ropes that align with your preference.

• It features a metal hook on one end to guarantee its durability


• Comes in a wide range of weight, thickness and style options to enable you to choose one that reflects your desire

• Kids can make use of this rope to climb in the garden, playground, and backyard

• It's popular, which means you can find it in pretty much every rope outlet

• It's a good option for those who can't afford commercial gyms. They can use this rope to build their bodies, muscles, as well as burn fat without paying a dime.

• Sheds slivers that can get stuck in your hands and clothes

• The glue used in the production of this rope can give it a horrible smell. It's a good idea to hang it out for a week to get rid of the smell

3. 1.5-Inch White Poly Dac Gym Rope

1.5-Inch White Poly Dac Gym Rope

This is a great rope from Crown Sporting Good. You can use it for various purposes, such as upper body building, gymnastics, boot camp, obstacle course races, wrestling, and cross fit. You can buy this rope from Amazon from $ 20 to $115.


• It's made of thick, but flexible material that allows for both indoor and outdoor use. The combination of polypropylene and polyester fibers used to make this rope makes it strong, yet soft for the hand.

• The vinyl boot on each rope helps mitigate fray stitched to one end

• Comes with a soft eye loop to enable you to hang it just about anywhere without the aid of extra hardware

• Each rope comes with a heavy-duty nylon friction guard covering both ends of the loop to prevent fraying


• The white version gives your backyard or gym a clean and glittering look

• They are made to order, which means you can design one to your liking in terms of size, length, weight, and diameter.

• It's of superior quality, which is why it's utilized for various activities

• Both adults and kids love this rope because of the soft fiber, which isn't rough on the hands compared to other traditional ropes.

• The soft surface can be advantageous for those trying to develop their grip strength. The manufacturer recommends using gloves initially before you become attuned to it.

• Can be used for both indoor and outdoor activities


• It can be a challenge to climb because the surfaces are smooth. Ideally, you'll need a strong grip to climb it.

4. RopeFit Outdoor and Indoor Manilla Gym Rope

RopeFit Outdoor and Indoor Manilla Gym Rope

When it comes to the best quality climbing or gym rope out there, RopeFit Outdoor and Indoor Manilla Gym Climbing Rope reigns supreme. It's handcrafted and made of manila and that's what makes it unique. Although it's not the cheapest in the range, you won't find a superior quality rope at such a price. On Amazon, the price of RopeFit Outdoor and Indoor Manila Gym Climbing Rope ranges from $65.95 to $159.95.


• Made of manila as opposed to other inferior quality ropes that are made of sisal

• Comes with a breaking strength of over 15,000 lbs, guaranteeing safety when climbing

• It's 1.5 inch in diameter, which is bigger than most ropes, and this offers improved hand strength. However, it comes in various lengths

• With this rope, you don't need a mounting bracket, as it happens with other ropes, which require metal clasps

• The ends of the rope are shrunk using heat to prevent fraying

• It comes with a metal hanging loop to enhance its durability


• It can be used both indoors and outdoors

• It's multi-purpose, which means it can be used for commercial gyms, home gyms, and cross fit boxes. The U.S. military also uses it.

• You can request the manufacturer to make the rope according to your length preference


• Because it's made of manila, excessive exposure to extreme elements can result in the rope breaking down. Thus, regular inspection is needed before you use it.

• The price is a bit on the higher side and you'll be lucky to find a rope of this quality at a lower price

• Minimal fray protection, which may impact the durability of the rope



While many ropes are multi-use, the Power Guidance Climbing Rope is designed with climbers in mind. You can get this rope from Amazon for $54.99


• The shortest climbing rope you can find at Power Guidance is 20 feet. The length can go up to 50 feet.

• Comes with a spliced loop that you can knot to an anchor point and this alienates the need for a mounting bracket

• All the ends of the rope have been heat-shrunk to mitigate fraying

• The gigantic 50 feet rope can give you the same workout experience as it would in the gym

• You can use the rope outdoor if the weather is shiny and dry

• Multiple length options to choose from

• Power Guidance offers 100% satisfaction guaranteed. If you're not satisfied with the product, you are free to contact them anytime

• People of all ages can climb it


• Not ideal for outdoor climbing unless the weather is hot and dry

• It's made of sisal, which means it's not as durable as those made of Manila

6. Valor Fitness CLR-25 Sisal Rope

Valor Fitness CLR-25 Sisal Rope

As the name suggests, it's made of sisal and ideal for strength training. Specifically, it helps to build the body, muscles, and burns fat. It's also a good fit for those who want to improve their grip. You can buy it from Amazon at $65.27.


