21 Day Flat Belly Fix Review


Flat Belly Fix Review – is this weight loss guide by Todd Lamb really worth the money? Is it a scam or does it really work? In today’s review we will be answering all your questions regarding the course.

Writing a Flat Belly Fix Review provides insights into the complicated and controversial problems of losing weight quickly, improving overall health and sculpting the physique for a better appearance. Flattening the belly is considered either the first step or the ultimate goal of anyone who exercises to lose weight or sculpt a better physique. Both men and women share one of these goals, and there are separate instructions for men and women where warranted.

The Flat Belly Fix program claims that people can lose up to 23 pounds in just 21 days, and our review will examine the program and rate its effectiveness and other important considerations, such as price, convenience and the ability of people to follow the program.

How Does the System Work?

The Flat Belly Fix system is divided into two major components: exercise and diet. Although many weight loss programs market unrealistic promises, exercise and diet are key elements of any legitimate weight loss program. This message is reinforced by medical professionals, fitness gurus and scientific researchers. You can only lose weight by reducing calorie consumption and/or increasing how many calories you burn.

Those are medical facts, and the program doesn’t try to hide, disguise or ignore these basic truths. I like that approach after reading, reviewing and testing systems that exaggerate, obfuscate and tell stories that aren’t supported by the facts.

The course can be downloaded easily on any device, and you can even download Flat Belly Fix as a PDF. The course won’t confuse you with a lot of technical jargon, but it does cover the basic information you need to know about anatomy and exercise. You won’t need to spend hours on research because you’ll be provided with simple routines, expert tips on losing weight and practical recipes for better nutrition. Details about the two parts of the program include:

Principle #1: Exercise Routines

The program comes right to the point: exercise is needed to lose weight. Crash diets, food fads and “previously unknown” fat burners don’t work over long-term periods, and exercising is the safest, healthiest and most sustainable way to accelerate your metabolism and maintain weight loss and physical conditioning.

Most people get out of shape because of busy lifestyles and sedentary work environments. Unfortunately, even caregivers and review writers have busy schedules and can’t put aside the time for extended exercise sessions. Intense workouts can even threaten your health if you’re not accustomed to them.

The Flat Belly 21-Day system only requires 7 minutes of exercises that strengthen your core. You can do the exercises anywhere – at home, work, the gym, the park or a hotel room. No equipment is needed, and the training regimen incorporates exercises used in SWAT training for law enforcement teams, so you can be sure that they work.

The content in the course doesn’t use a lot of fluff, but the program supplies relevant and precise information and background knowledge of health and nutrition. It’s important to know how your body burns and stores fat so that you can use the information to improve your dietary habits. The 7-minute workout protocol includes exercises for system tension, isometric hold, fiber activation and similar exercises that benefit the body’s core.

Principle #2: Diet Tips for Health and Weight Loss

The second part of the weight loss system is diet, and it’s important. Most people gain weight by eating fast food, processed foods and empty calories that turn to fat – especially in the belly area. It’s absolutely essential to change the game by finding a new way to eat. Once you learn to eat healthy meals, you’ll find that they give you the energy you need to perform more efficiently in all areas of your life.

The program recommends three meals each day, but breakfast consists of a healthy cup of Flat Tummy Tea, which has detoxifying and fat-burning effects that help you start your day from a position of strength.

The two regular meals are lunch and dinner, and the time between the three meals is dedicated to fasting, work, play, sleep, exercise and social events. You don’t generally eat between meals, which forces your body to make better use of the calories it gets at meal time.

The course includes recommendations on what kinds of food to eat for better health and extra stamina. Recipes for 15 delicious and nutrient-rich smoothies, such as:

• Cocoberry Turmeric Smoothie
• Green Turmeric Smoothie
• Cinnamon Carrot Smoothie
• Banana-nut Smoothie
• Choco-almond Smoothie
• Coffee Smoothie

Pros and Cons Listing

This is not a compilation of marketing hype but the real-world conclusions of myself and two other participants that I cajoled into the trial: an overweight stay-at-home mom, a former athlete gone to seed and a fat writer chained to his desk. Our experience produced the following pros and cons:

Pros of the Fat Belly Fix Program

The system appeals to me because it makes sense from a medical, scientific and time-management viewpoint. My friends liked the recipes and dietary information, and we all acquired a taste for Flat Tummy Tea and its energizing and fat-burning benefits. Our collated list of the pros of the system includes:

• The program comes with a money-back guarantee.
• You work smarter instead of harder.
• Each of the seven routines is designed for a specific purpose.
• The information and recipes are easy to understand.
• You learn that every recommendation has real-world consequences.
• You can download the e-book and print a hard copy for faster references.
• The company offers a money-back guarantee.
• Two out of three of us noticed that the program increased sexual performance, and the third didn’t test the benefit.
• Two of us lost more than 30 pounds, and the third lost 50 in 3 months.

Cons of the Flat Belly Fix Program

No weight loss is perfect, and any company that claims that there is no downside is lying. The cons of the program include:

• The routines and dietary changes require self-motivation unless you can find a Flat Belly Fix buddy as I did.
• You have to accept a new way to eat.
• You’ve got to expend the effort to read the book.
• The cost of the course and buying special ingredients at the local supermarket adds up over time.

Convenience, Price and Practicality

There are legitimate weight loss and fitness programs online that work, but most of these require long workout sessions that aren’t practical. Some programs require that you buy costly ingredients from their websites, special dietary supplements and exercise equipment. The Flat Belly Fix doesn’t require any special purchases, and you can exercise privately in your home for convenience. Hose with more aggressive fitness goals can get

The Flat Belly Fix recommends a short workout of about 7 minutes each day, and as a writer, I find it easy to leave my desk for a short exercise session that relieves the monotony of sitting at a desk for hours. I admit that I cheat. I find that taking two exercise breaks – instead of just one – keeps me energized throughout my workday.

The price of the system is affordable, and once you learn the exercises, you don’t have to spend money on extras, equipment and special foods from the company’s website. You get 30 days of free VIP coaching, and as a totally optional service, you can get 3 months of VIP coaching for a small monthly fee. After the 3 months, you’ll have access to coaching permanently for free.

You can take exercise breaks that match your schedule and fitness level, no matter where you are. Although the exercise routines are relatively easy, some people need to spread them out over the day because they tire quickly.

Todd Lamb’s Credentials

Todd Lamb developed the Flat Belly Fix, and he brings extraordinary credentials to the process of losing weight and crafting a flat belly. Lamb has trained in fitness at the highest level as a SWAT team member, and he participated in more than 350 missions during his long and successful career.

Todd Lamb is well-known in the fitness industry and has written many books about exercise fitness at all levels, such as SpecForce Abs and others. Most people don’t want the elite training of an enforcement officer, but Lamb emphasizes core fitness in his Flat Belly Fix workouts that only take 7 minutes a day. This is the kind of challenge most people can handle if they really want to lose weight and get a flat tummy.

Our Conclusions

The Flat Belly Fix Review finds that the program combines real science with remarkably effective exercise routines that don’t take hours to perform. It’s easy to work 7-10 minutes of exercise into your routine each day.

It’s harder to change the eating habits of a lifetime, but committed program participants quickly develop a taste for healthier food and nutrition-rich smoothies. The program works as advertised if you follow the instructions, and we award the program 5 out of 5 stars in our Flat Belly Fix Review.



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