Top 10 Best Backpacking Chairs for 2022 Reviews


Embrace Nature with a Foldable Backpacking Chair

Whether you are relaxing on the beach, basking in the sun, sitting around the pool, listening to your favorite band at an outdoor concert, hiking the ALPS or gathering around the campfire, a foldable backpacking chair will come in handy. It will spice up your adventure.

The MOON LENCE ultra light foldable chair is the ideal choice for backpackers, adventurers, campers, concertgoers, hikers, tailgaters, and anyone looking for some outdoor fun and adventure. This ready-to-go folding chair is perfect for family picnics. The MOON LENCE is ready to go out and enjoy the nature with you.

Top backpacking chairs do not get better than the MOON LENCE. It is a product of unique craftsmanship and state of the art technology. This is the most compact backpacking chair in the market. You can easily carry and store this chair. You can leave it in your car or take it in your backpack.


• Frame: Ultralight aero-grade aluminum shock-cord-pole frame
• Fabric: 600D Oxford cloth
• Maximum Capacity: 242 pounds
• Weight: 2 pounds
• Carrying case


Costs $23.09 excluding shipping

Some consumers might qualify for free shipping. It might not ship to some countries.

• Versatile
• 100% comfort guarantee
• Waterproof and breathable fabric
• Compact and Portable
• Sturdy construction
• Low price
• Easy to set up
• Easy to clean
• Foldable

• Can only handle a maximum weight of 110kgs
• Requires a flat and hard ground to prevent sinking of the legs

2. Sportneer Foldable Lightweight Portable Camping Chair

Sportneer Foldable Lightweight Portable Camping Chair

Stay comfortable and cool with the Sportneer foldable camping chair. It has an ultra-breathable mesh that facilitates perfect air circulation. The Sportneer brand is reputable for top backpacking chairs. This robust and heavy-duty chair can handle up to 350 pounds. It is versatile, making it suitable for adventurers, backpackers, hikers, campers, and other outdoor enthusiasts.

The Sportneer folding chair is the convenient on-the-go chair. It is built with comfort in mind. You can use it indoors or outdoors. The comfort curve backrest will adjust to the shape of your body. This chair will offer you value for money because it will last longer.


• Seat height: 13.8 inches
• Back height: 26 inches
• Weight: 2 pounds
• Carrying case
• Folding chair plate
• Material: Aluminum +60D Nylon


Costs $49.99


• Breathable and sweat proof netting
• Aluminum tent pole design
• Non-slip leg grips
• Lightweight yet sturdy
• Stylish


• Costs more than other chairs of the same kind

3. Terralite Portable Camping Chair

Terralite Portable Camping Chair

Terralite chairs are top backpacking chairs made from high grade 7075 aircraft aluminum. They are super strong, ultra lightweight, and flexible. The unique Free Flex technology makes the chair to flex and conform to your body and terrain. This will deliver maximum stability and ultimate comfort.

A Terralite chair will set up in seconds. Thus, you will spend less time fiddling with a cumbersome product and more time enjoying the scenery. This chair is perfect for the beach or any other muddy/sandy conditions because of its exclusive Terragrip feet that will make the chair to float on sand or mud.

The chair is compact enough for any outdoor trip whether it is backpacking or a bicycle trip. It easily fits into a convenient zippered carry bag.

• Maximum Capacity: 300 pounds
• Fabric: Durable 600D nylon seat cover
• Shipping weight: 3.4 pounds
• Product dimensions: 17 X 4.7 X 4.7 inches


Costs $59.99

• Large and ultra comfy chair
• Breathable mesh with bucket style seating
• Free Flex strength technology
• Lightweight and compact
• TERRAGRIP all-terrain feet
• A compact and portable chair
• Custom designed super grip tread pattern
• Durable construction

• It will not support someone who is over 400 pounds

4. NiceC Ultra light Foldable and Portable Backpacking Chair

NiceC Ultra light Foldable and Portable Backpacking Chair

You can use the NiceC backpacking chair for all your outdoor activities including festival, picnic, travel, beach, hiking, BBQ, and camping. This chair is made from high-quality raw materials and it is defect free. It is backed by a 12-month money back guarantee. This portable chair is bound to last for a lifetime.

Industrial grade polyester makes the NiceC camping chair to be difficult to tear or rip. The frame features aviation grade aluminum. This chair is rust and corrosion free.

