Top 10 Best Climbing Pants for 2022 Reviews


When looking for the top climbing pants in the market, you should consider if they are durable and comfortable. Since having an ill-fitting pair of pants while on an adventure is uncomfortable. Always aim at finding the perfect fitting pants that match your style and personality.

prAna is one of the top climbing pants in the market in 2019. The pants are made from nylon and spandex which allows them to be stretchy and easy to walk in. When climbing or hiking the last thing you want is a pair of pants that tight such that you can't even move in it comfortably. This materials durable, hence you can wear pants for a long time. The pants are water repellent which means you can walk with them in the rain and not get water soaked. Also, they don't stain easily, and if you spill a drink on them you can easily clean them, and the stain won't show. Additionally, once you wash them, they dry quickly in less than one hour. This feature is important when you are camping since you need your clothes to dry fast and slip them back in.

• Quick dry
• Stretch easily when walking
• Has a ventilated inseam gusset
• Has mesh pockets
• They are resistant to any abrasion

• They are baggy

2. Columbia Men’s Silver Ridge Convertible Pant

Columbia Men's Silver Ridge Convertible Pant

These Columbia pants are advanced in technology and are convertible. This means you can wear them as pants or as shorts depending on your liking, style and the weather. The pants are made from Omni-shade fabric which is great and provides maximum protection against the sun to keep your legs from getting heat rash. Also, they absorb the sweat from your body to keep you dry and cool throughout the day. They have handy features like the zip closure pockets which allow you to carry your phone or GPS safely inside your pockets. Also, they have the big side pockets with a loop and hook closure for putting things like a pocket knife.

Moreover, the pants have adjustable features like the elastic waist which allows you to wear the pants still even when you adjust in weight. The pants are designed to fit your body perfectly and provide you with comfort when walking and hiking. Also, the pants have mesh pockets which are convenient as they provide air circulation; hence you won't fill stuffed up inside the pants.

• They are a classic fit
• They can be adjusted to a short in warm weather
• They have side pockets that offer more storage

• They are a slimmer fit and may be tight on you if you are muscular

3. Ucraft Xlite Rock Climbing Bouldering and Yoga Pants

Ucraft Xlite Rock Climbing Bouldering and Yoga Pants

The Ucraft Company has made both pants and knickers that provide the same comfort whether you are hiking, camping, rock climbing or yoga. If the weather is a bit warm, you can use the knickers for the same outdoor activities, and if it's chilly, the pants are a better option. The pants are stretchy to provide you with the much-needed comfort while rock climbing or biking without feeling like the pants are tight. They are made from a breathable fabric which ensures that you feel great and you don't get heat rash. Also, they are made from durable material which is tear resistant and can serve you for a long time without getting worn out. The fabric is strong, and it protects you from scratches while you are hiking or rock climbing. The pants are made from a quick dry material which dries very fast when you wash them. This comes in handy when you are camping, and you need the pants to dry fast so that you can wear them. Additionally, the pants have a drawstring on the ankles to keep them tight on your ankles and allow you to move with ease and comfort.

• The pants come with a two-year warranty
• They have an ankle drawstring for comfort
• They are made from breathable material

• They don't have the advanced technology that protects you from the sun

4. 4ucycling Windproof Athletic Pants for Outdoor and Multi-Sports

4ucycling Windproof Athletic Pants for Outdoor and Multi-Sports

If you are an active outdoor person, then you know the need to have the perfect pair of climbing pants. The 4ucycling company has managed to manufacture one of the top climbing pants in the market. The pants are great for hiking, mountain biking and rock climbing. They are made from stretchy material that allow you to walk freely without them being tight on your thighs and legs. The material is breathable which ensures that your feet are aerated hence you won't suffer from heat rash. Also, the pants are designed with great padding and cushioning to provide added comfort to the athlete. The pants are a great fit if you love cycling since they are made from high-quality material, are stretchy and breathable. The pants are great for outdoor activities during winter since they are made with thermal- lined fleece on the interior. This material prevents the loss of heat from your body to the environment during the cold winter season. Hence you keep warm even if you are taking part in an outdoor activity. Also, they have a reflective logo on the left which can be seen from a distance in the dark or during foggy weather.

