Top 10 Best Climbing Chalk for 2022 Reviews


When carrying out intense activities, you are prone to have sweaty palms which can be very slippery. If you love rock climbing or weight lifting you know that having sweaty palms can be the number one cause of accidents. For this reason, you should always aim at looking for the top climbing chalk products in the market.

321 STRONG is one of the top climbing chalks available in the market. The climbing chalk is made from non-toxic material which makes it safe in the gym without causing you any health issues. Additionally, it is pigment-free, and it does not stain your gym outfit or yoga mat.

Moreover, the chalk comes in a cotton sock bag. This is better than loose chalk, since it doesn't get messy all over the place. Also, the sock has drawstrings that keep the gym chalk safe inside the bag and prevent it from making a mess in the gym. The chalk is great for rock climbing, gym workouts, gym climbing and yoga. The fine powder enhances and improves grip on your hands reducing the risk of falling. Additionally, the chalk has no scent which is a great bonus if you don't love scented chalks. The chalk increases your hand's friction, thus you can rock climb comfortably.

• The chalk powders flow easily from the bag
• The chalk powder increases grip
• It's great for keeping your hands dry
• Easily fits in a waist bag

• Does not have a bag to put it in

2. Black Diamond White Gold Loose Chalk

Black Diamond White Gold Loose Chalk

This chalk shot is in a mesh for easier application thus it doesn't cause any mess on the gym floor. The chalk shot is great as it improves your grip thus you don't slip easily while you are climbing. Also, the chalk adds friction on your hands which allows you to work out comfortably. It prevents your hands from sweating and ensures that they are dry thus this will help you with your work out. The chalk balls are made from magnesium carbonate which works at limiting mess on the gym floor.

Moreover, it does not stick to your gym outfits or your yoga mat and can be cleaned out easily. The chalk shot come inside a plastic bag to prevent spillage. Additionally, it is easily applied to your hands and can be used by your kids. The chalk shot is great and can be used by the gymnast, for rock climbing, gym climbing and during yoga.

• Easy to apply
• Keeps your hands dry while working out
• Small and can fit in your gym bag

• Does not come with a storage bag which causes a mess if you put it on the floor

3. FrictionLabs Loose Gym Chalk

FrictionLabs Loose Gym Chalk

The chalk is great and can be used to protect your hands from drying and cracking while working out. Also, it keeps your hands from sweating while in the gym thus this ensures that you work out comfortably. Moreover, using the chalk increases your grip, hence you wont slip easily while rock climbing.

Moreover, the chalk is made from non-toxic material, thus it can be used by both kids and adults. The material is safe on your skin, as it does not cause any skin issues after use. It is perfect for use in almost all outdoor activities, rock climbing, gymnastics and weightlifting. It increases the level of friction, and you can work out comfortably without slipping, or your hands getting sweaty. The climbing chalk comes in three blends to choose from according to your preferred texture. The unicorn dust is a fine powder, the gorilla grip is a medium powder, and the bam bam is chunky.

• It comes in a resealable bag, and the chalk can be emptied to your sock or gymnastic bucket
• Has no toxic material
• It protects your hands and keeps them dry

• A bit clumpier

4. Gibson Athletic Premium Block Gym Chalk

Gibson Athletic Premium Block Gym Chalk

The Gibson athletic gym chalk comes in an eight pack which ensures you have enough climbing chalk. It is great if you work out a lot or you are a coach that needs all the climbing chalk in bulk. The magnesium gym chalk is lab tested to prove that it has no toxins and it is safe for use. The gym chalk is great for reducing hand moisture and ensuring that your hands are dry to improve traction. The chalk comes in handy for team sports as it is delivered in bulk and each pack is wrapped individually. Also, the chalk can be used in baseball games and football as it provides the additional grip. Moreover, the chalk increases friction on your hands making t great to be used in rock climbing as you need your hands to be secure on the rocks. It works great and allows your hands not to slip on the rings or the barrel, and you are guaranteed to enjoy your sport.