• Frame: High strength 7075 aluminum alloy
• Material: Industrial grade Oxford 600D polyester
• Maximum capacity: 250 pounds
• Weight: 2.1 pounds
• Carry case: 14 inches X 5 inches X 4 inches
• Seat size: 23 inches X 22 inches X 25 inches


Costs $51.99

• Washable fabric
• Durable and long lasting
• Lightweight and portable design
• Easy to set up

• Not very stable on the sand
• Not recommended for restless kids and unstable seniors

5. Trekology YIZI GO Camping Chair

Trekology YIZI GO Camping Chair

The YIZI GO chair is built to last. It has been engineered using high strength aluminum alloys that aircraft manufacturers usually use. It is super durable, super sturdy, and it is perfect for the outdoors. The frame provides sturdy support. It can support up to 300 pounds. The seat features engineered grade 600D polyester fabric.

This chair comes with a 100% comfort guarantee. It is among the top backpacking chairs. It is suitable for toddlers, kids, and adults. It has a deeper seat than competitor products. Thus, it provides more comfort. You will sit like a queen or king in this ergonomic portable chair. The breathable side mesh panels facilitate increased airflow in humid and hot environments. You can easily transport and store this chair.


• Maximum capacity: 300 pounds
• Total weight: 2.4 pounds
• Fabric: 600D Nylon
• Colors available: blue, black, green, and red
• Adjustable height: 64, 66, and 68cms
• Frame: Aero-grade 7075 aluminum alloy


Costs $41.97


• Perfect for all outdoor activities
• Portable and compact
• Anti sinking mat pairs
• Adjustable heights
• Side pockets
• Easy to set up


• This product cannot support more than 300 pounds

6. G4Free Portable & Lightweight Camping Chair

G4Free Portable & Lightweight Camping Chair

Compared to other camping chairs, this chair is more comfortable, more lightweight, and has higher legs. G4Free camping chair is perfect for fishing, hiking, beach, and other outdoor adventures. This chair has a sturdy frame. The frame will not twist or flex. The thick pole pockets are also very sturdy.


• Fabric: 600D Oxford fabric

• Frame: 7075 Aluminum alloy

• Frame Diameter: 1/5 inches

• Weight: 2.8 pounds

• Colors: blue, dark blue, red, orange

• Package: 16X6X5 inches


Costs $34.99


• 100% comfort guarantee
• High and wide back with headrest
• Waterproof and breathable fabric material
• High durability
• Versatility
• Sturdy frame
• Easy to carry

• Available in limited colors

• Some customers complain that this foldable chair is difficult to install. By following instructions, the installation will be super easy.

7. MARCHWAY High Back and Lightweight Camping Chair

MARCHWAY High Back and Lightweight Camping Chair

The MARCHWAY camping chair has a high back style and a built-in pillow. It will offer full support for the back, neck, and head. The thick aluminum frame of the chair will allow you to stay steady. The moderate tilt angle will make your back to relax fully. The built-in pillow will support your head. A velcro strap holds the frame together. It also facilitates easy packing when folding. This portable camping chair is highly convenient to transport. You can take it to any outdoor excursion.

• Frame: High strength 7075 aviation grade aluminum alloy
• Fabric: 1000 Denier polyester fabric
• Maximum Capacity: 250 pounds
• Weight: 3.7 pounds


Costs $49.9

• Extreme durability
• Ultralight and compact
• Comfy backrest
• Quick setup
• Long lasting fabric
• Breathable mesh

• Has a lower carrying capacity compared to other top backpacking chairs.

8. ALPS Mountaineering Foldable Camp Chair

ALPS Mountaineering Foldable Camp Chair

This is a perfect chair for outdoor concerts, sporting events, camping, and beach trips among many other outdoor activities. It sits low on the ground. That will allow you to lean back at a perfect angle and stretch your legs. A sturdy frame with mesh fabric will facilitate breathable comfort and ultimate stability

This camp chair will conveniently collapse and fit into a shoulder carry. Therefore, you will easily transport and store it. The unique fabric of this chair will keep you cool by allowing continuous airflow.

ALPS camping chairs are usually manufactured with high-quality materials and in state of the art manufacturing facilities. Top-notch workmanship is involved every step of the way.


