Auto Lotto Processor Review


Auto Lotto Processor Review – is this performance guide by Richard Lustig really worth the money? Is it a scam or does it really work? In today’s review we will be answering all your questions regarding the course.

The following Auto Lotto Processor review will take a detailed look at this user friendly online app, which is designed to forecast winning numbers in lotteries around the world. The software is programmed to analyze statistics and calculate probabilities for you, so you can gain an advantage while playing the lottery. It is the brainchild of Richard Lustig, who — according to Wikipedia – won seven big state sponsored lotto prizes in the US, over a seventeen year period. Therefore, he should have some knowledge about how to boost your winning chances. In addition, he authored a book titled: ‘Learning how to Increase Your Chance of Winning the Lotto’, which further supports his credentials.

To create software that could perform the complex calculations required, Lustig enlisted the services of three graduates in computer science, four specialists in advanced game theory, and five statistical analysts – who closely observed the methods Richard used while playing the lottery. This software uses winning jackpot patterns and past data to determine the best numbers for players to choose. After purchasing the software, no further tools have to be downloaded, because the app is entirely self contained.

Features of the Software

To use the app, you simply sign into it using the password sent to you after purchase, and the email address you provided. The software is programmed with algorithms, which monitor many websites that record past winning lottery numbers. The numbers are refreshed on an hourly basis, so they are never out of date. The Auto Lotto Processor stores a dynamic ‘vault’ of lottery results over the past decade. You can check the lottery you want to participate in against this historic data. Then, the special algorithm will instantly analyze over 120,000 variables, and suggest a selection of numbers that have a 9.5 percent chance of success — greatly increasing your chance of winning a prize.

Also included with the software are thirteen videos presented by Richard Lustig, which cover different ways to play the lottery. The videos last for four to nine minutes each, and explain several methods for winning particular kinds of games. This is a good way to understand the mindset of a winning lottery player. Contrary to popular belief, the lottery is not totally random. Rather, it is a man made game that can be won with the right approach. This is why occasionally, people hit the news headlines – because they find loopholes in the lottery system and make huge amounts of cash as a consequence.

Not so long ago, a bunch of students from Massachusetts Institute of Technology did precisely this, and won millions of dollars. They were investigated and criticized, even though they had just discovered a flaw and hadn’t done anything illegal. Stories like this are more common than you think, however the point is that this software is completely legal and above board. It might seem a bit ‘strange’ to win so frequently, however you are are not breaking any rules.

Benefits of the Software

A major selling point of this app is its’ user friendly nature. The Auto Lotto Processor can be accessed from any device with an online connection. The software is quick to load and will not consume too much data, if you opt to use it in a public area. Even people who are not tech savvy will be able to use this software with ease.

Another positive feature of this program is that, unlike other lotto apps, it is extremely realistic. The vendor does not make wild profit claims that you would have little chance of achieving. You can win reasonable amounts of money each month with this software, but only if you take a disciplined approach. It is unlikely that you will land the jackpot straightaway. While this app streamlines a lot of things, you still have to analyze games and make the effort to find winning opportunities.

The Pricing

Currently, this software is being sold for $147, which is a one off charge that gives you access for life. Given the advanced features of this app and the benefits it offers to users, this is a reasonable price. Once you have made your purchase, you have everything required to start profiting from the lottery, without needing any other resources. You simply buy lotto tickets, following the methods detailed in the training videos. What’s more, the app comes with a two month refund guarantee, which gives you sufficient time to discover whether it works effectively.

What Others are Saying

Many Auto Lotto Processor review websites feature comments from customers, who have had success with this software and won a decent amount of cash. One customer said that he used the app for ten months, and won on four occasions. Reportedly, this made him a profit overall, so he feels excited about earning more – once he becomes better at analyzing games and using the software. Most customers appreciate how user friendly the software is, and how it enables them to play the lotto like other games of chance — such as poker or blackjack. Generally speaking, people start off skeptical, because they think that no advantage can be gained over the lottery system. However, they are pleasantly surprised when they realize that they can use an element of skill, to increase their probability of winning. The refund guarantee is another thing that customers praise, because it allows them to try before they buy. The majority of people say that the program works, but only if they use it consistently. Virtually everyone agrees that the instructional videos are useful at teaching different methods to profit from the lottery.


-Outstanding Customer Service: If you encounter any issues while using the program, you can message the customer support team straightaway. They respond promptly and offer a fantastic service. They are ready to assist you however they can.

-Reliable, Cutting Edge Software: This lottery app is highly advanced and safe to use. You can run it on your device without any concerns.

-Extremely Compatible: It does not matter where you live in the world, this software is universal in scope and works well for any type of lottery. Therefore, users from different countries can benefit from its’ ground breaking technology.

-Multiple Methods: This program gives you access to a variety of methods, so the likelihood of you winning is higher. It analyzes data from several lotteries worldwide, to help users select the best numbers.

-Refund Guarantee: Nobody can doubt the vendor’s confidence in this product, because it comes with a two month refund guarantee, which is virtually unheard of with other lotto programs on the market.

-Competitively Priced: The software represents excellent value for money, given that there are no reoccurring fees, and it allows you to earn considerable sums for just a small amount of work.


-An Internet Connection is Needed: The software will not work without a compatible device and a fast Internet connection. This could be problematic for people who do not have these things.

-Discipline is Required: You must take the time to learn all the methods described in the video tutorials. Then, you must implement these strategies in a patient, consistent manner. This software is not meant to be a ‘get rich quick’ scheme. If you give up when the results go against you at first, you will not profit from using it. To be successful, you have to adopt a long term, investor’s mentality.

Auto Lotto Processor Review – Final Thoughts

This software is highly recommended for anybody who wants to improve their financial circumstances, and make a decent amount of money. The program creator clearly stands behind his product, which is a good sign. Of course, it is impossible to say whether you will win the lotto jackpot after using it, but there is definitely some sound logic to the process. Mathematicians often say that you can improve your odds of winning, by recording the outcomes of past lotto draws. This works on a similar principle to card counting, when playing casino blackjack. Players can better predict what cards are likely to be drawn next, by noting the cards that have been drawn already. Likewise, if particular lotto numbers have not appeared lately, and all lotto numbers have an equal probability of being drawn, those missing numbers ought to appear in the near future.

Therefore, it is reasonable to assume that the software will allow people to win small prizes on a fairly regular basis. Modest investments, of just $10 to $20 at a time, will be required to do this. Furthermore, anybody can use this software and it has a VIP area for members, which contains a lot of helpful information. All things considered, the program is worth trying out and deserves a 5/5 star rating. The training included with the software teaches you what you need to know, and the two month refund guarantee means that there’s little to lose and everything to gain. If you have some big winning tickets, it could be a wise investment indeed.



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