• Comes in a pack of eight
• Lab tested to ensure that it is not toxic
• Can be used for any sports game and outdoor game

• It is a bit greasy and sticky

5. Elite Sportz Equipment Rock Climbing Chalk

Elite Sportz Equipment Rock Climbing Chalk

The Elite Sports climbing chalks comes with a chalk bag which is an added advantage as it will prevent you from creating a mess. This ensures that your gym bag is clean and you maintain a clean working area when you are using the chalk. Additionally, the chalk balls are safe for human use since they are made from non-toxic material. Moreover, the material used is pure magnesium carbonate which is 100% natural and safe on your skin. An added advantage is that the chalk bags are big enough to fit all hand sizes whether you have big or small your hands.

Additionally, the chalk bags are made from strong and durable material which allows them to serve you for a long time without a tear. Moreover, the chalk bags can be worn comfortably while rock climbing, weight lifting and working out in the gym. The chalk is great as it increases the grip and keeps your hands dry while working out.

• Comes with a storage bag
• It is easy to use
• There are two chalk balls inside
• There is a lifetime warranty guaranteed

• The chalk balls are not refillable

6. SPRI Chalk Block (2oz.) for Gymnastics, Rock Climbing

SPRI Chalk Block (2oz.) for Gymnastics, Rock Climbing

The chalk block is easy to use as it can be broken to finer small pieces which can be stored in a bag or a container. Also, the chalk block is great as it gives you intensive grip and enables you to work out comfortably. It can be used to add grip to your hands while you are doing yoga and keep your mat dry when you are trying out the yoga poses. Mostly, the chalk block is preferred by people who love rock climbing, weightlifting or football. This is because the chalk block adds grip and friction which enable you to be comfortable with your hand. Also, it ensures that your hands are dry by absorbing the moisture caused by sweating. Moreover, the chalk dust prevents you from getting blisters and calluses while you are rock climbing. Additionally, it reduces the level of slippage as it increases friction between your hands and the surface.

• Easy to use
• Increases friction and improve grip
• Keeps your hands dry and absorbs sweat from your hands

• Don't come with a storage bag

7. Metolius Super Chalk Sock

Metolius Super Chalk Sock

The Metolius super chalk is among the top climbing chalks that are specifically designed for rock climbing. Although the chalk can be used for other outdoor activities and for gym workouts like yoga, weight lifting and pull-ups. The material is safe drying on your hands absorbing all the moisture from sweating while working out. This ensures that your hands are dry and you are not prone to slipping.

Additionally, the chalk sock adds friction between your hands and the surface to ensure that you have a comfortable climb. The climbing chalk comes enclosed in a sock for easy application. Additionally, the sock ensures that you don't create a mess while using the chalk. However, the chalk is not 100% magnesium carbonate as they add a drying agent to ensure that the chalk absorbs moisture from your hands.

• Safe to use
• Easy application of the chalk dust
• Increases friction
• Improves your grip

• It can come with a refillable or non- refillable sock depending on what they ship to you

8. Valley Climbing Chalk Bag with Chalk Ball

Valley Climbing Chalk Bag with Chalk Ball

The chalk bag comes with a refillable chalk sock which reduces the need to buy chalk ball when you buy the bag. The chalk bag is very lightweight, and you can comfortably work out with the bag, or go rock climbing.

Moreover, the chalk bag comes with a carabiner that helps you attach the bag to the harness for easier movement and added comfort while you are using the bag. Additionally, the bag is large enough to accommodate any hand size from a big hand to a smaller hand. Also, the bag is water repellent, and you can use it when it's raining, and the chalk won't get soaked. It has adjustable drawstrings which can be pulled to prevent the chalk from spillage.