• Have a thermal lined fleece interior
• Made from breathable material

• They are a size smaller than your usual climbing pants, and you need to pick a size up to get the perfect fit

5. Women’s Convertible Athletic cargo pants

VMFTS Cycling Gloves Gel Padding Sporting Glove

Getting the perfect hiking pants is always a bonus if you love the outdoors and value your comfort. The pants are made from great material which allows you to walk comfortably in them. The pants are made from 100% polyester which is stretchy and provides comfort when walking, hiking, rock climbing and mountain biking. A bonus to these pants is that they are convertible and can be worn as shorts during the warm summer season and give you the same comfort as the pants do. They have a zipper closure which is great as you can put your phone in the pocket and close the zipper for safe keeping. The pants can be worn as hiking pants and also as casual wear on those days you are tired of wearing jeans. They have a waist elastic band which ensures that your pants give you that comfortable fit.

• They can be used for outdoor activities and as a casual wear
• They can be converted to shorts for warm days

• You need to size up when ordering as they are a smaller fit

6. prAna Men’s Brion Pant

prAna Men's Brion Pant

The prAna men's Brion pants are made from strong, durable material that is resistant to tear. They can be used while hiking, mountain biking, rock climbing and camping. The pants are comfortable and breathable which allows you to have a great time while hiking. The fabric keeps you cool and dry, and it absorbs the moisture from your body thus ensuring that you don't get hot. Also, the pants have five pockets which are stylish and convenient. The pockets have zippers, hook and loop to enable you to keep all your documents and phone safe and closer to you. Additionally, the pants have waist belt loops which allow you to wear a belt if you feel the pants are a bit loose on you. Also, the pants are water repellent, and you can wear them when it is raining or when walking in wet vegetation and you will still be dry.

• Stretchy pants
• They are made from comfortable material
• They have enough pockets to put all your things

• They don't convert to shorts

7. CQR Men’s Tactical Pants Lightweight EDC Assault Cargo

CQR Men's Tactical Pants Lightweight EDC Assault Cargo

This product from CQR company is a great pair of work pants. The pants are designed for a tactical job, and you can swap them with your normal uniform and still have the same comfort you get from your uniform pants. The pants are designed with a hint of military and law enforcement style and functionality. They have eight multi-purpose pockets which are enough for you to keep all your things organized and with you at all times. The pockets fit any tools and equipment you might be using and still maintain their comfort. They have a high quality and high strength metal alloy snap button which is great and stays in position when you close your pants.

Additionally, they have a strong zipper which holds in place with all the movement you might be making. They are repellant to dirt, liquids and any contaminant; hence this makes sure that they don't take much time while cleaning. Moreover, they are resistant to shrink, wrinkle and fade which ensures that they stay in great shape throughout.

• Resistant to shrink, fade and wrinkle
• Are made from high-quality material

• The pockets are a bit small

8. Mountain Hardwear Women’s Dynama Pant for Climbing

Mountain Hardwear Women's Dynama Pant for Climbing

These climbing pants are a perfect fit for any outdoor woman. They are great if you enjoy hiking, trekking, mountain biking, and rock climbing. The climbing pants are made with durable and strong material that lasts forever. The pants are tear resistant, and they protect you from getting scratches while you are walking. Also, the pants have multiple pockets which are great for putting all your things while hiking. Additionally, they have a great stretch which allows you to walk with them comfortably. Moreover, the fabric material that is used to make the pants helps provides you with sun protection and is water resistant.