• It's a thick, sturdy and durable climbing rope with a length of 25 feet and a thickness of 1.5 inches

• It's spliced, which forms a loop at the very end, hence mounting is not a challenge

• Its vinyl sleeves are heat-shrunk and they cover all the ends of the rope to mitigate fraying

• Deep divots offer an easier and comfortable grip


• Pretty easy to install on any high surface

• Saves you the time and money you would have wasted in the gym. You can use it for upper body training, building muscles and burning fat.

• The thickness provides a good grip during workout

• Can endure up to 300 lbs, making it ideal for strength training

• Valor Fitness offers a 2-year warranty for the climbing rope, giving you a piece of mind that it would last


• Cannot be used outdoors if the weather is crappy, otherwise, the integrity of the rope will be compromised

• Not ideal for kids as it's heavy duty

7. Aoneky 10mm Static Outdoor Rope

Aoneky 10mm Static Outdoor Rope

If you're looking for a climbing rope that offers the best grip when climbing rocks, look no further than Aoneky 10mm Static Outdoor Rock Climbing Rope. Rock climbers love this rope because of its resilience. You can buy it from Amazon for just $19.99


• It comes with a diameter of about 10mm, making it comfortable for any man or woman to grab.

• It's safe for any indoor and outdoor climbing, thanks to its superior quality polyester material. Not even a rock can tear it.

• Comes with varying lengths to choose from (from 30 ft to 200 ft)

• Comes in multiple colors, including yellow, blue and red

• Comes with a safety harness, which means you can use it to work on a steep roof


• It's easy to roll up into a tiny part for ease of storage

• It's portable, meaning you can carry it to any destination without a hassle

• It's multi-use, meaning it can be used for hiking, climbing, camping, engineering, fishing and so on.

• Can be used by both kids and adults

• Comes with a fair price when compared to its qualities. You can get it on Amazon for just $ 19.99

• Long enough to climb tall trees in your backyard


• The plastic eye loop guards are not strong enough. Check them out before you use the rope.

8. Wasons W 103-1B Diamond Braided Utility Rope

Wasons W 103-1B Diamond Braided Utility Rope

This is another awesome rope from Wasons. It's designed for sports, camping and other outdoor activities.


• Made of polypropylene material that is resistant to rot and mildew. The material also makes it lightweight, sturdy and comfortable. You can find it on Amazon for just $ 16.99

• It features diamond braid that reduces stretch, offering it durability and long life

• It's a half inch in diameter, offering you the best grip in the course of climbing

• It has a length of 50 foot, making it a good fit for any outdoor activity

• It can accommodate the weight of up to 350 lbs, making it ideal for even the heaviest person in the world.


• If you ever want to teach rope tying skills, Wasons W 103-1B Diamond Braided Utility Rope is the straightforward choice

• It's inexpensive. It retails at $16.99 on Amazon

• The manufacturer uses superior quality material to make this rope, hence guaranteeing durability

• Cost-effective ($16.99 on Amazon)


• May collapse when wrapped around smaller objects

• Best as a utility rope

• May not be good for the long term (only for the stipulated period by the manufacturer)

• Very high stretch, which means it's not ideal for rock climbing

9. Rock Climbing Rope 12mm diameter Outdoor Hiking

Rock Climbing Rope 12mm diameter Outdoor Hiking

As the name suggests, it's adapted to both beginner and professional rock climbers. It comes in a wide variety of lengths and color. Elite rock climbers swear by this rope. It goes for $26.99 on Amazon.


• Made of reinforced polyester, which means it can't be worn out by rocks, which is why elite rock climbers swear by it.

• It features firmness hooks to guarantee your safety while climbing

• The rope weighs 3.64 pounds and the dimensions include 8 by 18 by 11 inches

• It features a distinctive blue color, but other colors are available, such as white, red, orange, green, and yellow and black.