• Lightweight bag
• Comes with a refillable chalk sock
• The bag is water repellent to keep the chalk from getting a dump
• Has zipper for storing your phone or wallet

• The bag is a bit soft sided and does not hold its shape perfectly

9. Primo Chalk for climbing and gym

Primo Chalk for climbing and gym

If you are a germophobe and you hate sharing gym equipment, or you are always sterilizing your hands, then this gym chalk is the best option for you. The chalk is naturally antibacterial which disinfects your hands, and you can feel safe using shared gym equipment. The chalk has essential oils which condition your hands and protects them dryness and cracking. Also, it improves your grip and reduces slippage while working out or rock climbing. An added advantage of this chalk dust is that it can last twice as long as the other gym chalks. This is because you only use a small amount and it gives you the same result as the other gym chalks. It is a great addition if you love to work out and you want to find the best gym chalk.

• Lasts twice as long as normal gym chalk
• Improves grip
• Has natural antibacterial
• Keeps your hands dry

• Slightly expensive

10. Matawi Yunek Refillable Chalk Ball

Matawi Yunek Refillable Chalk Ball

This chalk ball is great, and it improves your performance as an athlete since it improves your grip and comfort of working out. Moreover, the chalk comes in 75-gram refillable socks which means that you get more chalk for a small amount of money. The chalk adds friction between your hands and the surface. This does your work out great since you experience less slippage. The chalk sock is easy to use, and it does not create a mess on your working area. Also, the climbing chalk is great and safe to your hands as it does not make them develop cracks. Additionally, the chalk helps absorb moisture and sweat from your hands improving your grip and reducing accidents in the gym.

• Protects your hands from cracking
• Improves your grip
• Comes with a refillable sock

• Does not produce enough chalk if you have very sweaty palms

Climbing Chalk Selection Tips

At some point, every single climber is going to try using chalk at least once. It is really designed to help with fighting off sweat and moisture, improving grip along the way. Since climbing can be a pretty dangerous activity with grip being essential, it makes sense to do everything possible to have the right type of grip.

The first tip to selecting climbing chalk is to simply not overthink things. While there are a lot of types and brands out there, a lot of them are going to be very similar. There are only so many ways chalk can be designed. A lot of it is going to come down to personal preference and maybe even some brand loyalty.

Applying chalk to the hands is relatively simple, but finding the right consistency is the key for a lot of climbers. They do not want to have too much chalk on their hands, because then it can just be messy and almost counterproductive. If not enough chalk is used, it really does not have much of an effect on anything.

When using pure chalk, most people are going to either use an actual chalk bag, or put their hands in loose chalk. The other alternative is of course liquid chalk, which is covered a little bit more below.

Types of Climbing Chalk

There are a few different types of climbing chalk for people to consider, and they all have some minor benefits. There is really no right or wrong solution for getting the right type of grip, as it is going to depend on how it feels for each individual.

The purest form of chalk is just a huge block of it. The block of chalk can be crushed to get the right type of consistency a person wants. It is also a little bit cheaper since the work is not done for a person already.

When it is considered to be loose chalk, that means that the company has already grounded up the chalk and put it in a bag. This is the most convenient way to buy chalk, and usually brands can offer different types of grinds.

Those people who are worried about leaving behind residue from chalk can go with the eco chalk option. It can still irritate some people if it gets on certain parts of the body, but it has a colorless drying agent that won’t show up on rocks or clothing.

Most people who use liquid chalk like the idea of it being very easy to carry around, and there is no dust to possibly inhale. It can dry very quickly, and some even say that it provides a better grip for them in the end.

Top Climbing Chalk Brands

A lot of major companies that produce climbing products have their own line of chalk bags and even chalk in general. The bags are usually pretty inexpensive, and it is a fun way to show some individuality as well. With a number of options available, a person can decide to go with the chalk bag that fits their particular climbing outfit, or one that has a funny picture or saying on it.

Evolv, prAna, two Ogres and Black Diamond are just a few companies that have high quality bags for people to consider. They can all hold a considerable amount of chalk that is more than enough for climbing. In fact, most of the bags will be able to carry enough chalk to be used by a group of people if they wish.