• Made from lightweight, durable material
• Has enough pockets for all your things

• Can't be converted to a short

9. Columbia Men’s Silver Ridge Stretch Pants

Columbia Men's Silver Ridge Stretch Pants

The pants are made with the advanced technology which has the Omni- shade UPF which provides you with protection from the sun. The Omni-shield makes the trousers water resistant and stain repellent especially if you are using the pants when it is raining. Moreover, the pants have handy features like the zip closure pockets which are great for security when you are carrying some of your important documents. Also, it has side pockets which are large enough for your tools, and they have a hook and loop closure to ensure everything is secured. The pants are made from breathable material which allows you to have added comfort while hiking and rock climbing.

• They are a classic fit
• They are stretchy and comfortable
• They are made with the advanced technology which allows maximum protection from the sun
• The pants have enough pockets for all your things

• They don't convert to shorts
• Some think they are too thin for a casual look

10. Trailhead Adventure Pant

Trailhead Adventure Pant

These pants are comfortable to travel in as they can stretch in whichever direction you move. The material used to make this pants is breathable allowing you to have great ventilation and improve your comfort. Also, the pants are waterproof. Hence this means you can wear them when it is raining or taking part in an outdoor water sport. They are stylish and look great when worn while hiking, camping, mountain biking, rock climbing and during water sports.

Moreover, they would still look good when worn as casual wear. They are made from strong and durable material that is tear resistant thus serving you for a long time. Also, they are a great pair of pants. Hence they protect you from scratch while hiking.

• They are stylish and look good on anyone
• They are lightweight which makes them great for an outdoor activity
• They are waterproof
• The pants are resistant to tear
• The pants are made in an eco-friendly way

• You should size up as they come in smaller fit

Selecting Climbing Pants

Clothing is often overlooked in a lot of different settings, but when it comes to climbing outdoors, it is very important. Not only do they need to provide a certain level of comfort, but they are very important they need to provide a certain level of comfort, but they are very important to hold things, for warmth and protection. It really comes down to making smart decisions depending on the weather forecast and the type of climbing being done. Most people are not going to be using the same clothing all year round, so finding different options is the smart thing to do.

Generally speaking, a person will be looking for climbing pants that are flexible, durable and able to withstand different types of weather. A lot of things past that will just come down to personal preference. Nobody wants to be in the situation where they just do not feel comfortable out on the rocks, so sometimes it just comes down to trying on different options as well.

Types of Climbing Pants

Climbing pants are going to come in different material types, as well as different types of cuts. Here is a short look at the different materials that can be used and are popular in climbing communities around the world.

Any type of spandex is going to be very popular because of flexibility as well as breathability. There are actually a lot of similarities between climbing and stretching for specific spots, and doing yoga on a normal weekend. When reaching for a certain spot, many climbers are going to need every last bit of research in order to really feel comfortable. The more flexible the material is, the better. That is why yoga-type pants and materials are so popular.

Weather can change throughout the day, and even when changing pitches. That is why breathability is also very important when it comes to material. The start of the day might be a little chilly, but by the middle it is extremely hot with the sun out. Spandex leggings are once again very popular with people because of this. They are lightweight enough to handle the warmer weather, but they can also provide a little bit of protection when it is chillier.

Durability and comfort need to go hand-in-hand in order for a person to really get the most out of their climbing pants. Up until just a few years ago, a person usually had to sacrifice one or the other. There is still likely going to be some type of sacrifice, but it is not nearly as pronounced.

A lightweight, comfortable material is just going to be a little less durable because a simple tear or rip can happen at any time. The most durable material is going to be a little heavier, but it will also be warmer if climbing in a colder area.

Climbing pants can be either shorts, knickers or long pants. A lot of this will come down to personal preference and the weather forecast for the day. There are some people who will not climb in shorts under any circumstance, because there is just too much skin being exposed throughout the climb. Knickers are a very popular choice during warmer months, because the knees can still be protected without sacrificing much from shorts otherwise. Long pants will offer the most protection, and also have in most cases the most amount of storage. That’s good for people who carry a lot of different things in their pockets when they climb.