• The core of the rope is made of Polypropylene, making it portable to carry along

• The protective case at the end of the rope prevents it from possible cracking

• The whole package encompasses 2 hooks, 2 sewing buttons, 1 portable bag, and a climbing rope


• Great for outdoor activities

• Designed for rock and mountain climbing

• Ideal for people of any age


• If the rope is exposed to rain, it can become slippery and dangerous.

• It's a bit expensive than other ropes in the range

• There are concerns about its suitability for rock climbing

• It's pretty stiff

10. GM CLIMBING 8mm (5/16 in) Accessory Code Rope

GM CLIMBING 8mm (5/16 in) Accessory Code Rope

If you're looking for high-quality climbing ropes, GM is a brand you should consider. The GM CLIMBING 8mm (5/16 in) Accessory Code Rope is suited for outdoor recreational activities, such as caving, mountaineering, arborist, lanyard, making prusik loop and so on. If you're looking for a rope that can be used even in wet environments, then this is a perfect choice. On Amazon, its price ranges from $15.96 to $54.96


• Adapted to people who like outdoor activities

• It's double braided, which guarantees strength and sturdiness

• It has a soft feel making it easy to handle

• Made of high abrasion resistant material (Polyester), making it ideal for rock and mountain climbing

• The polyester material has a high tenacity characteristic, making the rope resistant to moisture. It also has high strength and low stretch.


• Comes in a wide variety of lengths to choose from

• It's compact and light in weight, making it easy to carry to any location. Plus, it doesn't take much space in your backyard.

• It's CE certified, which means you can use it for rock and mountain climbing with a peace of mind

• Its flexibility enables you to easily tie notes and loops to secure the ends

• At a price range of $15.96 to $54.96, it offers great value for money.


• Although it's duly certified, the CE certification is not listed on the package

• Sometimes it becomes difficult to get it to grab the rope at the onset

Climbing Rope Selection Tips

When it comes to selecting a rope for climbing, it is vital to make an informed choice based on various key factors. A thick rope is more resistant to abrasion when it rubs against the edges of rocks or on the panels of indoor structures. It can have a longer working life than a thinner unit. This type of rope is an almost compulsory choice for those who climb indoor structures since the panels are highly abrasive.

The ideal rope has at least two layers consisting of an inner and a protective outer core. The static rope does not lengthen with a sudden load because the internal fibers are reduced. For climbing, it is better to opt for a dynamic rope, which temporarily extends with the weight to offer a soft and safe grip.

If your intention is to perform mountaineering or trad climbing, opt for half ropes (diameter around 0.35 inches). If, on the other hand, you want to try your hand at indoor climbing (single pitch on crags or multi-pitch) or you need an all-around product, choose a single rope.

Each rope is approved for a given stopping force (the force the climber undergoes following a fall). Previously, this aspect was the determining factor for the choice of a rope. Today, all the ropes have a low stopping force, around 8kN. The number of falls sustained is still decisive. The higher the better, meaning that the rope can absorb more fall. This aspect depends on whether you are a climber who often goes beyond their limit or not. If you are a tranquilist, factor 1.77 is fine for a rope approved for five falls.

Do not forget the rope-holder, which serves to isolate the rope from the ground and keep it as clean as possible. A fundamental distinction exists between dynamic and static strings. The former owes its name to its elastic properties.

There is no doubt that dynamic ropes are the most suitable for climbing. It is possible to distinguish three different types of ropes, that is single ropes, half ropes and double. The single ropes are among the most popular and can be used for different types of climbing. These include mountaineering, indoor climbing and many other variants.

This rope is defined single because it can be used without having to be combined with other ropes. For this reason, its thick and the diameter of these models range from a minimum of 0.36 up to a maximum of 0.43 inches.

Single ropes with greater thickness are best suited to indoor climbing since artificial walls are typically abrasive. Some of the disadvantages of thicker single ropes are that they are rather bulky and this could represent a problem when used for mountaineering.

The thinnest ropes for climbing with a diameter less than 0.35 inches are perfect for the more experienced climbers. It is essential to ensure that the relative safety devices are approved for their diameter to avoid facing unwanted risks.

The half ropes are the most popular option for mountaineering and multi-pitch routes. They should always be used in combination with an identical rope.

Types of ropes

Whether you are dealing with a large Dolomite wall, overcoming a difficult single pitch on a cliff or spending a few hours training in the gym, the rope for climbing must be chosen carefully.