• Frame: Sturdy powder-coated steel frame
• Fabric: TechMesh Fabric
• Maximum capacity: 300 pounds
• Weight: 6.8 pounds
• Dimensions: 22'' W X 14 '' D X 24 '' H
• Colors: Rust & Khaki


Costs $35.27


• Comfortable low-profile design
• Compact folding design
• Durable steel frame


• It is available only in two colors

9. Sunyear Foldable Camping Chair

Sunyear Foldable Camping Chair

This is perfect for fishing, camping, and hiking. It has an ergonomic seat design that will provide you with optimum comfort. This seat is tight. It will not slip out when you pick it up and move it. The Sunyear backpacking chair is made with one of the strongest aluminum alloys in the world. Therefore, it will not break even under the most rugged conditions. It will also last for long. The non-slip rubber covers on the feet will make the seat to stand firm.

This chair is ideal for all types of outdoor activities. It is the best choice for concertgoers, tailgaters, backpackers, hikers, and campers. It will provide you with comfort without the bulk. Each chair comes with a one-year warranty.


• Frame: Aircraft-grade 7075 aviation aluminum alloy
• Velcro strap for holding the frame
• Fabric Material: 500D nylon fabric


Costs $34.98

• Ultralight and compact
• Skid-proof rubber foot
• Safe and sturdy
• Roomy and comfy
• Perfect for home use and the outdoors
• Nylon fabric
• Machine washable
• Versatile
• Easy to carry
• Corrosion resistance
• Oxidation resistance

• It is a little bit low to the ground

10. Helinox Chair Compact and Ultra Light Camping Chair

Helinox Chair Compact and Ultra Light Camping Chair

Winner of the 2017 Outdoor Industry Award and the Backpacker Gear of the Year 2017, the Helinox chair will surely not disappoint. This camping chair is ideal for travel, trekking, hiking, backpacking, camping, and other outdoor events. This chair's frame is made using advanced proprietary aluminum alloy. It has maximum strength-to-weight ratio. The carrying sack and chair seat are UV-resistant, lightweight and ultra durable. This chair will hold up to harsh weather.


• Weight: 1.2 pounds
• Dimensions: 1 X 1 X 1 inches
• Maximum capacity: 260 pounds
• Frame: Aluminum alloy


Costs $119.95


• Machine washable
• Easy to set up
• Featherweight
• Compact
• Ultra durable
• Comfortable


• More costly compared to other chairs.

Backpacking Chair Selection Tips

• Weight
You need to consider the weight of the backpacking chair as it can influence your speed while hiking. If you love hiking and walking long trails before you chose the best camping spot then having a much lighter chair should be a priority. If you enjoy and love car camping, then the weight of the chair won’t be an issue since you barely carry it for a long distance.

• Comfort
When selecting a backpacking chair, you need to consider the comfort that the chair will give you. There is no point of carrying a chair while hiking and then you end up not being comfortable while sitting on it. The sturdiness of the chair should be right, and it should be able to support your weight. Also, you need to consider the size of the chair after setup as this will determine how comfortable you will be on the chair. Additionally, the height of the chair should match your height; you don’t need a chair that will leave your feet dangling on the air for hours or that will make you sit on your legs.

• Ease of setup
Having a camping chair that takes up hours before it is ready to be used might be a waste of your time. You need to have a chair that will take a few minutes, and you are comfortably lounging on the chair staring at the gorgeous sceneries. After walking for hours, the last thing you want is to spend hours trying to set up a chair. You want to find a chair which can be set up easily and collapse on the chair.

• Fabric material
You need to choose a chair that has strong fabric material that can support any weight without a tear. Additionally, since the chair will be for outdoor activities, the material should be durable and not affected by the weather changes. The material can be waterproof washable and flame retardant this will ensure that the chair serves you for a long time.

Types of Backpacking Chairs

• Foldable
Most of the backpacking chairs are foldable since this makes them easier to carry. The chairs are made from the same material that makes the tent poles. This material is light and can be folded easily for you to pack and carry. If you’ve been camping your whole life then assembling this chair will be easy for you. However, you have to figure out where to pack the chair as it takes up room in your pack.

• Seat Pad
A seat pad backpacking chair has no back, and it only has the seating area. This might be the most used camping chair as it is light and does not require any space in your backpack. They are easily set up since you don’t have to assemble the pieces. This makes the more reliable if you have been walking for hours and your only aim is to rest.