Top Climbing Pants Brands

The climbing community has its fair share of big businesses that specialize in catering to the casual and hardcore people. Each company is going to provide a little bit of a different spin on things, but they are all very solid choices to consider.

La Sportiva has been around for a while now, and all of the pants they offer are very flexible, comfortable and stylish. They don’t have a lot of pockets compared to competitors, but they still have a decent amount of places for things to be stored. PrAna is another growing company that has two very popular models out right now. The Stretch Zion and Halle both do a great job delivering a pleasant experience for those who invest in them.

Other companies to look out for include Outdoor Research, Black Diamond, Mountain Hardware and Arc’Teryx. They all provide some very entry-level models, as well as more professional options depending on exactly what a person is looking for.

Average Pricing

The pricing for pants for climbing can vary quite a bit. On the low end, people are looking at about $30-$40 for an entry level pair. They are not going to have a lot of technology, but they will still be serviceable for the most part.

Those types of pants that are really designed for tackling a day of climbing or more will usually run around $150 or more. The good news is that these are very durable, so a pair of pants priced this highly will last for a while.

Common Questions

There are always a few common questions people have when it comes to selecting climbing pants to use. Below is a look at those questions, with answers to each of them.

What are the best climbing trousers?

There is no definitive answer when it comes to what climbing trousers are the absolute best. It comes down to considering the weather, the difficulty of the climb, the individual and more. Flexibility is probably the most important thing, followed by comfort in order to have the right pair of trousers out there.

For the entry level, lightweight models, prAna Halle and Mountain Hardwear Stretchstone Denim are great options. Those who don’t mind spending a little bit more money might look at Black Diamond Alpine or Outdoor Research Cirque.

Can I wear leggings for climbing?

Most people already own at least one pair of leggings, and in a pinch, they are going to be pretty good to use for climbing in general. While it is not recommended to make them the climbing pants used all the time if a person is constantly doing climbing, they can be used casually.

Spandex leggings definitely have a lot of similar characteristics to what make up pants for climbing in general. About the only thing that they might be lacking is a sufficient amount of pockets for people to use. There are ways around that, but it just might not be as convenient when it is all said and done.

Are nylon pants good for climbing?

Nylon pants are going to be pretty useful when it comes to climbing, but again, a person who climbs on a regular basis will be better off getting pants made specifically for that. The good thing with nylon is that it is one of the strongest and most resistant fibers out there. It has a very low moisture absorbency, and that keeps people feeling fresh throughout the day.

Even in tough conditions, it is going to be pretty easy for nylon pants to hold up in the long run, unless they are extremely thin. They are very durable overall, and that is why a lot of people work out in them in general. There are definitely worse options out there to turn to, and most people will be able to do some climbing in nylon pants even if they are not designed for tackling the rocks.

What should you not wear while rock climbing?

Rock climbing is a physical activity, so it makes sense to start with dressing appropriately for that. A person needs to be able to move around, they need to be comfortable and they need to not be drenched in sweat because the clothing does not breathe.

Cotton gets a lot of hate these days, and simply put, there are better fabrics out there to turn to. While cotton can be pretty durable, it just does not have the same type of flexibility or moisture wicking capabilities that other fibers have. It also tends to get beaten up quite a bit after a few washes, so stay away from cotton when rock climbing.

Any other type of stiff fabrics should also be avoided if at all possible. Functionality is going to be very important out on the rocks, so staying with comfortable and mobile options are the best way to start. A person should have a little bit of a looser fit, but nothing too baggy that gets in the way or can possibly snag on something.

Some people feel as though pockets are absolutely essential when it comes to climbing. While there are other ways to carry things along the way, pockets are going to make things a little bit easier to access and carry. Most of the top line options for climbing pants are going to be filled with a bunch of different pocket locations so that a person can carry everything they need and access it at a moment’s notice.



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