The vast majority of climbers buy single ropes. They are the best ropes for mountain routes, sport climbing, climbing on large walls, climbing on cliffs and in indoor structures. The term single indicates that the rope is designed for use without combining it with another rope. The single variants are marked at the ends with the number 1 inside a circle.

If you have to buy a single, choose based on the intended uses. Weight and thickness are two important parameters. A thicker rope is recommended for the preparation of certain routes or repeated pitches and for indoor climbing, where very abrasive panels ruin the stock faster. Furthermore, with a thick rope, the less experienced will find it easier to manage the various safety devices.

The thickness of the rope affects its durability and maneuverability. The thinner strings are suitable for experienced climbers as safety devices must be used with great care. If you buy a fine rope, make sure the safety devices you use are approved for the diameter of your rope. A fine rope is suitable for experienced climbers who climb on high difficulty and seek performance.

This type of rope is light, fast and easy to return. If you intend to use the rope for mountaineering or ice climbing, choose a rope with the dry treatment that limits water absorption, thus avoiding that the rope swells and becomes heavy.

Half ropes are used on multi-pitch routes, in mountaineering and more often in climbing on ice falls. The half ropes are marked at the ends with the symbol ½ inside a circle. They are also used when a team is composed of three climbers. The leader will bind to both ropes while his companions will each tie on a single rope. They are thinner than single units and are certified for combined use.

While climbing, you need to alternate the clippings, returning a rope to a guard on the left and the other to protection on the right. If done correctly, this allows the ropes to run parallel and straight, thus greatly reducing the friction and resistance of the rope on winding paths.

The half ropes are thinner than the single ropes but also more elastic and this greatly reduces the stopping force in the event of a fall. This is particularly important when climbing on the Dolomites where many routes are equipped with old nails or with specific protection.

In the event of a fall, the load that will prompt the protections will be much lower with a half rope than a single rope and the entire safety chain will benefit. Another advantage of the half rope is that it is possible to make longer double ropes, tying the two ropes together. Furthermore, if a rope is damaged due to falling stones, the user will still have another rope available.

Top rope Brands

Some of the leading brands that produce quality mountaineering ropes include Edelrid, Xben, Aoneky, Liberry, Ginee and Black Diamond. Edelrid offers a wide selection from which to choose. It is one of the best-known brands that produce various types of ropes. The Freedom model offers excellent resistance to breakage and is presented in a single rope with an arresting force of 8.8 kN.

The percentage of the stocking is 40 percent while the weight per meter is 0.13 pounds. It is a quality product that is environmentally friendly thanks to the Bluesign standard, which guarantees the ecological purity of the raw material used. It is light and versatile (supports up to six falls).

Selecting a Climbing Rope: Average Pricing

The various types of ropes offered by manufacturers are available for prices ranging from $15 to $200. You can pick the ideal product based on the intended uses and budget.

Questions and Answers (Q&A)

What is the best climbing rope?

Tendon presents the dynamic Smart Lite single rope, which bright red in color, 60 meters long and 0.39 inches in diameter. It can handle up to seven falls and has an arrest force of 7.9 kN. This single rope is one of the best in its class and it is resistant to abrasion. The product is light, flexible and provides good quality to price ration thanks to its ergonomic design. It is a suitable rope for mountaineering, climbing and indoor activities. Overall, it is a good product and complies with EN 892.

What is the difference between dry and non dry climbing ropes?

Water repellent treatments on the rope are vital when you intend to use the rope on ice, snow or mixed routes.

How long should my climbing rope be?

The ideal length depends on the climbing structure. Each area has its lengths and there are cliffs where all the pitches are under 7 feet and others where many pitches are over 98 feet. If you climb indoors, a 60-meter rope is adequate. For the outside, when in doubt, choose a 70-meter rope, which is the length that is most popular today and offers the best weight to functionality ratio.

How often should climbing ropes be replaced?

A quality single rope can provide great protection for 12 months of heavy use.

What is static rope used for in climbing?

Static variants are used for work at greater heights as well as for specific needs, such as in mountain rescue and caving.

What is a climbing rope made of?

The products available on the market are built with an inner core that is protected by an outer fabric sheath designed to optimize strength, durability and flexibility. There are also some options that have triple certification that can be used both as single and half-strings or twin strings.

Generally, the core is woven nylon fiber, which offers flexibility and strength. The right rope is durable but light.



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