• Stool
If you want something that you can pull out of your backpack and sit on very fast, then a stool is an excellent choice for you. The stool comes in a small size which means you can easily pack it in your backpack. Also, it is very light, and you can walk with it for hours without feeling the weight. However, the stool is not made to be used for an extended period since it is not that comfortable. It works best if it is used only for short break rests.

• Ground
Most people prefer having a chair that elevates them from the ground a little. However, there are some who prefer sticking close to the ground level. A ground works as a camping chair. The only difference is that it is very close to the ground. It is a great chair to use while you are tired and you are aiming to rest quickly. It does not offer the most, and it is preferred for short interval rests. The best place to use the chair is on flat ground surfaces as it will prevent the chair from toppling over.

Top Backpacking Chair Brands

• Helinox
Helinox is known for producing some of the best outdoor equipment and accessories to make your outdoor adventure memorable. The company makes great and high-quality lightweight tables, chairs cots and any outdoor accessory. All their products are made from long-lasting material that ensures that you will be using them for a very long time. The frame of all their camping chairs is strong and stable, and it can support any weight. The material fabric can withstand any weather changes making the chairs last longer and serve you throughout your camping years. They make sure that all their equipment is lightweight since they are mostly used on the outdoors. This is to ensure that you can carry them comfortably for a long distance without getting tired.

• REI brand
REI Company is one of the major companies that manufacture outdoor accessories and clothing. It also retails other merchandise from other companies, and it is the most significant retail brand company in the USA. The company is responsible for almost all the outdoor equipment, and it has everything for everyone. If you love jogging and running the REI has got outfits for you that will enable you to enjoy your jog. For those who enjoy camping the company manufactures some of the best camping equipment. You can enjoy their lightweight backpacking chairs, and you can hike with them for hours. Additionally, the chairs are made from strong, durable materials which ensure that the chair can serve you for a long time. All their products are affordable, and you can find something that suits you if you are an outdoors person.

• Alite monarch brand
Alite monarch brand is a great company that provides high-quality outdoor gears. The company makes excellent camping tents that are long-lasting, lightweight and manufactured from the best quality materials. Also, they have outdoor furniture like chairs to make your camping and hiking more fun and exciting. The chairs are made from strong and durable materials that can support any weight and not tear. Also, the chairs are lightweight and portable, and you can walk with them for a long distance without feeling their weight.
Additionally, they can be folded to a small package that can fit in your backpack, or you can carry it. The frame of all the chairs is strong and sturdy to ensure that the chair is stable on any ground and you can sit comfortably. The fabric material on the chairs could be easily cleaned so you don’t have to worry about what would happen to your chair if it got any stains.

4. Average pricing

Getting a backpacking chair is quite affordable to most of the people in the country. The price ranges from $50 to $120 on most of the outdoor activities and sports stores. This means you can choose the perfect chair that fits your budget. You can enjoy camping and hiking and carry a chair with you to use when you get tired. The price depends on the quality of the material used and the brand of the chair. Ensure you get a high-quality chair that will serve for a lifetime, and you won’t need to keep going to the store.

Questions & answers

• Do you bring a chair backpacking?
When you go out for camping, most people don’t bring a chair as they consider it a luxury. Also, you can’t bring a compact chair or stool backpacking. It is heavy to carry the stool not to mention it is nearly impossible to hike with a chair on your back. For this reason, if you love a little comfort while camping and you don’t like sitting on the ground, you can always opt to carry a camping chair. These backpacking chairs are lightweight and easily portable which ensures that you can walk with them for a long distance.

• Who makes the best camping chairs?
Helinox brand makes some of the best camping chairs and most people prefer getting a chair from them. Their chairs are lightweight and easily portable which makes them perfect for backpacking. Also, they have a wide range of chairs to choose from depending on what suits you and what is within your budget. All of their chairs are made from durable fabric material and frame to ensure that they are sturdy and stable. This ensures that the chair serves you for eternity and you don’t have to keep coming to the store to find a replacement.

• What is the most comfortable backpacking chair?
Helinox chair zero is the most comfortable chair in the market. The chair weighs 1.1 lbs which are very light, and you can hike with it for hours and not realise you have it in your backpack. Although the chair is very light, it can hold 265 pounds of any hiker after hiking to the perfect camping spot. The chair is comfortable, and it is made from durable material and has a sturdy frame.



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