Actual chalk can sometimes come with the bags, but other times it needs to be purchased separately. Climbers can look for specific chalk made for the rocks, but the truth is that chalk for other sports will work perfectly well also. It is all going to be the same thing, just repackaged a little bit to target a specific crowd.

Average Pricing

A block of chalk is going to be extremely cheap for climbers to invest in. A 2 ounce block is usually going to be found for under five dollars online. It can be even cheaper if it is purchased in bulk. Loose chalk and liquid chalk will be a little bit more expensive, but still most people are only looking at about a $10 investment to begin with.

As for chalk bags, they tend to mostly run in the $10-$20 range. Some of them might be a little bit more expensive, but shoppers do need to remember that the bag is going to be beaten up quite a bit after a few climbs. Not only will it be holding chalk, but a person’s sweaty hands will be constantly going into the bag to get the chalk.

Common Questions and Answers

Here is a look at some of the most common questions people have in regards to climbing chalk.

Does chalk really help climbing?

For those who have never used chalk, they might not realize just how much it can help with climbing. It really helps to not only combat moisture during those really hard days, but it can improve grip in any condition.

Chalk is something that is used in a lot of sports that rely on a great grip. Whether a gymnast is trying to make sure that they are landing every routine perfectly, or a tennis player is in need of the proper grip on their serve, magnesium carbonate is a very inexpensive, yet useful thing to have.

Is Climbing Chalk bad for you?

Liquid chalk is going to be the most healthier chalk to use, simply because it does not leave the same type of white residue that people are usually accustomed to. It is also not going to create dust that can get up in the air.

Chalk dust and loose chalk in general can cause some people to have allergic reactions and breathing troubles in general. That is why it is poor form to use chalk around other people without asking first. Not only that, but climber should always be removing chalk residue from areas if possible.

If you are a person who is particularly prone to allergies, be away of using chalk at first. Try to keep it away from your nose, because the dust can be a bit strong at first. For the vast majority of people though, chalk will be fine for them to use consistently.

Does climbing chalk expire?

Technically speaking, chalk that is well taken care of is not going to expire. With that said, if not stored properly, it can start to lose its effectiveness overall. The way to store chalk properly is to make sure that it is sealed in a bag and not kept in super warm or super cold weather. It also needs to stay dry.

Do you need a chalk bag for bouldering?

A chalk bag is perhaps the most common option when bouldering, but it is not the only way to get some of the product to use on the hands. Some people will opt for loose chalk that they can keep in a plastic bag or something similar while moving around. There is also the option of liquid chalk, which would not need a bag since it usually comes in a bottle. This is usually the cleanest option to go for.

For those looking to shop for a chalk bag, there are plenty of options available online and in stores. A person can find exactly what they are looking for without really investing too much into it in the end.

What is liquid chalk made of?

Liquid chalk is made of magnesium carbonate, colophony and some type of alcohol. The last two ingredients are used together to make sure that the chalk performs as well as regular chalk.

Occasionally, there will also be a type of resin or rosin added to the liquid chalk. It can sometimes smell poorly, so some companies will also add an aroma to it to kill the smell.

When a person first uses liquid chalk, they might be skeptical that it going to work. The alcohol acts very quickly, drying a person’s hands up in a matter of seconds. Even if the bottle is a bit warm because of climbing throughout the day, it will still deliver the proper amount of grip once it is dispersed from the bottle.

Is Chalk bad for the environment?

From a practical perspective, a lot of climbers swear by chalk. It not only helps with keeping hands dry, but it creates some friction between a climber and the rock.

Chalk is also known as magnesium carbonate, and studies have shown that there is quite a bit of pollution coming from magnesite plants in China. It’s not completely out of hand, but like a lot of products out there, chalk is not as environmentally friendly as many would like to believe.

Staying 100% eco-friendly is tough to do when using chalk, but the good news is that businesses are working on doing more to make the manufacturing process cleaner and better for all.



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